Kundali Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun vows to take revenge from Rishab and Preeta

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Preeta replies she doesnot want to talk about Karan with him, as the moments spent with him is amongst the both of them, Arjun questions why is it just between them both while the rest of the family shares everything with him, Preeta replies she doesnot care if they talk about Karan but she cannot share anything, she tries to mentions what Karan meant to him but is not able to say anything, Preeta while thinking about all the moments spent with him suddenly tries to calm herself so closes her eyes trying her best to not cry, she is constantly thinking about much fun her life was with Karan. Arjun seeing her weeping offers a napkin which she takes to wipe of the tears. Arjun questions why is she crying, asking if she felt bad about anything or did she do something wrong with karan which she must not have done, Preeta questions what is he not understanding when she said she doesnot want to talk about karan with him, Arjun tries to ask the reason but Preeta is adamant. Arjun exclaims that she used to love him so why can they not talk. Preeta replies she can talk with anyone but not him, Arjun once again tries to ask about the reason, but Preeta replies this doesnot concern him so turns to leave. Arjun says she did not love him, he is walking over to her mentions she never loved him. Preeta replies karan knew the love she had for him. Arjun mentions that if she loved him so much but just when he died, she married someone else, so he was just curious. Preeta replies she would not tell the truth about her life to anyone. Arjun in frustration thinks that she fears her truth might come out in front of everyone, because Rishab and her were waiting for the right moment. She never loved him like he did and he would surely make them remember what they both did, he has planned something in this party after which they both would not be able to live peacefully.

Sameer while walking stops Shristhi but she is urgently leaving when he questions what the reason is as he is her husband, Shristhi mentions that she can not hide anything from him explaining that she just found out Arjun likes her, Sameer questions if he has got mad since does, he not know they both are married. Shristhi replies that he might be getting jealous but Sameer exclaims this joke is already old so it would not work on him. Shristhi seeing Arjun walking over to the bar mentions that Preeta informed her he likes her, so she also wants to talk with him. Arjun replies that Preeta would have surely advised her to stay away from him. Arjun exclaims that if this is the case then why is she still talking to him, Shristhi replies because she gets good vibes from him because of how much respect he gives to the entire family, and she feels safe when he is around them. Arjun recalling how he planned to reveal a pen drive to show the truth about Rishab as he was also called to the court for the murder of karan. Arjun requests her to not trust him so much, Shristhi replies they donot trust anyone by their own will but get a feeling. Arjun agrees with her. He clarifies that he was just teasing Preeta when Shristhi replies even she is teasing her husband Sameer as he got really jealous when she told him that Arjun likes her, she never gets any chance to make him feel jealous but is now feeling really good. Shristhi notices how Sameer is looking at them informs Arjun. Sameer is not able to bear it so comes to them both asking Arjun if they can leave for the press conference, Arjun informs Shristhi they would call Sameer as Mr J.

Preeta rushes into the room and closing the door behind her, she starts weeping thinking why does she keep recalling about him even when she hates him a lot, she just feels close to Karan whenever he is around them so what is the reason. Preeta thinks it is not right as she doesnot have any relation with him so must think about him.

The reporters questions Mahesh how is he feeling about this collaboration. Mahesh replies he is proud of his son Rishab and Arjun, the reporter’s question if he meant Arjun Soorvyanshi. Mahesh replies Rishab just met him a few days ago but Arjun has managed to make them all feel like a family and is a nice person. Rakhi coming also informs she believes he is like her son and the reporters should not think that Arjun has just invested in their business because he is now a part of their family. The reporters question how they have heard Arjun had a business rivalry with the Luthra’s. Rishab questions how they can think of such a question. Arjun coming explains they can all think whatever they feel because the idiom is suited for their relation that the enemies should be kept close. Rishab replies he is not their enemy so must not talk like this. Arjun questions if this was a top secret, he thinks his heart knows Rishab is his biggest enemy who ruined his life. Rishab assures it was just a joke as Arjun is like his brother and has something else in his heart while says something else. Rishab then whispers to Arjun to not talk in front of the media since they would just create a scene about the matter. Arjun warns him to not talk like his brother, questioning if he can trust Rishab, he replies with all his heart. Arjun mentions Karan used to trust him but then what happened. The entire Luthra family is shocked.

Shristhi coming questions what is going on here since they have the entire party for the questions but must not think of this party as a boring corporate party and the parents of Rishab Luthra would perform. Shristhi requests them to refuse as she must make this party a memorable one, Shristhi turning to Mahesh explains she knows he is the young and energetic person who doesnot seem old, Mahesh mentions they should take out this line. Shristhi assures she would take it out as she likes his salt and pepper look so must romance with Rakhi mom. Mahesh pulls Rakhi with him.

Shristhi calls for the attention informing they must clap for Mahesh papa and Rakhi mom since they are going to perform, they all clap for them. Janki mentions how they both have a lot of love amongst them, and she feels life should be like them, Bi jee also prays they should not have the effects of anyone’s evil eye.

Mahesh and Rakhi start their performance which everyone is enjoying, Arjun while standing is just staring at Preeta, he starts dreaming as if he was dancing with her and she was really enjoying his company. They both managed to give a mesmerizing performance, Arjun suddenly regains consciousness when the performance ends. Preeta and Shristhi rush to hug them both when Shristhi notices how he is looking angrily at them, Rishab is not able to understand the call so leaves. Arjun wonders why he is still not able to control his emotions and has feelings for Preeta.

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