Kundali Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun complains about Preeta

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Preeta starts walking towards her house, arjun from behind explains she has not changed even a bit and is still the same fourth class fail doctor, Preeta suddenly starts recalling how Karan used to call her by this name. Preeta turning asks if he said something, but he replies she is the one who has to say thank you, Preeta offers him to come to her house so he can consider it as a thankyou gesture, Arjun exclaims he cannot come since he has a meeting so Preeta leaves, arjun hesitantly gets in the car.

Preeta entering the house hugs Bi jee, she sits at the table when Janki offers her water seeing which Shristhi starts making faces, Shristhi explains that whenever she comes to this house they never treat her like this, Bi jee explains she had done it all for her but Shristhi did not notice it, Preeta explains she should accept that both Bi jee and Janki love her more then Shristhi, she seeing the burnt sarree of Preeta asks how did it happen, she explains that it got burnt because of the Diya in the Mandir, she assures it is nothing like that. Preeta hears the knock on the door so goes to open it, she is stunned to see Arjun and asks what he is doing here, he replies he has to say something when Preeta tries to ask him but he pushing her enters the house.

Arjun greets Bi jee who is excited to see him and even Shristhi hugs Arjun, he questions if they donot ask their guests for tea, Janki replies they prepare the tea for the guests, so Preeta offers to make it for them, they all wish to drink it. Preeta enters the kitchen when Arjun is just staring at her, Bi jee after a while asks him to come and sit with them since it will take time for the tea to get ready. Shristhi tries to struggle with Arjun since she is standing in front of him, Arjun finally manages to sit while Shristhi also sits beside him. Bi jee thinks she does not have any shame as she forgets that she has been married to Sameer, Bi jee instructs her to go and help Preeta but Shristhi refuses explaining she would sit here and talk with Arjun.

Prithvi in the cell asks why the other person helped him, he replies that he feels like he has known Prithvi but cannot recall where they met, Prithvi replies it is not possible as he is a lawyer, but Prithvi has not used the lawyer till now. Prithvi gets excited to see Sherlin so calls her explaining how he was waiting for her and now that she has come everything would be fine, Sherlin starts twisting his hand and even threatens the lawyer when he tries to stop her, Prithvi explains it is really hurting so what did she do, Sherlin replies he cannot accept how Prithvi put his phone in women’s toilet, Prithvi asks how can she believe he would do anything of the sort, Sherlin replies she also went to the inspector who showed her the mobile which belongs to him, she is disgusted. Prithvi tries to explain he doesnot know how his phone got in the bathroom as Arjun stole his phone when they were fighting after which his phone was found in the toilet. Sherlin explains his life has become a hell after trusting him, he said that he doesnot love Preeta but then they found out he was roaming around her, she explains she has a lot of respect for women so he must stay here for what he has done, Prithvi starts shouting questioning why did she come if she was not ready to help him, Prithvi exclaims this constable is a bachelor, he turning to the lawyer explains he is really opportune to not be married. He asks Prithvi is Preeta is the same girl who got married to Rishab, Prithvi asks how he knows about that family when the lawyer replies therefore he was not able to remember where he has seen Prithvi.
Preeta brings the tea for them all and after serving asks Arjun the reason he came here, he asks who would he have to complain about Preeta, Arjun reveals he was the one who stopped her sarree from the fire, Preeta replies she was about to tell them, Arjun explains she doesnot even know they should thank someone when Preeta replies she did tell him but Arjun says Preeta said that it was not coming from inside of her.

Arjun after drinking tea asks why she put so less sugar in it, Bi jee asks Preeta to go and put sugar which Preeta takes to the kitchen, she thinks of a plan so instead of sugar puts slat in it as a revenge.

Preeta hands Arjun the tea when Arjun reveals he also dropped her to the house, Preeta replies that he himself offered to drop her, Arjun asks why she not thanked him as he showed her manners. Preeta informs she offered him to come and have tea when Arjun replies he only came to complain about her. Preeta says he should have tea which he says is good, Preeta replies that he is a wired person as she put salt in his tea, Arjun informs they have caught her actions. Bi jee starts scolding Preeta questioning why she do it when he helped her. Sameer suddenly enters the house greeting them all and is stunned seeing Arjun, he questions what is he doing here so Arjun informs he came to drop Preeta and stayed back to meet with Bi jee and the rest of the family.

Sameer asks why did Preeta Bhabhi not call him, Shristhi getting angry replies he is always ready to help everyone else but not her, Sameer informs this is why he came here when he stands to leave exclaiming he has a lot of contacts of the designers, Arjun hurts his head which worries everyone so they immediately rush to help him, Preeta even brings the turmeric milk for him which he refuses to drink, she then informs she would place the cold pack on his head so it doesnot hurt him anymore, Arjun starts recalling the moments spent with her and suddenly holds her hand before leaving the house, Bi jee questions Preeta if she said anything to him which she refuses.

Arjun driving the car is smiling recalling how he feels delighted while being with Preeta but then he thinks of the night when he was thrown in the dam, but now she is married to Rishab. Arjun thinks his heart always wants to go to Preeta but now he would not go near Preeta since she doesnot have any feelings for him, Arjun thinks he should stay away from her because if this continues then he would reveal the truth that he is Karan, until his revenge is complete, he cannot tell the truth about his identity. Preeta is also worried in the kitchen while Arjun gets in the car to drive away, they both seem tensed.

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