Kundali Bhagya 19th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi follows Preeta to Kavya’s school

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Arjun turning asks Anjali what happened, she replies that Rishab would come tomorrow at the office for the singing o the agreement and after that he has an important meeting for which he will leave so she turns away.
In the morning Rishab is walking to his car when Kavya rushes calling him, he explains she is going to the school when Preeta replies that she is showering all of her love to his father, he also asks Kavya to kiss her, Preeta explains she is going to go Kavya’s parent teachers meeting, Rishab asks if she is not worried that he is not going with her, Preeta replies she knows that a new teacher has joined the school so she would have caused so much tension that the teacher would have a lot of complains, Rishab gets a call from Anjali asking if he would reach the office on time, Rishab assures he has not been late in the past twenty years. Arjun also from the back explains he would be on time, Arjun hears Rishab talking with Preeta when Rakhi comes explaining Kavya did not eat the almonds and threw them on the side of the room. Arjun asks if Rishab would come on the call, assuring they would reach on time.

Anjali explains if he would get late then she is leaving for the office and is also taking some files with her, Arjun replies that he would get late, Arjun stands wondering why he still gets so angry when Rishab tries to get near with Preeta since now they both are married, or is it because of how much he hates her that he has this feeling.

Kavya is in the car with Preeta when they stop at the signal so Kavya quickly picks the mirror throwing the light out of the car, she starts smiling seeing Arjun in the car, he recalls how he would also tease Preeta like this when they both were together, Preeta asks her to stop it since they people might feel irritated, Kavya replies she was smiling at her friend, Preeta replies they must not make everyone their friend but Kavya explains that it was indeed her friend, Preeta smiles when they drive off so Kavya says goodbye to Arjun.

Anjali reaches the cabin wondering why does Arjun take advantage of her as what is this behavior since the cabin is not tidy at all, she starts cleaning it when Anjali sees the photo from the drawer and is stunned to see that it is off Preeta and Arjun, she wonders what is going on with him and does Arjun still feel something for Preeta, Rishab suddenly enters the cabin greeting Anjali, he questions if she is hiding something from him which she denies at all but then he forcefully takes it, Rishab apologize saying that he was just joking, but where is Arjun since they have to start the meeting, she replies he would be stuck in the traffic to which Rishab replies even he was stuck in it.

Arjun driving the car is thinking about Kavya and how she is a beautiful girl, he explains Rishab should have left everything to attend her parent teachers meeting, he stops the car when Prithvi sees Arjun in the auto, he is about to go and stop Arjun but is stunned when he drives off, Prithvi then sees Preeta getting in the car with the balloons so also follows her.

Rishab is sitting when Anjali gets a call so taking an excuse leaves from the cabin, Rishab standing wonders what would happen in the Mumbai traffic, he sees the photo of Arjun so hesitantly tries to pick it when Anjali entering asks what happened, he apologizes saying he knows it is her personal things but he could not help but look at it, she is stunned as he informs he has seen the photo but not complete, she must not be worried since Arjun is also a part of their family now. Anjali requests him to sit down while she checks on Arjun.

Preeta reaching the school asks Kavya to calm down but she runs away, Prithvi following Preeta exclaims he is still in love with her but the girl doesnot have any relation to him. Kavya running into the classroom greets the teacher, she immediately requests her to not put any complain in front of her mother, the teacher however replies she would tell her mother when Kavya explains she is just a child forcing the teacher to accept her desires, Preeta enters asking what has happened to her feet when Kavya replies she is aching so Preeta asks her to come as they would then talk with her teacher, Preeta asks if anything has happened when the teacher explains she was saying Kavya is really cute but in a bad way and she would have gotten this from her father, Kavya whispers to the teacher to not complain to her mother so the teacher explains she must focus on her child a lot more for her good grades, Prithvi standing outside exclaims even the teacher feels she is cute which is why he loves Preeta, so this is why Arjun has also fallen in love with her.

Arjun is driving the car constantly thinking about what Prithvi said that he also loves Preeta, he thinks they would have to throw Prithvi away from the Luthra’s so he calls Prithvi but then hears the voice of Preeta so Arjun immediately stops the car wondering what is Prithvi doing in Kavya’s school so he rushes when Prithvi is relieved that he would reach the library before them.

Rishab is talking with his men on the phone explaining they must come before time, he gets a call from Shristhi who questions why was he not answering her call, Rishab replies that even Preeta jee never asks from him while he is on the business meeting, Shristhi reveals that she has fired all of the people he hired for the business meeting, Rishab getting tensed questions why did she do it as they have an important business meeting and even need to make an announcement, Shristhi replies she has hired herself so would arrange such a glamorous party that everyone would surely love it, Rishab replies then why is she acting as if she wants to seek permission when she has already done everything, Shristhi replies she just wanted to inform him so ends the call, Rishab thinks even Shristhi is like Kavya but even then he really loves them all as they are his family.

Prithvi rushes to the library and then taking a book smiles thinking now Preeta jee would be coming to him after which he would get to see her.

Precap: Prithvi tells Arjun to behave properly with him as he’s going to be his business partner as well. Arjun chokes him and says, if I see you around Preeta, then I won’t spare you. Prithvi pushes him back and asks, you also fell in love with Preeta? Later, Preeta and Arjun are in dark. They suddenly come in front of each other and scream. Preeta says, you?

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