Main Hoon Aparajita 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Chhavi goes against Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita 18th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay asks the lawyer what are these papers? he calls Aparajita there. The lawyer says your mother has requested the court to remove you from the property papers and make Aparajita the sole owner. Akshay says I don’t accept this. Aparajita says Amma is the owner so you can’t throw us out of here till this case is going on. She tells Mohini that you are not smart, we are not leaving this house but you will soon. Akshay says you are a perfect daughter-in-law, you made my mother remove her own son’s name from property papers? Aparajita says she is a smart woman, she knows what’s right and wrong. Akshay shouts you think you can play this game? He moves towards her but the lawyer stops him and says this is not a way to talk to a woman. Akshay grabs him and shouts who the hell are you? Aparajita asks him to stop it. Akshay tells the lawyer that I am not a wrong man, I am their father and even bought a house for them. Dadi says stop it. Aparajita asks the lawyer Gaurav to leave. He leaves. Akshay tells Chhavi that his mother has dragged us all to the court. I have even bought a house for you all. Aparajita says don’t bring her into all this. She tries to take her away but Chhavi says maybe papa is right. Aparajita is shocked. Chhavi says if we shift to another house then this wouldn’t happen. Aparajita asks her to leave. Disha takes her from there. Dadi says I know why Chhavi is saying all this. Akshay tells Aparajita that Chhavi loves her father a lot, you will lose your father because of this house. He leaves from there. Aparajita is hurt hearing all that.

Aparajita comes to meet Gaurav. She says don’t tell about our family matters. She gets dizzy but Gaurav holds her. Mohini is on the balcony and sees that. She smirks seeing them. She calls her brother and talks about Aparajita.

Chhavi tells Asha that papa is not wrong. Disha ignores her so Chhavi tries to talk to her. Disha says you are blinded by our father. Asha says don’t fight. Chhavi says she is angry at me for no reason. Disha says that man keeps fooling you. Chhavi leaves from there. Asha hugs Disha and says don’t cry, everything will be normal soon. Disha says we have to teach that Mohini a lesson.

All neighbors have gathered. Bappi talks about her brother Gaurav helping Aparajita but don’t know if she can’t afford his fees. Aparajita comes there and says don’t worry, we will pay his fees. Bappi looks on. Aparajita comes to the priest and prays to Mata Rani. Chhavi comes there and says I want to talk to you. Aparajita goes with her.

Chhavi tells Aparajita to listen to her. Mohini is not a good woman, if she is not leaving then we can leave. I know papa did wrong but he is thinking the best for us. We can leave, papa is a nice man, it’s Mohini who is doing all this. Aparajita says I don’t want to talk about this. Chhavi stops her and says can’t you see that Mohini keeps saying wrong things about you and everyone is gossiping about you too. Aparajita says these people used to gossip before also. Should I leave my for your papa? Chhavi says because Mohini wants to stay here, papa is not wrong. We should leave as Mohini is stubborn. Don’t put papa in trouble. Aparajita says he is making you go against us. Chhavi says papa loves me a lot, I am on his side. She leaves from there. Aparajita is hurt.

Disha jumps the wall and opens Mohini’s room window. She hits a beehive and all bees enter her room. Disha runs from there. Mohini runs from her room, she wasehes her face with dirty water. Disha, Asha and Dadi laugh at her. Akshay comes there and asks what happened? Mohini says there are many bees there. Dadi falls down and calls out to Akshay but he asks her to wait and leaves with Mohini. Dadi is crying in pain.

Bappi meets Mohini and sees bees bites on her. Mohini tells her that Aparajita looks at your brother Gaurav with some other intentions. I saw her trying to hold his hand. Aparajita was too close to him. Bappi gets angry and says he is young. Mohini says this is going on. Aparajita has been alone for some years and might want a young man. I will do something to bring this matter out. Bappi thanks her.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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