Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 10 23rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Niti and Akash win the golden chair

Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 10 23rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manish welcomes the judges and audience on the show, and calls upon the next performer.

6. Sriti and Vivek
They perform on the song Deva Shree Ganesha from the movie Agneepath.

Judges’ Comments:
Dipika: I really liked it, like you have shown Ganesh’s story.

Arun: It was very good.
Madhuri: Act was very good but energy was low.
Nora: Act was good, but the song is so powerful, you have to matchup to the song, your performance and song should matchup.
Karan: I felt the coordination problem happened in the starting, we want to see you as amazing Sriti we have seen before.
Scores: Madhuri 8, Nora 8, Karan 8. Total 24.

7. Faisal and Vaishnavi

They perform on the song Aas paas khuda…. From the movie Anjaana Anjaani.

Judges’ Comments:
Madhuri: Everyone celebrates Diwali like one family, you have shown it in your act, dance is getting better, whenever you come, it looks your mind is clear, you work hard, fantastic, keep it up.
Nora: Your performance had a good message, message of unity, we should be together, the act was clean, dance was good, you do lifts perfectly.
Karan: If I describe the act in one work, it will be smile, happy Diwali.
Arun: When you danced, you said you are there, we understood that you are going to say something that will touch the heart, it looked like your hearts are dancing, I really liked it.
Scores: Madhuri 9, Nora 9, Karan 9. Total 27.
They get a golden stamp on their passport.

8. Paras and Shweta
They perform on the title song of Kisna.
Judges’ Comments:
Karan: I like your confidence level, I have seen much improvement, this is for your encouragement.
Madhuri: You did semi classical, it was amazing, very good performance for me, I want better performance than this next time.
Nora: You are performing like a performer, your expressions are good, your dance is good.
Scores: Karan 9, Madhuri 8, Nora 9. Total 26.
They get a golden stamp on the passport.

9. Ada and Shyam
They perform on the song Dhoom taana…. From the movie Om Shanti Om.

Judges’ Comments:
Arun: You both performed well, I really liked it.
Dipika: It was wonderful.
Karan: I m seeing improvement in you, it was a sweet, nice act.
Madhuri: Your body expressions are good, but use your face also when you dance, the movement’s meaning should be seen on face too, it was a good performance, but I want you to do better.
Nora: You have to dance with soul, there is no connection between body movement and face, I m proud that you have improved.
Scores: Madhuri 8, Karan 8, Nora 7. Total 27.
Rubina and Sanam win Sahi Hai Jodi title this week and win a coin.

10. Nishant and Anuradha
They perform on the song Aur Ho… from the movie Rockstar.

Judges’ Comments:
Arun: Your costume weighs 28 kgs, and your performance weighs 55 kgs, I really thought of Raavan seeing this act, Raavan was intelligent to use his ego for his use, he knew Ram is an avatar, he has to die by Ram’s hands if he wants Moksh, he had kidnapped Sita and got enmity with Ram, so that he dies and gets Moksh.
Dipika: I was happy in the show when Sita went for Vanvas, I got rid of the jewellery and all, very good that you danced wearing all this, keep dancing well.
Karan: I also want my children to hear stories of our mythology, Nishant, you have shown a beautiful story, you didn’t get perfection because of costume, but I respect you for the act.
Madhuri: It was a great performance, you have set the bar so high, we expect much dance, but I liked it a lot.
Nora: For me, this is a difference style, its unique, so cultural and diverse, it must be tough to dance with this costume, good job.

Scores: Karan 9, Madhuri 9, Nora 9. Total 27.
They get a golden stamp on the passport.

No eliminations because of Diwali special episode. The judges wish Happy Diwali to all the contestants.

Niti and Akash get the golden chair this week.

Manish announces Jhalak war between Nora and Karan’s teams next week.

Update Credit to: Amena

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