Main Hoon Aparajita 28th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita and her daughters spend the night on roads

Main Hoon Aparajita 28th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mohini closes the door and Akshay smirks. The electricity goes off. Mohini says there are so many things to fix in this house. Dadi looks on. She glares at Dadi and says I will change things now, she leaves. Dadi taunts Akshay that you don’t need to act sad now, how could you throw your own daughters out of the house? Don’t you have any remorse?

Aparajita comes to the laundry shop and sees that someone has changed the locks. She calls the shop owner, the owner says you never pay rent on time so we have changed the locks. We won’t give you the keys till you pay the rent. Disha says you can’t do that, the owner says pay our rent first, she ends the call. Aparajita says Mohini must be behind it.

Mohini calls her brother and says its good that you took their shop from them also. She taunted me a lot but now she will learn her lesson.

Aparajita tries to call Bappi and asks her to help them but she ignores them. Asha says I am hungry. Aparajita says don’t worry, we will go and eat something. She makes them sit in the van and they drive away.

Akshay asks Dadi to eat something. Dadi cries and says I don’t know what they must be doing on the roads, you are a monster. Akshay gets angry and says you are blinded by Aparajita, I did what was right. She wanted to own this house and she has brought this upon herself.

Aparajita sits in the van with her daughters, they all come to a stall and order food. Some men arrive there and eye the girls. Aparajita notices it and asks Chhavi to close the curtains.

Dadi tells Akshay that what kind of a father are you to throw your own daughters out of the house, your kids’ mother doesn’t even trust you and why should she? You could have left but you brought them on the roads. I can’t even curse you because I am a mother. They are on the roads and if something happens with them then you won’t be able to forgive yourself.

Chhavi opens her bag and finds the keys that Akshay gave her for the house that he booked for them. She thinks if Akshay put it in the bag?

Akshay tells Mohini that he put the house keys in Chhavi’s bag as I don’t want them to stay on the roads, they are my kids.

Asha asks Aparajita for some sweets. Aparajita gives her some candies. Aparajita says we should leave from here now. She sees some goons eyeing them. She drives away from there. The van stops driving and its raining heavily so Aparajita goes to check it. The goons arrive there and ask if she needs help? Aparajita asks them to leave. The goons smirk and say we are here. Aparajita is scared but she hits them with a door. She tells her daughters that we are together. Disha starts beating the goons with Aparajita. Chhavi is scared. A goon slaps Aparajita and beats her. Chhavi and Asha try to help. The police arrive there so the goons run away. Aparajita falls down. Chhavi looks around for the keys but can’t find it. Aparajita asks what happened? Chhavi says Akshay had put house keys in my bag but I lost it. Disha says I will never forget this night and never forgive that man. Aparajita says this is our test but we will find a way, God will bless us soon. Disha says I don’t believe it. Aparajita says some people are given tougher exams because they would be rewarded more, don’t worry and just have patience. Asha is feeling cold so Aparajita brings a shopping bacg and puts it over their heads. They all sit under a shed. Aparajita says I am not hopeless because you three are with me. Don’t worry, I know we have troubles but we will find a way.

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