It’s the time for finding true love {Kabir & Katha Four shots – Shot Two }

Katha felt in mind : This guy have so much of attitude. Seems like he wants everything like a super fast train.

Kabir felt in mind : Seems this girl is very nervous and also she doesn’t have any background and even much money too. May be would have studied with scholarships in school and college. Don’t know why but seeing this girl’s innocent face I feels like she should also get the job. But if there is only one vaccancy ? Kabir don’t be so senty, be practical

Katha and Kabir looked each other and simply smiled

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One by one interview of candidates were taken. Katha and Kabir also went for attending their sessions respectively. There was a final round at which the selected three candidates will be short listed as vaccancy was of two only. Kabir didn’t revealed who was he and didn’t gave the letter too as his heart was reminding the swear which he did on his Maa’s head. But he felt to gave the letter after finishing the final round. Katha, Kabir and a third person were seated before interview panel. Dheeraj was looking Katha. But being very much cautious and in identity of Shreya Katha didn’t looked him back.

Officer from the panel : Just one question which will make us to decide who two will get the clerikal posts . We will give you time also for that.

Damodar [P.A. of Dheeraj ] : So the question is Imagine if you are the Managing Director of Company and you are running company for three years. But your company faced a big loss and you are not able to get back the business smoothly. Staffs from small scale to big gave you complaints because you are unable to pay the salary . Infact the loss is very big and you can’t offer them half of salary and you are in a tough situation. What will you do at that time ? Will you take the responsibility alone and made it successful again : If yes then how ? You have 10 minutes time . See based on this one you will be getting job.

Kabir , Katha and the third person thought so many ideas.

Dheeraj : So we will start from the third one , what will you do ?

Third :Sir I will quit the job.

Damodar : What ? That means you will leave it

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Third : Of course. If I can’t run and manage it then there is no use of running it. So I will leave the job

Dheeraj ; And what about the staff , their salary ?

Third : I will tell them also to leave this firm. I mean who will stick to the company which is running on loss ? And staff people are not my relatives or my beloved ones. Why I should bother about them ?

Dheeraj :So this is your answer .

Third : Yes

Damodar : Thank you for attending interview. But we don’t need your service here. You are rejected as your answer is not a solution for the problem.

Third one left the room

Now the turn was for Shreya

Shreya : Sir I will try to enquire what’s the root cause which resulted in the loss . I mean I will discuss with staffs, senior officers and we all will work hard and I am sure we will be able to find solution

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Officer : But Shreya we want the right apt answer. I mean what’s the solution. Idea is nice but the question is what is the real solution

Shreya : Sir that’s what I am saying I will try to find the reason.

Damodar : Shreya , until you finds it what if some employees may submit the resignation and went away. Because every one needs salary for running their home. If an office can’t give it staff will naturally think of getting better career options.

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Shreya : Sir I will try to convince them . I mean they are here for some time , they may have dedication for the company which they worked. So it’s not necessary that all will go that way

Dheeraj ; But chances are high that many of the staffs may go, especially the labour department of factory who plays pivotal role in producing goods. They are part of major strength and without them none of the firm gets stability.

Shreya became very much nervous.

Shreya : Sir then better you select another canididate . I am unable to find the answer.

Dheeraj :Take your own time , there is no hurry

Officer : Excuse me the time slot allowed for every one were 10 minutes only, Mr. Dheeraj Malhotra. This girl Shreya is not an exception.

Dheeraj  : I know , Just that she is qualified and gained good marks also

Officer : In that case the first candidate Kabir had gained more marks than her. He is the third rank holder of the university too. Don’t be partial

Dheeraj : I am sorry officers. Continue please

Damodar ; So Kabir what’s your answer ?

Kabir : Sir I will find a sponsor company who is ready to tie up with us . May be they have their own priorities when they agree to sponsor money for us but practically when the labours, staffs are not present none of the business firm can grow up. By making a tie with the financier sponsor our company’s staff will get their salaries and they will be not leaving us . And as the second candidate Shreya was saying about finding the root cause for the loss being an MD I will get enough time for finding it also.

Damodar : How is it possible ?

Kabir : Once the work starts I am sure the sponsor company may have some demands and all will be working sincerely to fullfil it as this new sponsor is financially very much strong and I will tell them to give the double salary for my workers  , which means what they were gaining when the company was running by me alone they will get much amount higher than it . This will be the trump card and once this offer is given to them we cane find the real sincerity of our staffs which will be on the highest level. And within one month when they will be getting salary slowly and steadily by getting friendly with staffs without their knowledge I will be discovering the root cause . The root cause may be of two reasons, either there are some messes among staffs . Which means misplacing of goods, producing fake accounts etc. Or else we are unable to satisfy the public demand because public may find another company’s products as better than us. So we have to sort out the root cause also but also maintain the labour power too which will upgrade our company.

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Dheeraj and Damodar were very much impressed with his answer. The whole interview panel give him big round of applause

Shreya looked her dad who was clapping without bothering anything, without saying anything she quickly left the room .

Dheeraj : Brilliant answer . You are practical, intelligent and very much talented. We need these sort of youth in our company

Officer : Exactly. I wonder why you applied for clerikal post . You should have applied for marketing head

Kabir : Actually sir I applied and attended two interviews earlier. But I got rejected as there were candidates who scored better marks than me .I got succeeded in interview but academically they were better , They were first and second rank holders of university only.

Dheeraj :But here you are first. Rank is just a number. We need the real brain and it’s in you .

Damodar : So shall we appoint him ?

Dheeraj : Of course Damodar

Officer : Malhotra, this boy will do wonders. I recommend you that you should give him promotion

Kabir was very much happy when he heard it. But he didn’t showed it before the panel

Dheeraj : Well first let him to work as clerk. Let’s see the growth and will decide about it.

Kabir : Thank you so much Sir .

Dheeraj : Young man welcome to Malhotra Industries

Kabir : I am so happy that you selected me for this job. Thanks a lot

Kabir comes out from the room. Shreya witness the happiness in his face and understood that Kabir has got the job. She felt sad.

After some time when the whole panel went away Dheeraj was alone in his cabin.

Shreya thought : I should meet dad .

She was about to enter inside the cabin. Suddenly Kabir came there

Kabir : Excuse me

Shreya moved away. Kabir knocked the cabin .

Dheeraj signed him to come inside

Dheeraj ; You didn’t left, we will send you appointment order at your home address. You can join from day after tomorrow

Kabir : Sir, there is a personal thing.

Dheeraj : What ?

Kabir handovers the letter to Dheeraj

Dheeraj reads the letter

“Mr. Malhotra, the young guy who is standing here is none other than DGP Rupesh Sinha’s son Kabir Sinha. He is very talented person in studies and very ambitious too. But sad that he always thinks of short cuts for attaining success. Just because two interviews he got a rejection he stopped looking for opportunities and asked me to give a recommendation. You and me have very old friendship. But we didn’t used it for our selves. We both met as professional and till now we both are keeping that way of  bonding only. Even members of our family haven’t meet each other till. We never intended to do so. I request you to give job only on the basis of his performance and skill , not on my tag name. I made him to took a swear on his mom so that he won’t give this letter to you earlier . Guess my son has kept the swear . He is nice but he has a carefree mind which won’t suits him. He values money over than any thing and I want to change that attitude . If he asks is this a recommendation letter then tell him that DGP Rupesh has invited Malhotra family for a dinner at their home. ”

Dheeraj folds the letter and looks Kabir

Kabir : I know sir I am very skilled person. Sir you offered me promotion without my saying

Dheeraj : No Kabir. I said it will be given to you if your work growth is remarkable only

Kabir : Why that much time ? Straightly appoint me as Head of Accounts or any Manager post , I will bring miraculous change

Dheeraj : Don’t you think you are over confident ?

Kabir : Not at all. I said the fact only

Dheeraj : Kabir you may leave now.

Kabir ; But Sir

Dheeraj : Please I have work. Tell your dad that my family will be arriving at next week to meet him.

Kabir : Okay. But why you are arriving ?

Dheeraj didn’t responds. Kabir walks from there. Suddenly his eyes went on Shreya whose eyes were filled with tears. Kabir sat beside her and looked her

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Shreya ; Congrats to you

Kabir : I will feel good if you said with a smile

Shreya looked him . Kabir suddenly wiped her tears with his index finger

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Kabir : Don’t be so silly yaar. This is not the biggest thing of your life.

Shreya : I was very nervous. I wasn’t able to answer it properly.

Kabir ; It’s not a big thing, Shreya . See I am very much focused and that’s why I was able to answer it.

Shreya : You are really a very much talented guy

Kabir : I am done with this word.From interview board to you today every one said this . I know I am that. You don’t need to tell it

Shreya : I felt sad little for not getting job and felt some jealousy too.

Kabir : Jealous!! But why ?

Shreya : I mean…..Mmh….

Kabir’s phone rings

Shreya : Kabir your phone

Kabir attends the call

Kabir : Mom I will be arriving soon. I will tell you there what happened

Kabir cuts the call

Kabir : What was you telling ?

Shreya : Nothing.

Kabir : You are very much upset naa , of course you comes from a poor family. I can understand you needs financial support.

Shreya : Actually I..

Damodar arrives there and gives a paper to Shreya

Shreya reads it ….

Shreya : Thanks a lot

Kabir : What ? Did you also get a job ?

Shreya : Yes, see this

Kabir reads it …Shreya has been appointed as the attendor .

Kabir : What ?You are getting happy for this small job ? You know naa what does an attendor mean ?

Shreya ; I know . I am ready to do any job.

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Kabir : You have to run from cabins to cabins , Is it okay for you ?

Shreya : Yes. I just need a job , Though I didn’t get the clerikal job I am happy that I got this one.

Kabir : So strange .

After a week

Kabir joins as the clerk and Shreya also joins as the attendor . A senior officer was shouting “Attendor bring the files .” Shreya in rush went his desk and kept the files.

” Suno I need a black tea too . Bring it fast. ”

Shreya nodded her head. Kabir who was watching this felt bad.

After office hours Kabir saw Katha sitting in a bench . She was very much tired . Kabir came infront of her . They both looked each other

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