Kundali Bhagya 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Prithvi gets arrested from the school

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Preeta getting scared thinks she would fall unconscious after being dizzy as there was just one way to get out but she cannot find it, Preeta sitting down thinks she can actually not breathe properly, she calls anyone to come for her help as she is actually not aware of the way out, Arjun noticing Preeta is not standing rushes to stand behind her back, he thinks she is not even answering when he tried to talk with her so he tries to question what happened, she requests him to take her from the library as she cannot breathe properly. Preeta suddenly hugs him when he questions why she is behaving like this as she is a doctor, he questions if she failed hearing which Preeta suddenly starts looking at him., he asks if he has ever told her that she is really beautiful and when she wears these earrings then looks really good and the Bindi just adds more to her beauty. Preeta keeps staring at him not being able to say anything else, she is left stunned when after a while she falls unconscious soi he hugs her insisting that she wake up, he offers to take her outside.

Preeta calls Arjun from behind when he explains she must not apologize or thank him as she cannot do any of those, Preeta asks if he even knows that people say she is polite when Arjun questions if they lie to her face. Preeta asks why he talks as if they both are teenagers as she believes they are mature, he must know she is married and her husband is Rishab Luthra so she feels pride in her relation. Arjun replies she just keeps talking because this would matter if he was interested in marrying her but this would not have any importance and she is not her type. Preeta questions then why he talks with her in this manner, Arjun explains because she was having difficulty, so he just made sure she was able to come out without any problem, Preeta leaves after making weird face.

Prithvi is walking thinking he would teach Arjun what he is capable off once they both become partners, he tries to search for his phone yet doesnot find it, he thinks it might have fallen during the fight with Arjun, he stops a lady walking by when suddenly Arjun questions what is Prithvi doing here as he doesnot even have children, so this means he has come to take pictures of beautiful teachers, prithvi tries to explain himself but the teacher leaves so Prithvi warns arjun that it is enough, Arjun explains his relation with the Luthra’s is not the concern of Prithvi, he starts smiling when Arjun questions if he has gotten mad as he doesnot like Preeta and hates her.
Preeta entering the bathroom signals to the other women that her phone is placed here, she sees the lady leaving so wonders who does this phone belong to as even the recording is on, she sees another lady entering who has her phone, Preeta turns off the video when she realizes the phone belongs to prithvi, the lady explains she has seen this man standing outside the lady’s bathroom. Preeta explains he is a bad person so they should teach him a lesson.

Prithvi asks if he is mad when Arjun replies when he would tell him what he is capable off, Prithvi would surely be left amazed. Preeta points to Prithvi from the corner seeing which he wonders why is she so angry, Arjun explains that he has made preparations to send him to jail. Preeta coming pushes Prithvi questioning what this is, he exclaims this is her phone. The lady informs she has called the police, she blames that he has stooped to a level that is even lower. Arjun also blames him for being so cheap explaining he should not have done this, Prithvi blames Arjun for being the one behind it, Arjun however questions if Prithvi thinks he stole his phone and then planted it in the bathroom, Prithvi tries to clarify Arjun is trying to create misunderstandings between them, Preeta doesnot want to listen to him and then they all start beating prithvi, he after a while asks them to stop as even he can raise his hands, he clarifies he doesnot fight with ladies. Arjun questions why are they letting him speak so much and should tie his hands and face.

The inspector comes when Arjun asks Preeta to show them the video, Prithvi tries to clarify when Arjun questions if he understood what he is capable off so this is just a trailer and if h tries to do something else in the future then he would make a great plan for him. The inspector takes Prithvi with him explaining he has seen a lot of people like him.

The teacher praise Arjun for protecting the honor of the teachers, Preeta leaves after thanking Arjun for helping her in the library, he also follows her.

Rishab is walking when Anjali apologizes asking if he is feeling bad when Rishab replies he is not easily offended but he felt bad that his time was wasted, Anjali explains she was not able to reach Arjun on time. Rishab explains he has been doing business since a lot of time and doesnot rely on technology as there are failures, he informs his staff if there is any problem. Rishab pointing to Suresh explains even he knows how to come on time for the meetings as this is how business strategies work, Rishab mentions if Arjun comes then she should ask the reason after which if it is genuine then he would accept it, Anjali exclaims Arjun has made a big mistake as she got humiliated in front of Rishab, she feels Arjun must learn something from Rishab.

Shristhi is sitting with her team when they show her the designs but she is not convinced explaining that is not a private party but a corporate event so she need something subtle, Sameer comes to offer his help but Shristhi replies she cannot understand him, Mahesh also comes questioning what is the problem, Shristhi reveals Sameer believes she needs his help in planning the event, she explains she has invited the entire media team including even the social media team, Mahesh explains this is how the daughter in law of Luthra family should be but she must know that Sameer is her husband, she replies that she would have accepted his help but he said he has a team when she wants to clarify even she has a team, which includes Sonia, Rahul so asks Mahesh if she is right, he replies she can never be wrong.

Arjun is walking towards his car when Pramila signals him, she also informs the person on the call that she has seen a beautiful person who is standing in front of her.

Arjun hears Preeta talking with the driver when she asks if this is the car which always breaks down, she replies that he must never bring this car again to drop Kavya to school. Arjun questions Preeta if her car break down offering her a lift, she replies that Mumbai is not a new city for her, he replies he was just offering her a lift and is not interested in what she knows, he asks her to not show so much attitude. Preeta follows him, Arjun questions where she wants to go, Preeta explains she wants to go to her mother house. Arjun is glad as he was about to use that path.

Arjun greets the teachers who are wishing him when he also gives her a flying kiss, Preeta gets stunned questioning what was all this, he replies they like him and he knows it, Preeta questions what is in him to like, he replies he would tell if it is just one thing, hearing this Preeta gets confused.

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