Imlie 28th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Visits Imlie’s House

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Imlie feels sad recalling Narmada’s bitter words warning her not to touch Bhaskar Times News Paper. Sundar offers her news paper. She feels very happy. He reads her shayari/poem published in the news paper and asks how does she feel seeing her shayari published. She asks him to not to speak loud and closes door. He says anyone would be happy learn that she is a poet. She says a few will not and expresses her view. She says he is happy with her talent though and shows all the collections of her poems published. She says he reads her poems as he is her bandar phupa/uncle, nobody will read her poems. Atharv reads her poem and says he preserves all the poems of this poets and is searching for her, he thinks he will find her soon. He thinks his hookline Cheeni wrote these poems and asks when will she reveal her name.

Sundar continues to praise Imlie’s talent. Arpita and Rupali walk in. Sundar get nervous and hide news paper, thinking they learnt about her poems. Arpita says Imlie can’t hide her old phone and should buy a new one. She gives her credit card and insists her to buy a new phone. Imlie hesitates, but Arpita convinces her. Imlie says she will take Cheeni along and buy a new phone for her too. Rupali warns her not to as she buys a new phone every month. Imlie takes Cheeni along. Cheeni feels excited seeing a new phone model and acts sad saying Rupali will taunt her for buying a new phone every month. Imlie offers her new phone in exchange of her old phone. Cheeni asks if she really wants to do that as she gives her stuff often. Imlie says she can give her everything that belongs to her. Cheeni acts emotional and thinks Imlie is a fool and useful to her.

Rupali learns about Cheeni manipulating Imile and fumes saying Cheeni snatches Imlie’s rights always. Anu walks in and warns her not to say anything against Cheeni being her biological aunt. Rupali says sisters should be caring for each other. Anu says Imlie snatched Malini’s right and if she is talking about equality, Cheeni should get 50% property share, but Imlie is getting everything and hence Cheeni has to snatch whatever she can. Rupali says generation has changed and hence even she should and stop her conspiracies. Anu says she will make sure Cheeni gets whatever she deserves. Rupali says she is protecting Cheeni from ruiing her own life like a true biological aunt.

Devika walks to Atharv’s room and calls him DJ Arto. Atharv asks what happened to her today. Devika says his papa is very happy with him especially after he saved Rupali’s marriage. Atharv says dad never loved him and should understand that he is grown up now and has his own priorities. Devika says his papa is worried for his future and has gone somewhere for his better future. Rudra with Mahesh visits Rathore family. Sundar (calling them uncle??) welcomes them. Narmada calling Mahesh as bhaisaheb asks if Parul is fine. Mahesh says she is fine by god’s grace. Anu notices Rudra and thinks what is a crorepati doing here. Rudra tells Narmada that he came to seek something.

Atharv’s cousins bully him asking if he has fallen in love. Atharv says he has fallen in love and asks them to help him find his lady love as they also had attended Parul’s wedding. They say their friend Tara must be knowing that girl. He calls Tara and then series of other girls and finally gets an aunty’s number who says she can give him number of a pretty girl who accompanied that girl. He calls Imlie and says he is searching a girl who helped Rupali. Imlie thinks who is he who is asking her her own number, says that girl’s name is Imlie. He asks if she can give Imlie’s number to him. Imlie tries to say that she’s Imlie when Cheeni snatches her phone and exchanges sims. Atharv finds number not reachable and hopes he finds her soon. Cousins taunt if they should inform family about the girl. Atharv says whenever he finds her, he will inform family and tell the girl that he loves her.

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