Kundali Bhagya 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun finds out the truth about Kavya

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The terrorist opens the door letting Preeta come out, she immediately requests him to let go of her daughter and they can keep her here if they desire, the terrorist explains that she has really teased them when Preeta requests to see her daughter, the terrorist explains she can go outside with her daughter hearing which Preeta is stunned, the terrorist explains she is outside with just three other children while everyone else is still inside, Preeta questions why have they not released any other children and what mistake have they made, the terrorist explains he knows what to do, they will leave when their demands are met.

The inspector inform the senior that the would not be able to hold these people much longer, the reporters question why is the police not doing anything since it is their duty and if they have not been able to enter the school what can they do, Inspector explains they have not seen anything like this again so this is why they are behaving like this, he manages to make the reporters feel embarrassed.

The terrorist walk to the gate of the school with their gun pointed towards Preeta, they threaten to kill everyone inside if the police tries to enter the school, he sends Preeta out who immediately asks Rishab where is Kavya, he is shocked replying she is still inside. Preeta rushes questioning why he said her daughter is outside when she is still inside, they threaten her so Rakhi informs they lied as Kavya never came outside, Karina tries to calm down Preeta informing she cannot go inside. Inspector advises Rishab to take Preeta aside and help her remain calm.
The reporters explain that Preeta was sent outside after lying that her daughter is outside, Sherlin wonders why does prithvi make such mistakes as he should have sent Arjun outside who might be a problem for him.

Arjun is trying to open the ropes but it is off no use, he thinks that he needs to find a sharp object as the terrorist think he would remain here while Kavya is with the terrorist, Arjun manages to cause the book shelf to fall when he sees the glass on the desk, Arjun breaks it on the floor before kneeling in front of it, he tries to pick a piece of the glass which he would use to cut the rope, he is finally able to break free after immense effort. Arjun sees the file with the name of Kavya so picks t up, he exclaims it is the birth certificate of Kavya, recalling the date if five months after he left so how can she be the daughter of Rishab. He is stunned reading that Kavya is the daughter of Karan Luthra. Arjun fumbles thinking Kavya is his daughter, he recalls how she said her name is The kavya Luthra just as he would introduce himself to the world. Arjun thinks she always trusted him to save her life, he exclaims he knew that Kavya was his daughter so has now found the proof. Arjun stands in anger vowing to not let her get hurt as today her father will protect her, Arjun vows that nothing can happen to his daughter.

The students request Piya to also give them a chocolate but she at first refuses before finally giving them a piece, kavya thinks that she needs to help her mother even when Arjun exclaims she is really great, the students stop her when the terrorist suddenly enters the classroom mentioning he has very big lizards and cockroach in his bag so would throw them over her, kavya asks him to not look at her like this since she is not scared, he explains he would throw the lizards over them but first they must walk.

Preeta is insisting to just meet Kavya when the Luthra’s explains she must remain calm since they have heard that a new inspector is coming who is very experienced.

Shabir comes when the terrorist take the children to him, he is very glad to see that they have found them so asks where is Prithvi, Kavya keeps questioning where is her mother, a terrorist is about to slap her but Arjun rushes to hug her, shabir exclaims they have also got Arjun with Kavya. She after a while exclaims he must not cry since she is fine, Arjun exclaims even he is fine now that they both have met, Shabir tries to separate Arjun and Kavya which angers him so he starts beating Shabir, who after a while threatens Arjun, he is stunned to see Raja asking what is he doing here, Raja replies he came back to take revenge from Arjun since he really loves Kavya so now would see what he does to her, as he said he is good with those who are nice while evil with the wrong people. The terrorist hit Arjun in the head who gets unconscious, Shabir instructs his men to take the students away, while informing Prithvi they have done what he asked them to do.

Preeta requests Rishab to take her inside if he cares for her, Shristhi also decides to go with them when the inspector questions where they are going, Dadi starts feeling restless, so the inspector is forced to call the police.

Rishab along with Preeta and Shristhi are searching for the students in the school, calling Kavya when Shristhi wonders why the police did not use this path, Rishab replies he just cares to protect his daughter.

Sherlin calls Prithvi who is in the school, she exclaims he never answers the call at the important time, he answers the call when prithvi replies he would have answered if she called him, Sherlin replies she doesnot want to talk with him if he behaves so rudely with her. Prithvi exclaims she never understands he is in such a stressed situation as he is surrounded by terrorists while the police is standing outside. Prithvi explains he thought he would kidnap Kavya and demand a lot of money, but the terrorist came here, he feels they all are idiots but know nothing about it, he accepts that they know how to use weapons. Sherlin mentions he is unpredictable.

Rishab opens the classroom, but a terrorist comes out threatening Rishab to walk straight, Shristhi is shocked, so she hits the terrorist who falls unconscious, Shristhi explains she was feeling the urge to do some action but did not get the chance, Rishab suggests her to first handle the situation and save them both, they start dragging the terrorist.

Sherlin informs Prithvi that he is going to face and even big problem because Rishab, Preeta and Shristhi have left to enter the school and might have already entered, the call disconnects as the battery of her mobile ends, prithvi tries to call her but is not able to.

Rishab and Shristhi manage to take the terrorist to the corner, he stands asking where is Preeta, Shristhi explains she would have gone to save kavya, Rishab gets restless when Shristhi questions if he loves Preeta di, Rishab asks what sort of question is this as they have been married for so long so tend to care for each other, Rishab is not able to answer it and feels shy.

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