Kundali Bhagya 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun and Prithvi get in an argument

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Prithvi Is hiding in the library, he thinks of how he tho0ught there would not be anyone here but why are there so many people here, the lights suddenly starts flickering when the peon comes explaining there is some problem in the circuit and it would take them half and hour to sort out this matter, Prithvi thinks god jee is also really supporting him which is why the lights started flickering so he can meet with Preeta in peace.

Arjun walking wonders why is not able to contact Prithvi, he sees Kavya talking with some of the students, Praumila sees Arjun so feels a little cautious as he is really handsome, Arjun sees her comes to inquire the whereabouts of Preeta, Kavya also rushes to greet him when he asks her about Preeta, Praumila reveals she went to the library as she needs some book, Arjun turns to leave when she introduces herself as the class teacher of Kavya, she requests her to let him go as then her mother would scold him, Arjun questions why is she talking like this, kavya replies that he was also scolded yesterday, Arjun at once gets shocked so asks how does she know about it when Kavya replies she knows everything as she is The Kavya Luthra, Praumila asks her to go back in the class as it has started, Arjun thanks her for telling him where is Preeta when she points towards the library, Praumila thinks Kavya is just like him and has not gotten any habits of Preeta, she exclaims that Arjun is a really nice name.
Prithvi comes out of hiding wondering where is Preeta, the lights suddenly stop flickering when he exclaims that Bhagwan jee should not make them flicker anymore because if they happen then Preeta jee might get scared and leave so he should not play any game with him, Prithvi hears someone coming so immediately hides, he sees Preeta jee standing in front of him and starts smiling.

Arjun while walking in the corridor asks the people about the library but even they donot know about it, he thinks he would not even let Prithvi think of Preeta, the peon informs him the library is at the end of the corridor but there is no light so he should go after half an hour. Arjun however runs which worries the peon.

Preeta is in the library when the lights start to flicker so she gets tensed, Prithvi exclaims she looks even more beautiful when she is scared. Preeta is relieved when the lights come back and starts searching for the books.

Prithvi slowly calls Preeta which worries her, so she tries to look but Prithvi manages to hide from her, he thinks she is not able to recognize his voice even when he is taking her name with so much love. The lights once again go out and Preeta starts getting tensed, but before Prithvi can call her he is pulled by someone.

Arjun throws Prithvi out in the corridor, he exclaims that he has lost his temper when Arjun warns to hit him more if even his one punch hits him, Prithvi manages to hit Arjun who in turn hits him harder, Prithvi explains that he did it in anger but why does Arjun not understand they both are friends as they have a common enemy but are going to become business partners so he should so some leniency, Arjun warns Prithvi to stay away from Preeta otherwise he would not let Prithvi go, he asks if Arjun also started falling in love with her but he can understand as anyone who comes with the desire of revenge ends up falling in love with her as that person was him, he knows Arjun also wishes to take revenge which is why he gave Raja and his men the money to kill Rishab. Arjun once again warns Prithvi to stay away from Preeta but he replies he cannot bear it anymore, so Arjun replies he doesnot even care to talk with him. Prithvi explains they both are about to become business partners but if Arjun doesnot agree then he also has a lot of secrets, Arjun orders him to leave but Prithvi replies if someone becomes his friend then he also takes care of them but on the contrary is more dangerous for his enemies, Arjun however manages to send him away, he turning notices Prithvi has dropped his mobile so picks it up but is stunned to see a teacher standing infront of him, Arjun immediately hands her the mobile requesting if she can give it to him, he tells his name is Prithvi Malhotra and also compliments her on how beautiful she is looking, the teacher takes the mobile in the washroom where she starts touching her makeup, she doesnot know that the mobile is recording.

Preeta in the library wonders who was calling her name as she is sure there is someone else beside her in here, Arjun also enters and sees that Preeta has started panicking so she is running in the library, Arjun staring at her thinks she was scared of ghosts but never had this problem where she is not able to breathe, Arjun throws the book on the other side when Preeta turns and then thinks if there is a ghost here, Arjun hearing this smiles thinking why did he not understand he can change her mind so easily, Preeta standing prays there should not be any ghost here so she would stand here and pray, Arjun goes to hide on the other side when Preeta exclaims maybe Bhagwan cannot see her which is why he is not helping here, Preeta wonders why is she being so stupid as Bhagwan jee can see anyone, Arjun then making a mike of paper exclaims he has come here since she called him, he explains he has send the ghosts away. Preeta sits beside the table questioning how does he know her name, Arjun replies he is the Bhagwan and has named everyone, Preeta questions then what is the name of her father, Arjun gets worried thinking he forgot his name so explains he doesnot take the name of their fathers, Preeta questions if this means he also keeps a fast for them, Preeta touches the person so Arjun starts screaming and she replies he is the one who was irritating her and she thought she was talking with Bhagwan, Preeta keeps blaming Arjun when he asks if she knows the way out of the library as he is the only one who knows it, Preeta replies that she would never follow him and tries to walk away, he once again scares her. Preeta thinks he knows the way out so she would slowly follow him but she is not able to keep a track of him, she wonders where did he go so quickly, she calls him hearing which Arjun picks some toys from the shelf. Preeta thinks she should have followed him when she is aware that she gets scared in the dark so should have scolded him after going out, Arjun standing thinks he still likes to tease her as he used to in the past, the bitter cord.

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