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AN : I dedicate this story to all Kunal Jaisingh Fans . I haven’t written any article on Kabir- Katha pair. This one is also a tribute to my favourite childhood actress Soundarya Ji of Telugu and Kannada industry  who gave life to the character so well. Those who watched the movie please don’t expect much as I guess I won’t be able to portray the emotions so well. I won’t disclose the name of which movie is it. You guys need to find it . So let’s start .


Radhika : What are you telling beti ? You won’t take the charge of M.D ?

Dheeraj : If you won’t take the position then who will handle my company ?

Katha : Dad relax. I said I won’t take it now. See dad I don’t want to take such a big responsibility all of a sudden. Imagine dad if I am born in a middle class family I have to find a job myself. Though I have MBA no one will give me the post of M.D. as I am a fresher.

Dheeraj : Katha, what are you telling ?

Katha : Dad, I will join as a clerk at our company . And please don’t tell any one that I am your daughter. I have to change my name as Shreya also.

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Radhika : What’s wrong with you beti ? Why you are doing this ?

Katha : Mom I know what I am doing. Dad acheived this position through his determination and hardwork. That post is not a lottery ticket or any lucky bounce that I should get it so easily. I have to work hard for it.

Radhika : But beti you don’t need to struggle . You are our one and only daughter and this house, dad’s company all belongs to you.

Dheeraj : Radhika, I guess Katha is right. If she wishes to start from small to attain big then we should ecnourage it. And if she attains the post after the long struggle the staff members of company will not say any bad thing about me and Katha. Other wise they will feel that my company is only for running my family. That’s why I selected my own blood for that post.

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Katha : I am glad dad you understood my feelings. Dad please condcut proper interview too with other candidates.

Dheeraj :But beti  I am not the alone person who will be in the panel . May be in comparison with other candidates you may get a

Katha ;  A rejection!! Dad I am not worried about it. I want I should get job on the basis of my skill and educational qualification only. Trust me even if I won’t get a selection as clerk also I will never feel bad. I will try again and again.

Dheeraj :Fine then do it, Katha . But my PA will be knowing it. He will kept it as top secret. I can’t allow you to provide fake documents there. So only him and I will be knowing your real identity . And for verification of certificates and documents P.A will check them. But for whole members in panel, staff you will be Shreya only.

Katha : Yes dad. But dad from panel if any other officer will ask to show certificates then what ? They will get to know that I am Katha Malhotra

Dheeraj : It won’t happen as far as every one in panel knows me and P.A Damodar . So they won’t doubt on us.

Katha : I see.

Radhika : What if a staff of your company will find the secret even though you three won’t tell also ?

Katha ; There are possiblilities mom. But I would like to lessen them . From now onwards I won’t stay at this home

Dheeraj and Radhika : What ?

Katha : Don’t worry. Dad , I will be staying in any rented house or flat which will near to company and home. If I comes home after work there are chances that some employees may feel doubt on me . And I don’t want that.And another thing I will wear normal salwars and will change my hair style also little a  bit so that no one will say that I am the daughter of multi millionare Dheeraj Malhotra.

Radhika ; But beti why you need to do this ? Why you want to go there ? You can wear a burqa and arrive here naa ? No one will find you, I have seen that sort of scenes in many films .

Dheeraj and Katha laughs

Katha : Mom, everything is not filmy , and burqa scene has become so old. Now in tv serials also we won’t find those sort of scenes.

Radhika : But I can’t live without seeing you

Katha : Mom!!! My lovely mom I am in this city only, We will meet after office hours at the park.

Radhika : Pakka!!

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Katha : Pakka !!

Dheeraj : I am very much impressed with your decision Katha

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Katha : Not Katha, Call me Shreya,Sir

Dheeraj : Okay Shreya.

Katha :I will find rented house myself. You don’t need to bother for me .

Radhika : Come back soon beti

Katha : Mom, aap bhi naa

Dheeraj : Radhika say all the best with a smile .

Katha walks from there with a smile

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Another family

Deepika : Why you looks so gloomy ?

Kabir : I didn’t get selection at interview.

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Deepika : Beta this is not the last chance . You will get better opportunities .

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Kabir : Mom if I get recommendation from dad may be things will work. He knows many people.

Deepika : Beta, I can’t tell this to your dad. You know naa he is a very angry person.

Kabir : He is the retired DGP who knows many business men, ministers . Then why can’t he ask them any help?

Rupesh : Because you have to find job by yourself Kabir. You shouldn’t use my tag name any where .

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Kabir : Dad it’s not so easy to get a job .

Rupesh : You are right beta. For getting job you have to struggle lot.

Kabir : Dad, I am not any freedom fighter to believe in struggles. I want success , money , fame , reputation .

Rupesh : You will get all these through hardwork and dedication only.

Kabir : Dad I am fed up in attending interviews.

Rupesh : But you just attended two interiews only. How can you say like these ?

Kabir : Will you help me or not, say it Dad ?

Deepika : Rupesh Ji please do something,

Rupesh : Deepika tum bhi

Deepika : Rupesh Ji one minute

They both goes inside and discuss something. Afterwards they come with a letter.

Rupesh : Take this Kabir

Kabir takes the letter and reads the address in outer covering “To Mr. Dheeraj Malhotra ”

Kabir gets very much happy

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Kabir : Wow dad finally aap maan gaye

Deepika : Beta you have to give this to Mr. Malhotra

Kabir : Pata hein. This is recommendation letter only, right ?

Kabir : So dad you straightly show me the short cut for accomplishing my dreams . Now I won’t look these job ads and all.

Rupesh : By the way Malhotra is conducting an interview at his company . You should attend it

Kabir : Why I should go there dad ? Now letter is with me and I know I will get the job.

Rupesh : Everything should be done in proper way only , Kabir . You should give this one only after attending interview

Kabir : But dad If I won’t give it earlier how will he identify me ? May be I will be rejected in the interview and they will appoint some one else

Deepika : Kabir do what dad said. Else I will torn this letter

Kabir : Never do it Mom. I will go and until interview finishes I won’t tell anything.

Deepika : Tumhein meri kasam

Kabir : But mom

Rupesh : Beta we need assurance from you. So do it

Kabir hesitantly keeps his hand on his mom’s head and nods his head

At the Day Of Interview 

Kabir finds so many candidates waiting for the interview. Katha was also there at the name of Shreya . Kabir got a seat besides her only

Kabir : Excuse me

Shreya : Yes

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Kabir : How many candidates went , do you know anything ?

Shreya : Sorry I don’t know

Kabir : Mmmh…..You came for interview but you looks so casual. I mean in a business firm who arrives in these sort of dress……

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Shreya : I am the daughter of a tailor.  I don’t have very much costly dress

Kabir : Oh I see. I am sorry. Do you anything about this company ? I mean how is the boss here ? I have heard that he is very strict.

Shreya : Who told you this ?

Kabir : My dad only told me . You know my dad knows the M.D very well.

Shreya : Is it ? Did he knows every thing ?

Kabir : Matlab!!

Shreya ; Just for curiosity I am asking. If you don’t want to tell it’s okay

Kabir : Thing is my dad was in Police. He once find out a criminal  who put fire on the factory of this company.  It was years back when I was studying in school.That day this M.D became much happy because my dad not only captured the culprit but also saved M.D’s life when that culprit put a knife to stab him. Dad shot that criminal’s hand and M.D got saved. He promised my dad that in future if he needs any help this M.D will do it.

Shreya : Oh!! So you have a strong recommendation from your dad. And your dad is a police officer too so how can he deny it ?

Kabir : Yes you are right Miss

Shreya : Shreya

Kabir : I am Kabir , By the way I don’t want to disappoint you by telling  All the best because I know that this job is gonna be mine. But still All the best .

Shreya smiled and said : Thank you Kabir.

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