Kundali Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun vows to take revenge from the Luthra’s

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Preeta mentions such a big accident is criminal so they cannot even trust him, what might have happened to them if he got injured so she doesn’t know what was his purpose he was trying to get close to their family. Rishab explains she had warned him a lot of times but he refused to accept Arjun can do anything wrong, Preeta replies because the entire Luthra family is really nice and honest people so there is no need for him to be worried about anything, Preeta requests him to believe if she says anything in the future then he would have to accept it.

Sherlin is working in the kitchen when there is someone at the door, she is stunned to see Arjun who rushes into the house demanding the location of Prithvi, Arjun replies he feels she is lying when Sherlin mentions he knows that Arjun and police are searching for him so why would he come back, Arjun explains he knows they both are really miserable people, she warns Sherlin to inform Prithvi that he would make sure they are locked in jail, Arjun exclaims he wants to inform how Prithvi has made another enemy and he would ruin his life. Sherlin closes the door when Prithvi comes out of hiding, asking that Arjun is the biggest enemy of him. Prithvi exclaims that Arjun was not doing anything for them before so what is to worry, Sherlin explains he did not say anything against Prithvi, she saw the anger in his eyes like Karan and was searching for him like an injured lion, he knows that they are the ones who are more dangerous, Prithvi questions if he can once again go back in hiding, she leaves in anger.

Anjali sitting on the bed keeps thinking about what happened in the Luthra Mansion. Arjun comes so she immediately hugs him when he asks what has happened, she replies no one has talked with him in such a rude manner. Arjun assures that families tend to talk like this so he is not angry at all but is furious with Rishab. Arjun assures there is nothing to be worried about and he vows to not leave anyone who makes her cry.

Bi jee sitting on the bed explains that she cannot even think Arjun would do something of the sort, Janki replies she had also started to like him but what happened today has really ruined his image in her eyes, Bi jee reveals she is angry with him today, Janki cannot understand how Arjun would try to harm Rishab. Bi jee reveals that people in modern times have two faces and no heart, they do everything for the sake of business. Shristhi turning wipes of her tears explaining it sounds very strange as she is furious with Arjun, she desires to find the reason Arjun did this all as there would surely be a reason, she reveals they have already lost Karan so what would have happened to Preeta if Rishab got hurt, she started to have a strong bond with him but now must convince her heart that she hates Arjun as only then would she remain strong. Bi jee explains Shristhi never got so sad before in her life when Janki exclaims, she only got hurt when Karan died, Bi jee prays that Rishab should get the strength.

Rakhi enters the room of Rishab and Preeta asking why he is still working at such an hour, Rishab mentions this is the contract of their collaboration, so he is going to tear them, Rkahi agrees with him. Preeta stands when Rakhi apologizes explaining she used to warn them all about Arjun but she started feeling he was like her own son so got carried away, Preeta assures there is no need to apologize as they love everyone because of their good and pure nature, but not everyone is like her so did it all. Preeta assures they have to forget everything and move on, she hugs Rakhi who is crying.

Arjun is constantly trying to sleep in the night but is tensed thinking about the incident which happened at the collaboration party, he in anger goes to pour a peg for him which he drinks. Arjun recalls how Preeta questioned why he tried to take the life of Rishab who the father of Kavya and her husband is. Arjun standing in anger exclaims he is not the old Arjun but would not be affected by any of his relation, he vows to make Rishab suffer for what has happened today as it is his promise.

In the morning Rkahi comes with the tea but Mahesh says it is time for his juice, Rakhi reveals this tea is for Rishab as it is time for his office. Mahesh mentions she cares a lot for her children so mentions that even they have arrived. Rakhi explains she wants to talk with them, she reveals tomorrow is KarvaChawth and so it is the ritual of their family that the mother-in-law selects the Singhar for their wives. she says that today Rishab and Sameer must take both their wives for shopping. Rishab and Sameer refuse mentioning today is their important meeting, but Rakhi suggests that they can cancel it and go for shopping, Rishab exclaims he has an alternative, they can go for shopping and when it completes they would call him so he will rush to pick them up, Rkahi replies they do it every day but the meaning of KarvaChawth is the couple should spend quality time so he must change his schedule. Sameer informs he would not go with Shristhi since she takes a lot of time to select her dress and he gets bored, Rishab says that if Shristhi hears this then Sameer would surely stay in the house for three years.
Preeta mentions that she will show Rishab the dress as his meeting is important, Mahesh explains their sons have gotten very caring wives but it is also their responsibility to take care of their wives, he instructs them to go for shopping. Sameer mentions Shristhi is still asleep and if he tries to wake her then she would fight with him. Preeta leaves to wake her while Rishab calls the office. Mahesh appreciates Rakhi for taking care of their family, she assures it is her responsibility.

Arjun sitting in the car asks Anjali what happened, she replies she has never seen anyone talk with him in such a rude behavior as they cannot even look him straight in the eye. Arjun mentions that it was also his fault and he took Prithvi so lightly but Anjali replies that his mistake was taking the Luthra’s so lightly, Arjun agrees with her and then mentions he knows how to cheer her so mentions he would take her for shopping, Anjali is not interested but is forced to agree with Arjun when he insists.

Shristhi is waiting in the boutique and wonders why they all come so slowly as she is eager to shop for the function, Preeta comes when Shristhi questions why she got so late, Preeta replied they were not able to find a parking spot so Shristhi questions if she was driving. Shristhi requests the staff to show them some dress for KarvaChawth. Arjun also enters the boutique when Preeta feels something strange, Arjun is also not able to understand his feelings, they both start looking around in the boutique.

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