Kuch Naa Kaho Anshuman Pakhi,Shaheer Hina SS

 I dedicate this SS to my friend Revu who wants me to write an Anshuman Pakhi story on the movie ‘Kuch naa kaho’.

Kuch Naa Kaho (Don’t Say Anything)Part 1

A man came to his house.His mother Vasundhara hugged him happily.

Vasundhara:Anshu…finally you came back from London.

Anshuman:Yes mom.I am back for you.

Vasundhara:Please don’t go again beta.I feel lonely.

Anshuman:Sorry mom.But I promise you that I will not go back to London.I will stay here itself with you looking after our family business.

Vasundhara became very happy:Really?

Anshuman:Yes mom.

He kissed her forehead.

Vasundhara:Come,I have prepared your favourite food.

She led him to the dining room and served him food.

Anshuman:I really missed your food mom.

She smiled.



After he finished having food,a girl came there.Anshuman was so excited that he hugged her.


Namrata:How are you Anshu?

Anshuman:I am fine dear.I am so happy that you are getting married.

Namrata:I will be happy only if you also get married.

Anshuman:No way.Marriage is not my cup of tea.

Vasundhara:See…this is what he says when I ask him to get married.For him,it’s only work..work and work.

Anshuman:I don’t feel like getting married mom.

Namrata:Don’t worry chachi.God has made a girl for Anshu.Once Anshu will meet that girl and that girl will change his mind.He will surely decide to get married when he sees her.

Anshuman smiled:Ok…let’s see.Anyways tell me about your guy.

Namrata blushed:As you know,his name is Anant.He is my colleague.

Anshuman:Your pre-wedding photoshoot is over.Right?I missed it.

Namrata:No problem.There are more pre-wedding functions for you to attend.

Anshuman:I will be attending all.Tomorrow itself mom and I will be coming to your house.We will be leaving only after your wedding gets over.

Namrata:That’s cool.

Anshuman:Anyways show me your pre-wedding photographs.

Namrata showed her pre-wedding photographs to Anshuman.

In those photographs,Namrata and Anant had shown funny expressions.

Anshuman:What nonsense!What kind of crazy photographs are these?

Namrata:All pre-wedding photoshoots are very cheesy and romantic.I want ours to be different.So I only suggested them to have a funny photoshoot.

Anshuman:You know what?You are crazy.


She kicked his shoulder.They laughed.



Anshuman and Vasundhara went to Namrata’s house.Anant was also there.

Namrata introduced Anshuman to Anant.

Namrata:He is my cousin Anshuman about him which I told you.

Anant:Oh ya…nice to meet you.

Anshuman:Nice to meet you too.

They shook hands.

Anshuman:Well…I saw your crazy pre-wedding photoshoot.

Namrata smiled :And you liked it.Right?

Anshuman:Don’t lie Namrata.It was hopeless.

Anant:It was all because of Namrata.It was her crazy idea.

Namrata frowned and stared at Anant.

Namrata:You are blaming me?

Anant:No.But I said the truth.

Namrata:You called me crazy.You are crazy.

Anant:No.You are crazy.



Anshuman felt like laughing seeing their fight and walked away.

After arguing for some time,they both burst into laughter.

Anant:By the way you look cute when you are angry.

She smiled.

Namrata:Then can I get angry with you always?

Anant looked at her deeply and replied:No.Because I prefer my romantic Namrata.

She smiled.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

While walking Anshuman collided with a woman.

Anshuman:I am sorry.

She:Why are you saying sorry when you have not done any mistake?It happened by mistake.

He smiled.

Anshuman:Still I should have been careful.

She:Even I should have been careful.So if you are sorry,I am also sorry.

He smiled.

Anant and Namrata came there.

Anant:Did you guys meet?

Anshuman and the woman smiled.

Anant:This is Namrata’s cousin Anshuman and this is my friend Pakhi who is our wedding planner too.

Anshuman and Pakhi smiled at each other.

Anshuman-Pakhi said to each other with a smile:Nice to meet you.

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