Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Aparajita saves Disha from getting arrested

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Aparajita comes to the police station and tries to talk to the officer but the officer says your husband handled the matter.

Mohini talks to Akshay and says you are so sweet, your wife and daughters create trouble but you gave money to save her. Mohini says I want to go to that home. Akshay says I can’t bring you there so I have to do all this. My daughters think their mother is everything but now they will know the importance of having a father. Mohini says you went there to get the house, where did this father’s emotions come in?

Aparajita and Disha come back home. They tell about Akshay helping Disha. Asha says Disha should thank him. Chhavi says he is leaving today so we should meet him. They all leave. Aparajita looks on.

Mohini asks Akshay why did you care about putting Aparajita down? I am your wife so you should focus on me only, your mother has to accept me. She hugs him and says I love you. You know that right? Akshay asks her to relax and says I don’t care who accepts you or not. Mohini says it matters to me as people call me another woman. She thinks I will stay in his house as his wife and get that Aparajita thrown out soon.

Aparajita sits with Dadi and says I would have handled the matter but Akshay did it before me, I feel like something is wrong but I don’t know what. Dadi says I worry about you but what if he has come back to take the daughters away from you? Aparajita says I will die but won’t let that happen. Akshay comes there and says I will pack my bags today. Aparajita says thank you for helping Disha. Akshay says I want to talk to you before leaving, can you come and meet me near the river? I will wait there. Acost. kshay thinks I have to get this house at anyAparajita thinks why is he calling there where we used to meet 15 years ago?

Akshay and Aparajita come to the river. He says I know what happened with you was unfair. Aparajita says that’s it? it’s useless to talk about old matters. Akshay says I brought something for you. He gives her a gift but she doesn’t take it. Akshay says it’s a saree in your favorite color. Aparajita says I don’t like this color anymore. Akshay says it’s okay, you can exchange it. Aparajita starts to leave but he stops her and says I want to say something. I know you don’t trust me anymore… I want.. Aparajita gets a call and is shocked. She leaves from there.

Aparajita and Akshay come to the police station. Disha is there. The MLA is there whose son was beaten by Disha. Akshay stops Aparajita from talking and tries to talk to the minister. He asks him to forgive his daughter. The SHO says so you are the one who gave money to my inspector to get the FIR torn? Aparajita is shocked. The SHO calls the media there and talks about Disha beating and breaking MLA’s son’s bike. He says MLA is an innocent man, MLA says I want justice so arrest this girl. Aparajita pleads and says please listen to me. They are about to arrest Disha. They put her in handcuffs but Aparajita says I am an honest woman so I won’t hide my daughter’s mistake. She is angry woman, she starts beating her with a newspaper in front of the media. All look on. Aparajita says to the MLA’s son that you shouldn’t have harrassed her though. The son says she started beating us. The MLA says my son didn’t do anything. Aparajita says but we can check it right? There must be a CCTV footage for it. The media says this MLA talks about women empowerment but his son is harrassing girls? Aparajita gives tea to MLA and says be careful about your kids. She asks MLA to forgive her daughter, she did a mistake but you are a bigger man. The MLA is scared and says I will take my complaint back. Aparajita gives 40K to him and says you can use to repair your son’s bike. He says we don’t need it. Aparajita gives the money to them and takes Disha from there. The MLA is angry and thinks I will put her in place. Akshay is leaving but SHO stops him and says we have to talk about you bribing a police officer.

Aparajita brings Disha out of the police station and says what if we have done a bigger mistake? This MLA might come after us. Disha says you were so brave today, I don’t think they will do anything. Disha says why did you give them money? Aparaji.ta says you shouldn’t have broken their bike, I had to pay for their damages. She thinks 30K was kids’s fees that I spent, what will I do now?

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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