Imlie 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Rudra Brings Atharav’s Alliance For Imlie

Imlie 29th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Narmada asks Rudra what can she give him when he has everything by god’s grace. Rudra says he wants her house’s Laxmi, her daughter. Anu thinks he is seeking alliance for Cheeni and introducing herself asks Rudra if he brought alliance for Cheeni. Arpita explains that they have 2 daughters, elder one is Cheeni and younger one is Imlie. Rudra says he is talking about Imlie. Anu stands frowning. Narmada accepts alliance instantly. Arpita takes her aside and says they should seek Imlie’s opinion first. Narmada says she just wants to get rid off inauspicious Imlie as soon as possible. Rudra overhears them and says let the kids decide as its their future. Sundar offers him sweets. Arpita hears car honk and says looks like Imlie and Cheeni came.

Anu rushes out and informs Cheeni that Imlie got an alliance. Cheeni laughs saying Imlie was perfect daughter and now would be perfect bahu. Anu says Imlie got alliance from the city’s richest industrialist family. Cheeni gets jealous that she got only poor DJs in her fate, but Imlie’s fate is too good that got alliance from rich family. Anu suggests her to snatch it from Imlie if she can’t get it. Imlie notices a car and tells Cheeni that someone has come. Cheeni nods yes. Imlie walks towards house when Cheeni pushses her and makes her fall into a dirt. Family walks out and notices Imlie fallen into dirt. Cheeni laughs that Imlie loves soil. Rudra recalls Cheeni’s misbehavior earlier and says soil is ther mother and one should feel proud touching their mother’s feet. He holds Imlie’s hand and helps her get up.

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