Imlie 9th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Atharva Rescues Imlie

Imlie 9th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie sits behind Ravan’s effigy hoping Chini would find her. A man enacting Ram light fire arrow and tells organizer that he is ready to burn Ravan’s effigy. Organizer asks him to have some patience and wait till they call him for ravan dahan. Atharva notices his hookline Chini among crowd and calls her, but she is unable to hear him due to crowd sound. A few mischievous kids shoot a fire arrow at Ravan’s effigy and performs Ravan dahan. Mob panics seeing that. Imlies doesn’t understand what is happening. A man shouts someone save a girl sitting behind Ravan’s effigy. Atharva hers that and runs towards the effigy. Imlie notices fire and panics more. Atharva rescues her just when Ravan’s burning head is about to fall on her. Their eyes lock. Imlie notices Atharva’s hand burning and sets it off.

Atharva scolds her for her insensitive behavior. She starts crying. Atharva apologizes her holding his ears. Imlie thanks him for saving her on time. He says her talking style is different. Imlie says her di/sister is different. Atharva recalls that he came to meet Cheeni, pats Imlie’s shoulder, and asks her to stay there till he is back. She feels shy seeing him touching her.

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