Imlie 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Atharva And Rudra’s Argument

Imlie 30th September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra tells Imlie that he came here with his son’s alliance for Imlie and wants her to meet his son first and would have a right to unhesitantly reject his son, but he will consider her as his daughter whether she will become his DIL or not. He asks if she will meet his son or not. Sundar signals her to say yes. Imlie recalls Narmada’s warning to nod yes to Rudra’s questions and agrees. Arpita and Rupali congratulate Imlie while Chini and Anu frown. At night, Imlie in a dilemma seeks Chini’s opinion whether to meet Rudra’s son or not and how to reject him if she doesn’t like him. Chini says she is too traditional and hence uncle and unties like her, but young boys like intelligent and fun loving girls and hence Rudra’s son will himself reject her. Imlie thinks Chini is right that any young boy wouldn’t like her, she apologizes Rudra in advance for breaking his heart. Chini grins.

Next morning during breakfast, Rudra praises Imlie. Devika says he is praising Imlie since last night, now they are all eager to meet Imlie. Rudra says let Atharva meet Imlie first. Atharv passes by. Rudra asks him to visit his given address in the afternoon after finishing his band baja. Atharva says he is with 2 assignments today. Rudra gets angry and says he fixed an alliance for him and he should meet the girl today at any cost. Rupali and Aparna get Imlie broom Imlie’s hair and say anyone wouldn’t reject her. Chini says she will get Ms Shutlik ready in a parlor and insists Imlie to accompany her. Imlie agrees and goes to get dupatta. Chini thinks Imlie wants to handle her dupatta and family reputation, but she just wants to handle herself and will not let Imlie marry a rich boy as its her dream and right to marry a rich boy.

Rudra warns Atharva to either meet the girl or not return home. Devika tries to calm him down. Keya says papaji kept a gun at Atharva’s head, let him marry whenever he wants to with a girl of his choice. Rudra says already his elder son married a girl of his choice, he will not let the same mistake repeated again. He warns Atharv again that if he doesn’t meet the girl, the door of this house are permanently shut for her. Devika and Shivani convince Atharv to just meet the girl as he is not going to marry her today itself. Atharva agrees and says he will marry whenever the wants to to the girl of his choice.

Chini takes Imlie to a beautiful parlor and says she has to look sophisticated and beautiful in front of Rudra’s son. Imlie nervously agrees. Parlor lady asks Chini if she brought her maid today. Chini says Imlie is her new client. Lady says Imlie needs at least 2-3 hours of work and offers her green tea first to get a glow on her face. Chini smirks. Rudra tongue lashes Akash for buying a a college seat for his sister with bribe. Keya backs Akash and asks what is wrong in it, he should be happy that his daughter will study in a biggest college. Devika warns Keya to behave with papaji. Rudra says during their generation, youngsters used to respect even an old tree in their lawn, now youngsters want to cut that tree and make a parking lot in its place. Devika and Shivani try to comfort him.

Atharav gets angry when his car breaks down and tries to cool it down with his rock music. He looks at the place and recalls dropping Chini and Imlie there. Imlie feels her skin severely burning. Chini thinks this burning is nothing in front of the burning and pain she is suffering since Aryan and Imlie’s death, she will snatch everything from Imlie and get rid off her poverty.

Precap: Imlie writes a poem that she is going to start a new chapter of her life with a special person whose thinking matches hers, Atharv. She hears Atharv refusing to marry her. Cheeni looks happy hearing that.

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