Love is deep, not blind – Part 3

hai everyone, here your next part.

After mallika shouted bha…, that place is freezed and then mallika slowly open her eyes with fear and nervous. Just then she noticed that, the gun man is shoted and fell down.  in that one  moment, that unknown man push that gun man down from back and the gun fell down and ekam get that gun and shot that gun man. after saw that mallika run and hug her brother, ekam. then both of them look for the unknown man but that man is already left the place.

then police arrived there and  then both ekam and mallika leave the place. At evening, both ekam and his family arrive the welcome party of nehmat. ekam eyes only search his nehmat,but he couldn’t find his nehmat. then they are welcomed by sandhus. on that moment one young girl is shown,her face is like a shinning star and she is waering a traditional outfit and holding a plate of juice, it is none  other than our naaz, nehmat sister.

She give a glass of juice to everyone, but mallika doesn’t take a juice and avoid her. since childhood, there are not in the good terms. then many guest is arriving for the party. just then a car is arrive for a venue, a dashing man is get out from the car. every girls around him are flattered by his good looks.      after him, sirman aunty and buzo uncle is get out from the car  and introduced him as their  second son, rahul. everyone is busy with them except mallika and ekam. both are only searching nehmat and they doesn’t see the  rahul. then everyone asking simran about nehmat. she said that nehmat is not come with us,  after hearing this, ekam feel sad. then the party is look dull without nehamt. everyone is waiting for her arrival. rahul said he goes to check the whereabouts of nehmat and leaves the place. after half an hour, rahul’s car is come to the venue and get out of the car with a sad face. after seeing his face everyone feels that nehmat is not going to come here and get sad….

is nehamt can come back after his dark past in moga?

is that rahul is the oppoent for ekam?

who is the unknown person,who save ekam?

thank you, let’s see all of you in may next part. hope you all like my story.

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