Kuch Naa Kaho Anshuman Pakhi,Shaheer Hina SS Part 2

Kuch Naa Kaho (Don’t Say Anything)Part 2


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Pakhi was giving instructions to her people how to decorate the house.

Pakhi:Keep it there and decorate this wall with these flowers.

Anshuman was noticing it.

Anshuman:The whole day you have been busy.

Pakhi:It’s a wedding house.So guests keep coming.So the house has to be neat and decorated.

Anshuman:You have arranged good food for the guests.But you did’nt eat anything because of your busy schedule.

Pakhi was surprised that Anshuman noticed that she had not eaten anything.

Anshuman:I think atleast now you should eat.Otherwise you will be tired and won’t be able to work properly.If you don’t work properly my sister Namrata’s wedding will be a mess.

Pakhi smiled:Ok.I will eat for Namrata and Anant’s wedding to take place well.

They both laughed.

Pakhi served food for herself and started eating like crazy.

Anshuman:You are eating as if you have not eaten food for a month.

Pakhi pouted.

Pakhi:You only asked me to have food and now you are making fun of me?This is not fair.

Anshuman:I am not making fun of you.But it seems that you are a foodie.

Pakhi:Yes,I am.Any problem?

Anshuman:No.But if you eat like this,you will become fat.

Pakhi:No way.Compared to many women of my age,I am not fat.I am fit.

Anshuman thought:She is talking as if she is keeping herself fit even after delivering babies.What’s the big deal for unmarried women to maintain their figure?

Anshuman:Is it a big deal for you to maintain your figure?

Pakhi:Of course.Everyone puts in effort to maintain figure.

Anshuman did not care:Oh..ok ok.I am not arguing.You enjoy your food.

She smiled.




Anshuman and Pakhi saw Anant and Namrata fighting.

Anshuman:Why are they fighting like this just before the wedding?Are they mad?

Pakhi gave a weird expression seeing their fight.

Pakhi:Before wedding,they are supposed to be romantic and joyful.But they are fighting like fools.

Anshuman and Pakhi went near them.

Anshuman:What’s the problem guys?

Namrata:Anant had promised me to take me for a date.But he did’nt take me yet.

Anant:How can I take her for a date in the midst of all this?My house is also full of guests.But I am atleast coming here to meet Namrata.Date will take time.

Namrata:You are spending only half an hour or one hour with me here.

Anant:That’s because I am needed in my house as guests are coming.I told you to wait till our marriage.After wedding,I will take you for the date.

Namrata:No,before marriage itself I want to have a date with you.

Anant:That’s not possible yaar.

They kept arguing and parted their ways.

Anshuman-Pakhi were stunned seeing their silly fights.

Pakhi:For a silly thing they are fighting.

Anshuman:They went different ways without talking to each other.

Pakhi:We should resolve their fight before wedding.Otherwise these 2 mad people will spoil the pre-wedding functions.





Pakhi rang up Anant:Anant…I am calling from the pub.Namrata….

Anant became anxious.

Anant:What happened to Namrata?

Pakhi cut the call.Though Anant tried calling her,she did not pick up the call.

Anshuman rang up Namrata:I am calling from the pub.Here Anant…

Namrata got tensed.

Namrata:What did Anant do there?

Anshuman cut the call.Namrata tried to contact him.But he did not respond.

Namrata and Anant became restless.

Anant:I hope Namrata is not in any trouble.I have to go to the pub and check Namrata.

Namrata:What must have happened to Anant?I will go to the pub and see him.Maybe Anant needs me now.

Immediately Anshuman and Pakhi rang up and told each other about how they lied to Anant and Namrata.

Pakhi:Now both may be restless thinking of each other and will definitely come to the pub.

Anshuman:And will realise that we were lying to them.

They laughed.

Pakhi:But they will end their cold war.

Anshuman:Exactly.Let’s go to the pub soon.

Pakhi:Yes,I am starting now.



Anant and Namrata reached the pub.They ran towards each other.

Namrata:Are you alright?

Anant:Are you fine?What exactly happened?

Namrata:You tell me what happened.

Anant:Pakhi rang up and told me that you are stuck in a problem here.

Namrata:Anshuman too said something like this about you to me.That’s why I came here.


Anshuman and Pakhi came there.

Anshuman:We both lied to bring both of you here.

Anant-Namrata were stunned.

Pakhi:You both had stopped talking to each other.So we decided to call you both here to end the cold war which was going on between you guys.

Anshuman:Because of our half baked lie,you guys were so worried about each other that love kept flowing down.

Pakhi:And you both talked to each other.

Anant and Namrata smiled.

Anant:Thank you so much for showing so much of concern towards us and trying to work on our relationship.

Namrata:We are lucky to have well wishers like both of you.

Anshuman-Pakhi smiled.

Pakhi:Stop having stupid fights and enjoy the pre-wedding functions.

Anshuman:You guys are in a pub.Many couples are enjoying.Just enjoy like them.

Anant and Namrata smiled at each other.

Anant-Namrata started dancing.

Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Ho Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Chamka Hai Kismat Ka Tara
Badli Naseeb Ki Rekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Chamka Hai Kismat Ka Tara
Badli Naseeb Ki Rekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha

Tum Ishq Mere Tum Khwaab Mere
Tum Jaan Ho Tum Ho Chaina
Tum Yaar Mere Tum Pyaar Mere
Dildar Mere Dil Raina
Tum Aarzoo Mein Tum Justajoo Mein
Tum Raaste Mein Manzil Mein
Tum Rooh Mein Ho Tum Saans Mein Ho
Tum Dhadkano Mein Tum Dil Mein
Tumhe Pehchano Tumhi Ko Janu
Tumhe Ko Manu Tumhi Ko
Tumhe Pehchano Tumhi Ko Janu
Tumhe Ko Manu Tumhi Ko

Anshuman-Pakhi too joined them in dancing.

Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Chamka Hai Kismat Ka Tara
Badli Naseeb Ki Rekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha

Tum Shok Mere Tum Armaan Mere
Tum Dost Mere Tum Dilbar
Tum Zindagi Ho Tum Bandagi Ho
Kabza Tumhara Mere Dil Par
Tum Rang Bhi Ho Tum Roop Bhi Ho

Tum Dhoop Bhi Ho Chaya Bhi
Tum Menka Ho Tum Apsara Ho
Tum Moh Bhi Ho Maya Bhi
Tum Aise Ho Aaye Tum Aise Ho Chaye
Tumhe Dekho Main Haye Tumhi Ko
Tum Aise Ho Aaye Tum Aise Ho Chaye
Tumhe Dekho Main Haye Tumhi Ko

Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Chamka Hai Kismat Ka Tara
Badli Naseeb Ki Rekha
Badli Naseeb Ki Rekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha
Tumhe Aaj Maine Jo Dekha(Kuch naa kaho).


Anant knelt down before Namrata.

Anant:You are my first and last love Namrata.

She blushed.

Anant removed his ordinary ring from the finger and said:Sorry.Since I came to this pub unexpectedly,i was not prepared to propose you with a ring.But after coming here,seeing you I feel like proposing you.This ring is my grandmom’s gift.I am going to propose you with this ring.Please excuse me.Will you marry me Namrata?

Namrata:Ring does’nt matter.Your words do matter.So I am very happy with this proposal.Thank you so much Anant for this surprise proposal.Yes,I will marry you.

Anant put the ring on her finger happily and they both embraced each other.

Anshuman-Pakhi clapped their hands.

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