Main Hoon Aparajita 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Disha plans to teach a lesson to Mohini

Main Hoon Aparajita 15th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Asha asks Disha if Akshay can throw us out of our house? Chhavi says papa can’t do that, Mohini must be forcing him to do this. Disha shouts he is not a baby, he can’t be forced to do all this, he is doing this because he wants this house. Aparajita comes there and asks her to calm down, no one can throw us out of our house. Let’s do something to cheer you up. She asks Asha to bring a sheet, she asks Disha to tear the cloth and take out her anger. Disha tears it in anger. Aparajita says you are still angry? You can tear more clothes. Disha does that. Aparajita gives her more clothes and asks her to tear them all together. Disha tries but can’t. Aparajita says you couldn’t tear it because the clothes were together now. Same way if we are all together then we don’t need to be worried about anyone else. All her daughters hug her. Aparajita says everything will be fine.

In the morning, Dadi starts the pooja. Akshay and Mohini arrive there. Aparajita is putting an idol in the mandir when Mohini comes there and holds it with her. Aparajita looks on. The pooja starts. Mohini says it’s my right to put the idol in the mandir. Akshay says you are Singh’s daughter-in-law in a real sense so you have a right. Aparajita says I do aarti alone every year but we can do it together this year. They both do it together. Akshay holds Mohini’s hand to do it. Aparajita’s daughters do aarti with her. Aparajita puts the kalash in the mandir. The neighbors gossip about them. A lawyer Gaurav arrives there. Aparajita welcomes him and says sorry for calling you last minute. Bappi comes there and says you called him? Gaurav tells Aparajita that I read the papers, even if your husband owns half of the house, he can’t throw you out of the house. Aparajita gets happy hearing that.

Aparajita tells Disha and Chhavi that Asha gave her an idea to call a lawyer, she is a genius. No one can throw us out of the house. Disha says we won’t allow them. Aparajita asks her to calm down.

Disha tells Chhavi that I will teach a lesson to Mohini. She says I have to take a register to the laundry. She goes from there. A man comes to Chhavi and stares at her. He moves closer to her, Chhavi is about to fall down but he holds her. She moves away. He says I want to say something. Disha is coming there so he leaves. Chhavi looks on. Disha sees the man leaving and asks who was it? Chhavi thinks if Disha finds out it was Veer then she will get angry as she broke his bike before. Disha gets a call from Goggu and goes to the shop. Goggu brings sweets for Disha, she offers it to Chhavi also. Disha says we have to work fast. Goggu says Aparajita seems worried these days, she doesn’t say anything though. Disha says we have to do something about that Mohini.

Disha wakes Asha up at the night time, she says I have a plan. Asha says I won’t be a part of it. Disha says you have to, I will give you a chocolate. They put pillows on the bed and leave the room.

Asha tells Disha that if Maa finds out then she will be angry. Disha says we have to teach a lesson to Mohini. They sees Aparajita coming there so they hide. Asha says I am scared. Disha takes a trashcan. Asha and Disha enter Akshay-Mohini’s room. They throw trash around their room as they are sleeping. Asha sees Akshay waking up and gives a hint to Disha. They try to hide from him.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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