Kundali Bhagya 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi threatens Arjun in the Luthra Mansion

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Vishnu and Raja jump into the room, Prithvi before jumping warns them to not act otherwise he would jump on their heads, Sherlin instructs him to also jump since even she must come. Sherlin entering questions why are they not wearing the disguise as everyone would recognize him, Prithvi assures they have everything prepared and she informs she is going to wait for them in the car and if anything wrong happens they must come down, Raja assures their plan would not fail when Prithvi explains because this time they have not come to steal money but to beat Arjun. Sherlin replies she warned there is no need for the dialogue. Sherlin rushes back down when Vishnu praises her for being beautiful when Prithvi replies if he dares then should stay with her for five minutes and he only bears her since she is his wife.

Prithvi explains he feels there is a need for warning since if Arjun listens to him then there is no need to be violent but if Arjun argues then he would surely teach him a lesson.

Rishab is talking on the phone, Arjun coming questions if there is any problem when Rishab replies that Arjun has gotten close to them in such a short time, Arjun asks what happened when Rishab informs, he meant Arjun can say whatever anyone is feeling but did not mean anything wrong, Arjun mentions he doesnot know how to give a straight reply. Rishab asks if he got angry and Arjun is right since Prithvi ran from the jail and it doesnot mean he fears him but knows something might happen. Arjun mentions that Prithvi is dangerous and would have started plotting against the Luthra’s. Rishab replies that Arjun has known him for a little time and is saying this but he has known him for ages. Arjun assures he would surely teach Prithvi a good lesson this time as he is really angry seeing that Prithvi who is like a goat. Rishab getting shocked questions why did he say such a thing about Prithvi, Arjun questions if Rishab doesnot think he seems like a goat to which Rishab starts laughing, Arjun asks the reason so Rishab informs how Karan also used to call him with the same name, Arjun asks if he still remembers it when Rishab replies when did he forget it, informing Karan was like his baby and he can never forget him. He stays in his heart and mind; Rishab apologizes for being emotional. Arjun exclaims sometimes they donot forget something as its keeps chasing them, Rishab says he used a wrong word since Karan is his life and resides in his soul, so he can never forget Karan who is like half of his soul. Rishab replies if karan was here then Prithvi would not have dared enter this house and just torn Prithvi apart. Arjun recalls how he beat Prithvi a lot when he found out that he was behind sending Rishab to jail. Arjun assures after this party ends then he would surely take care of Prithvi. Rishab appreciates Arjun.

Arjun is walking when Rishab coming from behind requests Arjun to not do anything that would ruin the feelings of his family especially the Dadi of Preeta je since she loves him a lot and is even thinking about finding the suitable girl for him to marry so he should never hurt their feelings, he assures he is not saying this because they are his family, Arjun replies that relations are not one sided and he will never do anything wrong, Rishab warns to make him pay if he even thinks of doing anything wrong as he loves his family very much. Rishab seeks a promise to which Arjun agrees. Arjun assures after which they both hug each other.

Prithvi enters the party disguised as a waiter, he places the drink on the table while quickly taking the phone away with him.

Rishab and Arjun take a step back when Rakhi comes explaining she loves him the most, Arjun mentions she is right to say this and so Rishab kiss her, Arjun asks if he can also kiss her which she allows, Prithvi seeing Arjun immediately runs away.

Prithvi jumps into a room wondering where he came, he is joyed thinking this is the room of Preeta jee when he hears her in the bathroom so rushes to hide, Prithvi starts looking at her from behind the curtain exclaiming she must not check herself out as it is his duty, she closes the wardrobe before turning to walk away but immediately turns back to pick her mobile before leaving.

Prithvi comes out of hiding when he calls Arjun who is with Rakhi and Luthra, he leaves after getting a call. Arjun realizes it is Prithvi when he doesnot answer the call, Prithvi asks if Arjun got shocked but he assures it is nothing like that, Prithvi replies because he thought Prithvi would be in jail for a very long time as he managed to come out of jail in a single day. Arjun exclaims he is not impressed by small things when Prithvi questions if this is a small thing, Arjun replies Prithvi did not come out but run away, he tries to end the call. Prithvi threatens to do something which would hurt Arjun, demanding to meet him right now, Arjun replies he cannot come when Prithvi replies he knows Arjun is in the collaboration party at the Luthra mansion before informing he is also here in the room of Preeta je. Arjun leaves in anger so Anjali also follows him.

Prithvi standing exclaims now thigs would go according to his plan as he would come running to him, Arjun while running bumps into Preeta but he manages to hold onto her before she can fall, they both keep staring each other in the eyes while Preeta is stunned, she finally stands up pushing Arjun away, he is glad Prithvi is not around her, so this means she is safe. He advises her to be careful since he will not always safe her, Preeta turns to see Anjali standing but she then leaves after smiling.

Anjali walks to Arjun pulling him away into the room while being frustrated. Arjun questions what happened when she demands he should tell her what she should do and write in a notepad what Preeta has done to him, he inquires why she is so angry when Anjali replies she is seeing how he has started to fall in love with her once again. Arjun replies he did not fall in love but stops when Anjali demands he tell the truth, Arjun informs he has gotten engaged to her sister when Anjali replies she doesnot think he is like that but he must let it go. Arjun questions what has he done when Anjali replies she knows he got engaged to her sister but is still in love with Preeta and not able to control himself, Arjun asks how does she know him so well, she gets really irritated when Arjun assures she must not be worried for tonight mentioning this pen drive would ruin the image of Rishab Luthra and if his image is ruined it will also harm Preeta as she married his brother.

Arjun requests her to not be worried as he just wants to take his revenge but for now must handle Prithvi, Anjali replies she wishes she could tell him what he means to her because if he gets even a scratch, she feels the pain.
Arjun opening the door stops in anger, Prithvi exclaims he should come inside as they would surely welcome him when Arjun once again rushes to slap him but Prithvi replies that he allowed Arjun to always beat him but not today since he has come here to just give him a warning, Arjun questions what does he want to say, Prithvi explains he never wished to be like this but has been forced to because Arjun really made a mistake by sending him to jail on the charge of misbehaving with women which he can never think of since he only loves Preeta je, Arjun not being able to bear it punches Prithvi who falls on the bed.

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