Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun protects Preeta from the fire

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Shristhi remembers she has to go home since she asked Dadi and Janki aunti to prepare pastries and cakes, she must bring them. Shristhi rushes back towards her room as she forgot her purse, Sameer asks Mahesh why is she likes this since she always does useless things, Mahesh questions why does he keep doing such things, Sameer doesnot understand when Mahesh informs he must offer his help in a proper manner, Shristhi once again rushes by him when he offers to drop her but she says she can do everything by herself and would need his help only when there is no one else, Mahesh explains he is really lucky so doesnot deserve a person like Shristhi, Sameer replies even he is a nice person but Mahesh leaves taunting him when Sameer thinks he feels they all are doing this together.

Arjun looking at Preeta in the car asks what has happened, she replies it is nothing as she was just thinking about something, he asks her about it but she is not ready to tell him. Arjun starts driving the car fast which scares Preeta, so she requests him to drive a little slow as it is not safe, Arjun replies he doesnot want to answer the call as it is not important.

Anjali sitting in the car thinks Arjun has really embarrassed her in front of Rishab, as he is a really big name in the business industry and she knows they both are brothers, but Rishab is unaware of this truth, Arjun should have informed her if he was going to come to the meeting. Preeta once again asks him to answer the call, he replies it feels as if she is more eager to answer the call then him, he would surely answer it after a while. Preeta suddenly screams asking him to stop the car, he while trying to protect Preeta hits her in the head, Arjun realizing she is furious explains he was just trying to protect her, he asks why she asked him to stop the car. Preeta informs because she wants to go to the Mandir since it is in the way otherwise, she would have to come back, she is getting out of the car asks if he would not come with her, she leaves after covering her head with the saree while Arjun is just staring at her leaving, he starts smiling so gets out of the car.

Arjun once again gets a call from Anjali so questions what has happened, she replies she has been trying to call him so why is he not answering her call, he informs he is in a meeting in the business plaza so would talk to her later.

Anjali calls Rishab informing him that Arjun is busy in a meeting in the business plaza, Rishab ends the call thanking Anjali.

Preeta is walking with the thali in her hand while Arjun is also following her, Rishab gets out his car at the same time. Preeta rings the bell of the Mandir which forces Arjun to turn back towards her, he thinks why he does not feel she is happy with Rishab as he cannot see the love in her eyes.

Rishab also starts walking towards the Mandir meanwhile Preeta takes the blessing of the Pandit jee before fulfilling the ritual while Arjun is standing behind her.

Rishab is climbing the stairs but stumbles into a lady so helps her rest on the path, he even asks for some water for the lady.

Preeta is performing the ritual around the murti while Arjun is standing there quietly just staring at her, she starts praying when Arjun prays, she should get whatever she desires, Preeta prays that her Karan should always remain happy wherever he is, he thinks if he would also have to take the blessing in this way. Preeta while performing the pooja doesnot notice that her sarree has caught fire, Arjun suddenly rushes to help her while she gets worried so he tries his best to put out the fire throwing the water over it, he questions what is this behavior since she should have known that the Diya’s are always on fire so what if her saree caught fire, Preeta replies he should not argue since they are in the mandir, Arjun replies she is a thankless person. Preeta stumbles and is about to fall but is caught but Arjun while Rishab is also walking, he tries to see what is going on between them both, Arjun advises she should learn to thank him and must also learn a lot of other things, he leaves informing he is waiting for her In the car. Rishab also comes explaining he wants to perform a pooja for his younger brother that wherever he is, he should always remain happy.

Preeta looking at Arjun wearing his shoes wonders what she should think of him as he sometimes fights with her while the other times saves her, she smiles while looking at her but he leaves angrily. Preeta wonders why did Bhagwan jee made a person like Arjun.

Preeta sitting in the car closes the door hard, he suggests she must do it politely as they say one should also treat the car politely, Preeta replies this is the first time she has heard it so Arjun replies they even say one should treat other people politely but she doesnot know anything about it.

Shristhi sitting with Bi jee is informing her about the event which would happen tomorrow, Janki asks where is the butter when Shristhi explains it would be in the kitchen, Bi jee asks why did she all of a sudden feel like working, Shristhi explains if the event of tomorrow is successful then she would surely start her own event management company but they must not think she would do the work as it will be her staff. Janki coming asks her to answer the call since it is Sameer, Shristhi replies that she would not answer the call since she is angry with him and he doesnot know about it, Bi jee questions then how he would try to cheer her up, Shristhi reveals this way he would come and offer his help.

Bi jee once again asks her to answer the call, Shristhi instructs Janki aunti to pick it up when Sameer explains he is glad she answered it, Shristhi says it is Janki aunti who answered it when he suggests they would talk when he reaches back home, Janki aunti explains that he meant they would talk in the Luthra Mansion.

Prithvi is brought to the jail cell when he is constantly trying to tell something, the inspector allows them to open his mouth so he says that he did not do anything wrong and is being setup since this is the plan of Arjun, he did not even know that his phone was in the girls bathroom but the inspector replies this is what all the other criminals say, and they even threaten him. Prithvi explains he is not threatening but just wants to make a single phone call as it is his right, the other person with him starts advocating for Prithvi explaining they all have the right to the call and he should not beg for it, they have to under any circumstance allow him the call. Inspector explains his habit of advocacy has not ended; the person explains he is a lawyer by profession hearing which Prithvi is stunned.

Preeta asks if she can say anything but he replies there is no need so he would drive slow if she desires, she opens the door to get out when he stops her and then rushes over to help her come off, he prevents her from closing the door before showing her how it is done. Preeta leaves when he explains she should thank him as it is a really small word and she will feel nice, he reveals she must say it to him but Preeta replies she doesnot feel like it, he informs he can hear it from his tongue. Preeta leaves informing that she would say it sometime in the future, Arjun explains she has not changed and is still a fourth grade fail doctor. Preeta suddenly recalls her meeting with karan and how he used to call her by this name, she turns back in shock.

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