Kundali Bhagya 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Preeta questions Arjun about the incident

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Rakhi explains she gets emotional after seeing him because she somehow sees her Karan in him but why does he get emotional seeing her, Arjun replies that she sees her son and he also sees his mother in her, Rakhi immediately starts crying when she taking his hand starts kissing it, she inquires if he liked the food when Arjun replies it was delicious, Rakhi informs ever since he came into their lives one of her problem has ended, she doesnot worry about Rishab because now she feels he got a brother who is not alone so is really safe since Arjun is with him, he thinks about the pen drive which contains about all of his previous cases, Rakhi replies she used to think how Rishab would be able to handle such a big business but is relieved, Arjun not being able to bear it leaves, Rakhi gets worried questioning if the food was spicy, she thinks she forgot to bring the water and it is her mistake. Arjun goes to the balcony, thinking how Rakhi was worried about Rishab and she thinks he got a brother because of Arjun.

Anjali comes to the balcony, she notices Arjun is standing there so walks up to him when he wipes off his tears, Arjun explains today the heart of his brother Rishab would be broken and just when it happens the entire Luthra family would start hating him, he wonders how he would be able to bear it. Arjun explains his mother doesnot know he is her son but even then was feeding him with his own hands, Anjali explains she will not stop him if he wants to back out from his renege but just wants to explain that he is emotional right now, and the Luthra family would get effected but he must think what will happen to them when they find out the truth about Rishab as how he tried to kill the brother he loved.

Anjali explains he must think of everything as the signal from Bhagwan as how is it possible that he was there at the exact moment her sister went to that river, she reveals this is called Karma and he must not back out from this fight since the enemy is also his brother, he should take this war to the very end because this is the only way forward. She knows it is difficult for him but they say everything is fair in love and war. Arjun turning mentions she is right so he would not step away and fight, there is a reason he is alive so he would surely exact his revenge, Arjun thanks Anjali for always standing beside him every time he felt like giving up, Anjali leaves explaining he must remain strong.

Karina is talking with Dadi when Anjali reaches the party, she notices Mahesh standing with the rest of the family so thinks they all seem nice, she also looks at both Rishab and Preeta thinking they both seem like a perfect couple, and she might feel like stopping Arjun but they both are just wearing a disguise.

Arjun coms to Anjali when Rakhi suddenly holds his ear, he questions what happened when she replies she was waiting for him for so long but he just left, Arjun suddenly hugs Rakhi after which she asks if everything is fine when he assures nothing is wrong.

The entire crowd is stunned hearing the song, Shristhi, and Sameer both take the stage to dance, everyone starts cheering for them both and are not able to take their eyes as Shristhi starts the dance. Sameer also enjoys himself while being with his wife. Shristhi suddenly gets angry but as Sameer turns she apologizes so they both start their performance on a romantic song, Rakhi even sends both Preeta and Rishab seeing which Arjun is not able to control himself, he therefor walks on the stage with Anjali but is still just staring at Preeta, he is finally not able to control himself so walks to Preeta which stuns everyone, Rishab questions what has happened, Anjali rushes to them apologizing to arjun, she clarifies how he requested her to tell Preeta that her dress is getting stuck in the feet. Arjun then places the hand of Preeta on that of Rishab after which the once again continue the dance. Preeta and Arjun finally start the dance after the shuffle when she feels really tensed with the performance but is forced to keep smiling as Arjun is just staring at her, Preeta suddenly ends the performance after which they all stand to clap for them.

Shristhi informs that now is the time to show them the video of the collaboration, and all the projects would be displayed on the projector followed by the interviews. Shristhi instructs Ganesh to go and prepare them.

Anjali and Arjun reach the room when Anjali asks him to quickly hand her the pen drive, but he is just standing there not saying anything, Anjali requests him to be attentive as she needs it right now, he is lost somewhere and then starts checking his pockets. Anjali questions if he has lost the pen drive but then Arjun takes it out from his pocket, Anjali causes it to fall on the ground so kneels to pick it.

Arjun sees Preeta when she has hurt herself from the flowers, he immediately going to her questions why she not watches where she is going, Preeta assures it is just a scratch from the flowers and there is no need for any sort of treatment, but he pulls her to the room inquiring about the first aid box, Preeta explains it is on the other side drawer. Arjun asks her what he should do first, she with a smile informs they must first clean it and then apply the ointment. Preeta replies she doesnot need his care to which Arjun mentions he would help anyone who is hurt in front of him so if she doesnot want him to help her then should stop injuring herself. He is standing up mentions she can either thank him for his help or apologize for her behavior, he explains he is waiting to mention he never saw a girl like her. Arjun replies she was not able to apologize him even before and got ill just like in twenty nineteen when Preeta thinks that she was with karan at that time, Arjun turns to leave explaining she needs to control herself sine she is the strong member of the Luthra family, Preeta stops him.

Prithvi waking up thinks he is in the trunk of a car, he vows to teach both Arjun and Anjali a lesson so prays to Bhagwan when Sherlin walks past the car, she notices it is moving but there is no one inside it. Sherlin runs away thinking it is a ghost when Prithvi exclaims it is him in the car.

Preeta asks how he knows she got ill after the attack, he is stunned when Preeta angrily asks him so Arjun questions if Karan knew about it, Preeta replies that only both of them knew about it but she wants to know how did he get to know about that incident, she inquires what is his truth and who he is actually, Arjun turns to stare at Preeta.

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