Love is deep, not blind – Part 4

Hello everyone, here your next part with alot of emotions  and happiness…. let’s go

just then the car  arrive, everyone expecting of nehamt arrival but rahul get out of the car. after seeing him, everyone’s face is become dull and sad. at that moment, someone said”i am back”. after hearing that everyone turn their faces to  the direction, where the voice come from that direction, a beautiful young 22 years girl is coming there, here face is glowing with a happiness and his hair is flying to her face because of air. everyone is waiting to see her face. after then ,she try to correct her hair and then slowing her face is seen, it’s none other than our  nehmat.

      after seeing her, everyone in sandhus felt emotional, mallika is overhelmed and shouted nehmat and hug her. ekam is speechless after seeing his nehmat and adoring her beauty. meanwhile, sandhus shows there affection to nehmat and feed a lot of sweets and give a lot of gift to her. after them,naaz come close to nehmat and said “i missed you, in  this passing years,i felt alone without you”. while saying that both the sisters felt emotional and hug each other. naaz give a gift of photo of virks along with nehmat

after saw that photo and smile with little emotional and and said ‘ love you to naaz’. in other side, ekam stand alone and little nervous about how to talk to nehmat and said to himself that” be brave ekam, this is the best chance for you to talk to nehmat” and try to  be confident. meanwhile, rahul come to nehmat and said “is this the same nehmat  that i know for many years”. after hearing that nehmat punch his stomach and said “shut up”.

rahul: no i am serious that how could you change so much all of sudden.

nehmat: no buddy, i felt that i got something which i never got in my past.

rahul: okay leave that and answer to my question first

nehamt: what?

rahul: are you sure about to leave moga ?

nehmat: yes. i don’t want anyone to know about my return to chandigarh after the marriage. do you get my point.

rahul: don’t worry buddy, i don’t make anyone to know our secret.

after that, nehmat turn to leave. she see someone is standing there and  hear everything they spoke  and get shocked…

who is the person stand behind nehmat and hear everything?

is  nehmat can leave moga after the marriage?

ekam can  reveal his love to  nehmat  before nehmat leave?

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