Love is deep, not blind – Part 7

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ekam while searching  his nehmat, a large sound of bangles and laughing is hear and then ekam seen the direction where the sound is come from. in that direction a group of girls is coming but nehmat is not seen there. then ekam feels sad and try to turn suddenly from that girls, a girl with a red shalwar with golden colour shawl is shown from backside

everyone’s eyes is looking into that girl and the girl is turn

and its our nehmat. everyone praising nehmat and ekam  is mesmerizing by nehmat beauty.

rupi says loudly to everyone that sangeet ceremony starts and girls are garthered on one place and some girls are playing the music and some of relatives are dancing through that music. nehmat and mallika are talking on the other side of the house.

mallika : why did you get my brother’s number? and did you talk to him?

nehmat : no, i just ….. for safety.

malika : safety… what you mean?

nehmat : yes for safety, your brother is a police officer so i just thought that to have his number.

mallika : ohh.. really with a sweet smile

their talk is complete when naaz intervene and ask them to have a mehandi and pull them to the mehandi side. ekam see that naaz pull nehmat there and she sit infront of him.nehmat happily talk to mallika and naaz with a cute smile.ekam watch the every movement of nehmat

his happiness is changed when rahul is come there and tease with nehmat. ekam is very angry to see the closeness of rahul and nehmat. naaz is smile seeing rahul. when everyone is busy with the sangeet, naaz get aside alone and call someone and said ” everything is  going according to our plan so get ready for the next step and start the next plan when my call is came” and then she cut the call and said welcome nehmat and your smilling is very soon be gone get ready for that with a angered face.;

what is the plan naaz planed for nehmat?

whom naaz talked with ?

is naaz plan to harm nehmat and for what ?

thank you for your support guys and keep supporting me ….

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