Kundali Bhagya 27th October 2022 Written Episode Update: The Terrorists once again make everyone hostage in the school

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Sameer(terrorist) is worried when his companion questions why are they working with Prithvi since he seems to be a mental person, Sameer replies but he feels that he has a lot of mind so is a clever person, they wonder where did Prithvi go when he jumps in front of them with a mask on his face, which worries them all who ask what is he planning when Prithvi explains he feels they should all go to a learning school as today the media personal can zoom on their face from miles away, Sameer along with his men explains everyone has already seen their face so it is nothing to be worried about, Prithvi replies he would still cover his face, one of them drops a gun which angers Prithvi who mentions he had asked them to not make any noise.

Preeta hears someone coming so informs them all to remain quiet, Prithvi once again scolds the terrorists and they are about to walk away of the classroom when one of the students accidentally drops the marbles which rush under the door and out informing the terrorists regarding the location, Prithvi signals the terrorists to go inside but the door is closed however prithvi mentions they can use the next door, so the terrorist manage to reach the students along with Preeta and the teachers. Prithvi is stunned to see that Arjun has been captured so thinks this is what he deserves as had they both become partners he would have surely stood by his side and not against him.

The terrorist force all the students to step out of their hiding, Sameer exclaims Kavya managed to play games with him however he is now going to teach her a lesson, Prithvi is stunned to see Preeta who immediately stands in front of Kavya requesting that they should not harm any students. Prithvi exclaims Preeta is still brave and he doesnot want to say anything as this is how he likes her.

Preeta requests that they all have guns but the children have not done anything wrong so they should let them leave but the terrorist instructs his men to tie their hands, kavya is still hiding behind Preeta and is scared. The terrorists manage to tie everyone after forcing time to stand in a line. Arjun is also brought into the room when he is shocked to see the students, Arjun stands beside Preeta while Kavya informs his friends that he is the superhero whom she was talking about so asks Arjun to beat them all when he replies they must remain standing since they have guns.

Preeta asks how he was caught when Arjun replies this was his planning, Preeta doesnot believe him saying that this is what everyone says when they donot have a plan, Arjun assures kavya they would surely run away, Prithvi getting angry picks up a gun mentioning they all must stop talking since he is otherwise going to make them national news, Arjun calls Prithvi who immediately responds, Preeta is stunned hearing this.

Sherlin questions the reporters what they want as she did not come here to show off but cares for Rishab when the reporters ask what her concern is as she herself wants him to get arrested but is now defending him, Sherlin reveals she was his wife.

Shristhi questions Karina bua why does she not say anything when it is needed, Karina tries to argue with her but Shristhi explains she is going to respond as some people need to be taught a lesson when it is the right time, Sherlin explains she is just saying this because she cares for Rishab jee and even this family even when they donot want to accept it, Shristhi rushing forces the reporters to run away questioning what is she saying, as if she was such a nice person then would have mended her ways but she did not change, Sherlin also asks the Luthra family what is their problem because she cannot understand what has Preeta and Shristhi done to them, she really cares for Rishab jee. Karina questions what she has to say about Prithvi, Sherlin gets tensed.

Prithvi turning asks the person if his name is Prithvi as he doesnot what is Arjun saying, there is no one here by this name, he mentions Prithvi would be special to Arjun as either he really loves him or hates the person because he is thinking of Prithvi even in this situation. Arjun asks why he is wearing a mask when everyone else is without it, is he also a coward like Prithvi, he gets furious which scares the children. Prithvi mentions he liked the name, but Arjun must not insult him, Arjun replies he is really wired person, but it seems he came from Goa, Prithvi warns him to not insult when Arjun forces him to remove the mask, Prithvi pushes Arjun who falls so he replies he has gotten really angry. Preeta questions why is he fighting as they do not have any problem with him, Prithvi questions what relation do they both have with each other when according to his knowledge their families are sworn enemies.

Karina questions why Sherlin has not answered her question because when she was the daughter in law of their house, she had an affair with prithvi who was the husband of Kritika. Sherlin replies they still do not care about her but only worry of Preeta, she is sure they are under an influence because they cannot see the truth, Sherlin tries to talk with Rakhi who warns her to not sya another word against Preeta informing she considers Preeta as her daughter and knows she was always honest, she is glad Rishab went inside the school to protect kavya as he is a father but Sherlin once again tried to ruin it all by informing the police. Dadi replies they all also love Kavya a lot and can do anything for her sake. Sameer questions why Sherlin is talking nonsense as she needs to leave, Shristhi asks if this was all mentioning he talks a lot in useless situations but now is staying quiet, Sameer replies he thought she would get quiet but Sherlin is not able to calm herself.

Rishab comes with the police when Sherlin thinks she still cares a lot for Rishab and feels she is the only one who has the right over him.

Arjun asks how he knows their families have a quarrel but Prithvi exclaims he is really getting angry, Preeta asks why is he arguing with the terrorists as they might kill them, Arjun informs kavya there is no need to be scared from the terrorists as they are bad people, he hugs her so Prithvi asks what is this behavior as he is hugging the daughter of Rishab. Arjun questions what this matter as the only reason is he is quiet is because of children threatening if he comes out on the filed then he would surely break all of his teeth. Prithvi questions what sort of language this is, arjun mentions it depends who is standing in front of him as now he can think of only the bearded goat Prithvi angrily questions what did he say and what is his identity, Arjun replies he knew everything moments ago but is now asking for his identity. Prithvi angrily starts thrashing the classroom, he instructs them to take everyone out in the main area while he himself is standing.

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