Love is deep, not blind – Part 2

Few hours before the fight.a big  randhawa bungalow is shown, a middle aged women is shown , she is renuka randhawa  and she is preparing a sweets and packing some gifts for evening welcome party.while doing a packing of gifts, a young of 22 years girl ,mallika is calling that women as mom and said that,’i want you to help me to select a dress for me’. and then a 25  years old,ekam is hit mallika’s head and said that it was just a welcome party not your marriage,so go and get any dress which you like.

And then they started fighting and shouting. their shouting is remain silent when someone call the name, renuka. a middle aged man with a strict look is shown and he is jaiveer randhawa, ekam and mallika’s father. after then he asking renuka to bring a coffee. after she is going to get a coffee, that strict man is looking angry with their son and daughter. after a few seconds,his angry face is turning into a smilling face and give them a cover of money to get a gift for nehmat.

yes its nehmat. after his family’s death, she moved to chandigarh with her simran aunty and buzo uncle. after 16 years, she visited the moga for the first time. because of her  uncle dilraj  marriage is going to held it on one week. after that she decide to leave moga and go back to chandigarh. mallika is nehmat best friend from childhood till now. After they recieve a money from his father, mallika went to get ready and his father is also leave the place to drink a coffee.after they both leave the place ,ekam is very happy for nehmat’s return because he likes nehmat alot since childhood and nehmat doesn’t know about it . And in this 16 years ekam miss nehmat alot and their fighting too. in this 16 years, he talked  to nehmat through the phone only,while mallika talk to nehmat.

while he is recollecting his memories with nehmat since childhood. mallika  come and  get ekam back into his sense. and then they both leave for market to buy a gift for nehmat. on the way to market. some mens are try to kidnap the childrens and both of them see that, ekam is a police officer [IPS] and  he fight with the goons and  save the childrens . after saving the children, he chase the goons. while chasing they reach the field and then at present,ekam is at gun point. mallika is started to shout at the gun man to drop his gun. but the gun man can’t drop his gun. then someone is running near the gun man and ekam. but before he reach the gun man. he start to press the trigger and then  the place and the surrounding people is stand like a freeze when they hear the gun sound….. mallika shouted bhai……

is the gun man shot the ekam or the unknown person?

who is the unknown person?why he try to help ekam?

is ekam able to see his childhood love nehmat ever after that?

i hope you all like the story and the next part is posted very soon ,but before that just try to guess the answer for my question and tell your opinion about my story. thank you…

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