Love is deep, not blind – Part 1

This is my first article, so I want a support and love from all of you. Let’s start..

On a long straight  empty road of Moga, a car is moving fast like a cloud. Inside a car Virk family is happy and elated after a memorable marriage of our lovable couple fatejo. Suddenly a happy face of everyone is turn into a shocking face like a earth is stop rotating. All of sudden a big blast and a group of sound.

After 16 years, in a field with a lot of people is surrounded by a man with a dashing look is fight with another man. His face is not shown and a surrounding people are cheering the man called ekam, the fighter. Atlast ekam defeated his opponent. And suddenly that defeated man point a gun at ekam.the people are running and shouting.

The boy place his hand to the trigger and try to press it. And that movement we can see that someone is running towards both of them.but we can’t see that face clearly. Exam is seem to be fearless, but except him all the people around him is shivering in fear and shouting to stop and try to protect ekam. And that time that gun man recall a few lines of events happen before their fight.

What happen to ekam? Is he alive or not.

Who is the person running towards them?

What make the gun man and ekam to fight?

        Let’s think to get a answer before my next part. I hope you all like my first fan fiction. Keep supporting me. It’s me, your mofi.

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