Imlie 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: A Shocker For Atharva

Imlie 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chini admires Rana mansion. She looks at the branded curtains and beautiful vase. Keya notices her and asks if she will take that vase home. Chini drops it in shock. Keya yells she doesn’t know that she broke a precious vase. Chini says if she had not frightened her, she wouldnt’ have dropped it; anyways she knows its value as she is Rathore’s daughter. Keya asks when why her surname is not Rathore. Chini says even Keya became Rana after marrying in Rana family or else.. Keya fumes. Imlie fixes broken vase with fiviquick instantly like in advertisement and talks about the bonding between her and Chini. Keya says what is use when the cracks have already appeared in the vase. Imlie says cracks can be filled with love in relationships and define the value of relationships. Rudra overhears that and claps praising Imlie’s taught and says she proved him once again that he didn’t make a mistake by choosing her for his son, he is waiting for a day when she will enter his house and keep the family united like this vase. Imlie feels happy while Chini frowns.

Rudra gathers guests for Atharva’s engagement and calls Imlie on stage. Imlie walks on stage with Chini. Atharva smiles at Chini and picking an engagement ring seeks Chini’s hand. Imlie shows her hand instead. Atharva stands shocked. Rudra introduces Imlie as Rana family’s would be bahu. Atharva is more shocked and tells Rudra that he needs to talk. Rudra excuses himself and walks away with Atharva.

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