Kuch Naa Kaho Anshuman Pakhi,Shaheer Hina SS Part 6(Last part)

Kuch Naa Kaho (Don’t Say Anything) Part 6


Anshuman told Pakhi:My mother will come back from pilgrimage in 2 days.Then I will tell her about you.Then we will get married.After that you,Ayaan and I will be staying together as a family.

Pakhi blushed.



Anshuman:Before going,please give me a kiss.

Pakhi blushed and pressed her lips on his cheek.

Anshuman:One more…

Pakhi:Naughty boy!

Pakhi pushed him out.


Pakhi:After marriage..

Pakhi closed the door smiling.

The calling bell rang in 2 minutes.

Pakhi:Anshuman won’t go without a kiss.He is too naughty.

Pakhi opened the door.She was shocked.

It was Pakhi’s ex-husband Rohan.

Pakhi could not believe her eyes.

Rohan:I have come back Pakhi.

Pakhi:Why?You left me years back.

Rohan:That time you requested me to return.Now I have returned as per your wish.

Pakhi reacted in a sarcastic tone:O really?After many years only you have returned.

Rohan:I know that I did a big mistake.But I realised my mistake.Leaving you for another woman was my biggest blunder.She never loved me.She loved only my money.When I was in financial crisis,she left for another man.That moment I realised your value.You had stood by my side when I was not rich also.That’s why I returned to you to correct my mistake.Please forgive me and accept me back.

Pakhi:It’s not easy to forgive you after you hurt me a lot.

Rohan became upset.

Rohan:Atleast for the sake of our child please forgive me.

Pakhi:Till now you did’nt remember our son.Suddenly you remembered him.Don’t use our son to get my apology.

Rohan:You are misunderstanding me Pakhi.I have always loved my child.I wanted to see my child.But my girl friend Tanu did not let me visit our son.Please give me one more chance.I swear that I will not disappoint you.

Pakhi:I can forgive you as I don’t want to keep personal grudges in my mind.

Rohan smiled:Thank you Pakhi.

Pakhi:But I can’t accept you back as it’s not easy for me to forget the bitter past I had because of you.

Rohan became upset.

Rohan:Your anger is justified.But I promise you that I win your heart back.And..I will do that.

Pakhi:Don’t waste your time Rohan.You can never win my heart.

Rohan became dull.

Rohan:Let’s see Pakhi.

Pakhi did not even bother to reply.




In the evening Ayaan came back from school.

Rohan smiled seeing him.

Rohan:My son!

Rohan hugged him happily.

Rohan:What’s your name beta?


Rohan:Lovely name.

Ayaan:Who are you?

Rohan:I am your father.

Ayaan was stunned.

Ayaan:How can you be my father?My father is Anshuman.

Rohan was shocked.

He became dull while Pakhi became emotional hearing Ayaan addressing Anshuman as the father.

Rohan asked Pakhi:Who is Anshuman?

Pakhi:I don’t have to answer this question.

Pakhi walked away with Ayaan.

Rohan was irritated.




Ayaan asked Pakhi:Mumma,why did that uncle lie that he is my father?

Pakhi looked at Ayaan emotionally.

She thought:If I hide the truth from him,once he will misunderstand me and question me for hiding his real father from him.I have to tell him the truth.

Pakhi:Ayaan beta…he is the one who gave you birth.That’s why he said that he is your father.

Pakhi was tensed to see his reaction.

Ayaan:Then Anshuman papa?

Pakhi:Beta…it’s not necessary to give birth to be a father.Through heart and love,one can be a father.Anshuman became your father by heart.Because he is the one who gave you fatherly love.

Ayaan smiled.Pakhi was relieved seeing him smile.

Ayaan:Mumma,but I want only Anshuman papa as my dad.I don’t want the other person as my dad.

Pakhi became emotional.




Pakhi took the phone and messaged Anshuman:Please come here soon.It’s urgent.

Anshuman smiled seeing the message.



Anshuman reached Pakhi’s house.

Anshuman:Why did you ask me to come here soon sweet heart?Any romantic surprise?

Ayaan stared at both from behind.

Pakhi whispered emotionally:My ex husband Rohan has returned.

The shocked Anshuman turned back.He saw Rohan looking at him.

Rohan:Hi…I am Rohan;Pakhi’s husband.

Pakhi:Ex husband!We got separated long ago.

Rohan became dull while Anshuman smiled in relief that Pakhi has chosen him over Rohan.

Rohan:You are Anshuman?


Rohan:My son Ayaan said that you are his father.But I did not understand how you became his father.Did you and Pakhi get married?

Anshuman:We are not married.

Rohan:So you both are just friends?

Pakhi:Whether we are friends or more than friends should not make any difference to you.Because you are only my ex-husband.You have no right on me.

Anshuman smiled while Rohan got irritated.

Rohan:I am going now.But I will come back.

He walked out.

Pakhi looked at Anshuman and said:Rohan has come back shamelessly after his girl friend left him.I told him that I can’t accept him back.But I feel restless and tensed thinking of him.

Anshuman caressed her face and said:You told him that clearly that he has no place in your life.Then why are you worried.Do not care about him.Just ignore him.

She nodded.

Pakhi:After talking to you,I feel relieved.

Anshuma:My job is to remove your unnecessary worries and give you happiness.So when I am with you,why should you worry?

Pakhi smiled.

Anshuman:Where is Ayaan?

Pakhi:I sent him to Anant and Namrata’s house purposefully to keep him away from Rohan.Because Rohan’s presence was making him lose his peace of mind.

Anshuman:Don’t worry.Everything will be alright.

Anshuman sat and pulled Pakhi to his lap romantically.

Pakhi blushed:What is this Anshuman?

Anshuman:Ayaan is not here.So don’t tell me that somebody will see us romance.

They giggled.



Anshuman told Vasundhara about Pakhi.He was tensed about her reaction.

Anshuman:Mom,what’s your opinion?

Vasu:You don’t know my reply?Will I ever stand against my son’s happiness?

Anshuman became very happy.

Anshuman:I was worried whether you will object after knowing Pakhi’s past.

Vasundhara:No beta.During Anant-Namrata’s wedding functions I had noticed your sweet friendship with Pakhi and wished to get Pakhi as her daughter in law.But I saw Pakhi talking to her son on the phone.When I asked Namrata about Pakhi,she told me that she is a divorcee.I was worried whether you will like Pakhi or not knowing her past.But now I am happy that you accepted Pakhi and Ayaan as your own knowing evetything about them.

Anshuman was very happy.

Anshuman:You are the best mom.

He hugged Vasundhara happily.She smiled.




The next day when Ayaan went to school,Anshuman,Pakhi,Anant and Namrata went to a restaurant.

Anshuman:There is a happy news.Mom is very happy that I want to marry Pakhi.Infact she had chodsen Pakhi as her future daughter in law during Anant and Namrata’s wedding itself.

Pakhi was surprised:Really?


Anant,Namrata and Pakhi were very happy.

Pakhi:In this happy situation,Rohan is a tension.

Anant and Namrata got angry.

Anant:How dare he come back?You should have slapped him Pakhi.


Pakhi:I don’t want to fight with Rohan and make things worse.I just want to concentrate on my present and live peacefully.

Anshuman smiled.

Shockingly Rohan came there.

Rohan:Hello Sweet heart…

Anant and Anshuman got so angry that they raised their hand to slap him.But Pakhi held their hands to control their anger.

Pakhi:Control your anger.I will handle him.

Pakhi looked at Rohan angrily and said:Stop calling me sweet heart.I am not your sweet heart.

Rohan:Then whose sweet heart are you?Anshuman’s?Are you having an illicit affair with Anshuman?

Pakhi lost her control.

Pakhi:Stop it.Anshuman and I share a pure relationship which is filled with love and dignity.Yes,we love each other.

Rohan got irritated.

Rohan stared at Anshuman.

Rohan:It’s all because of you Anshuman.Because of your illicit relationship with Pakhi,she raised her voice against me for the first time.Get out of our lives.

Pakhi:Who are you to ask Anshuman to get lost?What right do you have?Even if I have an illicit relationship with Anshuman,you don’t even deserve to question me as years back you left me because of the illicit relationship you had.

Rohan was embarrassed.

Pakhi:Ayaan and I belong to Anshuman.Not Anshuman,it’s you who have to leave from my life.So get out of our lives.If you trouble us again,I might call the police.

Pakhi held Anshuman’s hand:I will always hold your hand Anshuman.

Anshuman held her hands and said:I will also hold your hands always Pakhi.

They shared an emotional eye lock.

Pakhi:My love for you…

Anshuman:Shh…kuch naa kaho…don’t say anything.I don’t need your words to understand your love.I can just see love in your eyes.

Pakhi smiled and embraced him.

Anant and Namrata smiled seeing their love.

Rohan was irritated.

Anant:If you have atleast 1 percent self respect just leave Rohan.

Rohan looked at Anshuman-Pakhi,

Rohan:I realised that when we hurt the person who loved us the most,there is no second chance.I am sorry for everything.I will not disturb you all anymore.

Rohan walked away in frustration.They all were relieved.



Anshuman-Pakhi’s Sangeet function…

Anshuman-Pakhi danced and enjoyed.

Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Meri Baat Sunke Bataiye Ke Iske Bare
Mein Hai Aap Ka Khayal Kya

Itna Kyon Guroor Aap Mein Hai
Itna Aap Mein Hai Naaz Kisliye
Bataiye Hai Kisne Yeh Sikhaya Aapko
Ke Jo Bhi Tumko Chahe Jo Bhi Tum Ko Pyaar Se

Mile Usi Se Tum Raho Khafa Khafa

Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Aise Hum Nahi Hai Lekin Hum Agar Ho Aise Bhi To
Issmein Kya Hua

Kyon Na Ho Guror Humko Kyon Na Hum Ko Naaz Ho Ke
Hum Haseen Logo Ki Hi Thokaro Mein Hai Zamana
Jisko Dekhiye Humara Hai Deewana
Hum Kisi Ka Bhi Dil Tod De
Kisko Aadhe Raste Mein Chod De
To Usko Bhi Duniya Kehti Hai Ada
Hey Hey Hey Aap Ko Jawab Mil Gaya
Ho Ho Ho Kahiye Kaisa Aap Ko Laga

Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Aaj Sunhi Lijiye Ke Kya Hai Husn Aapka
Kya Hai Aap Ki Ada
Aap Ke Har Ek Sitam Ko Humne Hi Ada Kaha
Aur Aap Ki Har Ek Ada Ko Haske Humne Hi Saha
Humne Hi To Zara Si Baat Ko Bada Ke Daastan Kar Diya
Humne Hi To Husn Ki Zameen Ko Aasmaan Kar Diya Hai
Duniya Mein Jo Aap Ka Yeh Husn Bemisal Hai
To Is Mein Bhi Hamare Ishq Ka Hi To Kamal Hai
Agar Humhi Na Hote Isko Kaun Poochta
Aapko Agar Khayal Hai
Aapko Agar Khayal Hai

Ki Hum Husn Jo Mila Hai Aapne Diya Hai
Yani Jo Bhi Hai Kamal Aapne Kiya Hai
To Yeh Baat Saaf Hai Ki Humko Dekhte Hi Aapko Nasha Sa Ho
Gaya Hai Sara Hosh Kho Gaya Hai
Warna Aisi Ulti Sidhi Behki Behki Baato Ki Waje Hai Kya

Nahin Samaj Mein Aayi Meri Baat To Nahin Sahin
Jo Aap Apne Husn Par Guror Karte Hai
To Kariyen Par Na Bhool Jayega
Hum Ne Hi To Khoon E Dil Diya
Jisse Rop Mein Yeh Rang Aa Gaya Hai
Aap Ka Yeh Husn Duniya Bhar Pe Cha Gaya Hai
Ho Jadoo Ban Ke Hum Nigaho Par Cha Gaye
Dilo Mein Jo Samagaye Hai To Hairat Ismein Kya Hai
Chehra Phool Hot Kaliyan Aur Zulfein Hai Andhera
Aisa Jo Mehak Raha Hai
Humne Hi To Aap Ke In Hoto Ko Gulab Aur Chehre Ko
Kamal Kaha Hai Hum Ne Hi To Aapki Nazar Ko Jadoo Baton
Ko Ghazal Kaha Hai Hum Ne Hi Zulf Ko Kabhi Kaha Hai Raat
Aur Kabhi Ghata Agar Humi Na Dekhte Na Chahate Na Poochte
To Patharo Ke Booth Ko Kaun Kehta Phir Kudha
Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Chodiye Bhi Kehne Aur Sunne Ko Hai Baki Kya
Dekhiye Main Keh Rahi Hoon Baat Meri Suniye To Zara

Aap Kya Kahengi Mujhko Khoob Hai Pata
Are Baat Meri Suniye To Zara
Phir Milenge Agar Waqt Agar Mila
Par Baat Meri(Kuch naa kaho).

Pakhi and Anshuman got married.

Vasundhara,Ayaan,Anant and Namrata smiled.

Anant-Namrata:Made for each other jodi.

Vasundhara blessed Anshuman and Pakhi.

Vasundhara:Always be happy like this.God bless you.

Anshuman-Pakhi smiled.




Anshuman and Pakhi romanced breaking the barrier between them and became one.

Halki Halki Mulakaate Thi

Door Door Se Baatein Thi

Halki Halki Mulakaate Thi

Door Door Se Baatein Thi

Dheere Dheere Kya Ho Gaya Hai Main Kya Kahoon

Kyon Ladkhadaye Dhadkan

Kyon Thar Tharayen Tan Mann

Kyon Hosh Mera Kho Gaya Hai Main Kya Kahoon

Kyon Ladkhadaye Dhadkan

Kyon Thar Tharayen Tan Mann

Kyon Hosh Mera Kho Gaya Hai Main Kya Kahoon

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Sab Mere Din Sab Raatein

Tumhare Khayalon Mein Rehte Hai Gum

Kehni Hai Tumse Jo Baatein

Baitho Zara Ab Sun Bhi Lo Tum

Kya Mere Khwaab Hai Kya Hai Meri Aarzoo

Tum Se Yeh Daastan Kyon Na Kaho Ru Ba Ru

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Ho Jazbaat Jitne Hai Dil Mein

Mere Hi Jaise Hai Woh Bezuban

Jo Tumse Main Kehna Payi

Kehti Hai Woh Meri Khamoshiyan

Sun Sako To Suno Woh Jo Maine Kaha Nahin

Sach To Hai Kehne Ko Ab Kuch Raha Nahin

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Halki Halki Mulakaate Thi

Door Door Se Baatein Thi

Dheere Dheere Kya Ho Gaya Hai Main Kya Kahoon

Kyon Ladkhadaye Dhadkan

Kyon Thar Tharayen Tan Mann

Kyon Hosh Mera Kho Gaya Hai Main Kya Kahoon

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho

Kuch Naa Kaho Kuch Naa Kaho(Kuch naa kaho).

Anshuman came back from the office.He saw Pakhi in the garden.

Anshuman:Why did you ask me to come back soon Pakhi?What’s the emergency?I am becoming restless.

Pakhi smiled seeing his tension.

Anshuman:Tell me fast Pakhi.

Pakhi:Look there Anshuman.Near the wall you can see a cat and her babies.

Anshuman looked there.

Anshuman:Yes,I saw them now.

Pakhi:The cat is so happy with it’s kittens.Because babies bring a different happiness to our lives.

Anshuman kept his hand on her shoulder and said:Yes..like Ayaan brings us happiness every moment.

Pakhi:What if we get more Ayaans?

Anshuman:What do you mean?

Pakhi held his hand and said:We are pregnant Anshuman.Ayaan is going to get a sibling.

Anshuman was surprised:Really?

Pakhi blushed and gave him a nod.

In excitement,Anshuman pecked her cheek.

They embraced each other happily.



Anshuman Pakhi had a daughter and they named her Anshukhi.They lived happily with Ayaan and Anshukhi.

The End



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