Kundali Bhagya 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Arjun refuses to give Prithvi the money

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Prithvi mentions he is a bad person and wrongs others but can never harms the reputation of any girl only because he loves Preeta je, Arjun getting angry punches Prithvi warning to not take her name with his mouth, Prithvi replies he would surely take it but this is his last warning to Arjun as even he can raise his hand, Prithvi asks what is his problem and relation with Preeta since he is the enemy of the Luthra and why does he get effected as he has always hit him whenever he took her name, Arjun warns him to leave and never return, Prithvi asks what is his problem since he is in the room of Preeta. So what is Arjun doing here she is the wife of Rishab, Arjun pushing him on the bed questions what does he care, Prithvi exclaims he cannot tell him but would surely come to the reason, Prithvi demands money from Arjun otherwise he would make him suffer, Arjun with a smile asks if he would take revenge to which Prithvi asks if he thought he can beat Prithvi at any time because if he wrongs him then would suffer the same since he will surely make the life of Arjun a living hell, Arjun replies he is not scared of the threats of Prithvi so he can do whatever he desires Prithvi tries to walk out of the room but Anjali coming in front of him hits him in the head with a bat so Prithvi gets unconscious, Arjun asks what was the need she hit him when Anjali replies she helped him but even then he is asking such questions as they need to take him to the trunk of the car, Prithvi informs Anjali this is a big mistake when she replies that he is their enemy, Arjun questions what has gotten into her since she is always so furious and reckless, Anjali exclaims she has taken some of his habits as he behaves like this, she warns what would Prithvi tell everyone about him when Arjun assures Prithvi doensot know anything, Anjali replies that Prithvi knows what he has done with Rishab, Arjun assures he can handle Prithvi but Anjali demands he should come with her since she feels the karan is about to wake up.

Shristhi is watching the trailer of a movie when Rakhi comes questioning what is she watching, Shristhi also shows her the trailer after which Rakhi exclaims it is a really interesting story about the relation of a father withy his children, Shristhi suggests they should also watch this movie as it is like their family when Rakhi suggests she must book the tickets for this movie, Rakhi inquires when it would release so Shristhi replies if they wait for it to release then will never get the booking, Shristhi reveals it would release on the fifth of October and also says that if she can book the tickets for them both, Rakhi replies they should watch the movie with the entire family.

Raja asks Vishnu to go and check where is Prithvi, Vishnu replies he asked them to stay here in the hiding when Vishnu replies he knows Prithvi is a really clever person and Raja replies Vishnu feels everyone is clever as his men first thought the same about Arjun but now Prithvi however the most clever among them is Rishab who speaks little but is never wrong, Vishnu replies that the eyes of Prithvi are filled with fire, Raja replies he thinks Arjun is a dangerous person and is really different. They are shocked to notice someone is watching them, Sameer enters asking why they stopped talking as he heard everything they were talking about.

Arjun and Anjali enter, when she advises him to not be so tensed as then everyone might notice it,Arjun questions if she was an inspector in her previous life as she notices everything when Anjali thinks that there are a lot of people who can conspire, she staring at Rishab mentions people know how to stab them in the back when Arjun exclaims she must see what happens tonight because they would surely teach them a lesson.

Rishab comes to Mahesh explaining the deal was able to finalize when Arjun asks why are they so happy to which Rishab explains he got in a deal of a heritage site a few days ago but it was not able to finalize since the Raja fell ill so now his son has informed that the Raja wants to have a meeting before he leaves the city, Arjun thinks that he came back to India for this deal when he got in the accident and then regained his memory along with the trail of his deception. Rishab questions where did he get lost inquiring if he will not congratulate him, Arjun replies he doesn’t congratulate anyone before the deal is finalized, Rishab replies he wishes the deal get finalized this time when Arjun wishes him all the best, Rakhi comes asking Arjun what is he doing here since she wants to take him somewhere, Mahesh informs Rakhi only sees Arjun these days.

Sameer asks what is going on, Raja informs that he saw Arjun hitting his staff in the office, Vishnu replies that he saw Arjun was scolding his employees during the get together, Sameer doesn’t believe when Vishnu replies he even slapped him. Sameer says he cannot believe it as Arjun would have only done it if the employee would have made a mistake, Raja advises him to not trust everyone when Sameer questions what are they doing here, Raja replies they came here to change the clothes since the bathroom was occupied, Sameer inquires where are the clothes that they changed, they both inform they placed them under their clothes.

Sherlin sitting in the car is irritated with the beard, she wonders why did they not call her as she wanted him to keep her informed, she decides to call Prithvi only to realize his phone is with the police when she hides hearing the horn so calls Raja.

Raja and Vishnu enter the party when Sherlin calls him, he replies that everything is working according to plan but they are not able to find Prithvi, she gets tensed thinking this is what she was afraid off as he would have went to talk with Arjun then got in trouble. She assures of coming inside.

Rakhi pulls Arjun to the room explaining she has a surprise for him, she asks if he remembers that she said she would cook for him at Ganesh but was not able to do it, he asks she can fill the promise today. Rakhi is stunned questioning how he knew she was asking him to come and eat when he replies becuase this what mothers do, she opens the dishes and then he exclaims this is the favorite food. Rakhi serves the dishes for him which he starts eating seeing which Rakhi has tears in her eyes Arjun noticing it also gives her a bite. Rakhi is constantly thinking about Karan and thinks of him as her own son, Arjun also has tears filled in his eyes as they both sit together.

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