Main Hoon Aparajita 4th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Mohini plans to trap Aparajita

Main Hoon Aparajita 4th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The MLA’s son is angry at Aparajita and Disha. He says I won’t spare them. Akshay comes out of the station and calls Mohini, he says this Aparajita acts smart. Mohini says ignore her and focus on your timeline, you have to bring me in the house.

Aparajita is in the car and says I have to arrange money for the fees. She comes to collect clothes from her clients and asks her for payment but they all ask her to come back later on.

Akshay comes home so Chhavi offers him tea. Akshay sits with Dadi and thinks to talk to her about the house. Chhavi brings snacks for Akshay but Dadi stops her and says he has had enough, she asks her to leave. Chhavi is angry and leaves. Akshay says we can sit and talk. Dadi glares at him and says you need Aparajita’s permission to stay for more time. Akshay says I am your son. Dadi says she has been handling everything here for 15 years so I have given this house in her name. Akshay is shocked and says what? You gave power of attorney to her? If I need a loan then I need her signature? Dadi says yes, everything is in her name now. Akshay is angry and leaves from there.

Aparajita comes to the shop and is crying outside. Disha and Asha rush to her, they ask what happened? Aparajita says I had to give school fees to save Disha. Akshay comes there and hears about the fees issue. Akshay says you don’t even have fees money and paid to hide your daughter’s deed. Disha glares at him and says you aggrevated the matter. Aparajita stops her. Akshay says she has no manners, this house is mine also. He glares at Aparajita but stops himself. He thinks if I pay the fees then Aparajita will be under my thumb, then I will talk about the property papers. He says I am their father so I will pay their fees and you won’t say no. Aparajita says I don’t need your help. Chhavi says but he is helping. Disha says we don’t need it. Akshay says I won’t listen to you anymore, he tells Aparajita that you are ready to waste their study year because of your selfish reasons? He says if you don’t take my help then how will you arrange money? Aparajita looks on. Akshay says you have no money and no choice left. Your daughters need their father, let’s go and pay it. Aparajita gets a message and smiles. She says I told you I won’t need your help. She thanks Lord and says I sent samples to a hotel and they liked my work so we have got the laundry order every month. I am sure they will give me 30K advance for it. I will go and sign the contract today. Disha smiles and goes with her. Akshay looks on.

Scene 2
Akshay calls Mohini and says Dadi has given the property to Aparajita, I tried to trap her but she is so selfish. Mohini says I will come there then. Akshay says don’t come near Aparajita, we have to be careful as she owns the property. Don’t go near her.

Aparajita and Disha arrive at the hotel. Mohini is there and smirks. She says what I like, I get. She says let’s play a game with Aparajita now. Aparajita passesby Mohini. Mohini thinks she doesn’t even recoginize me. She says I will make Aparajita sign the papers.

Aparajita talks to the hotel manager and signs the contract while Disha helps her. Aparajita says I have a request, can you give me 30K advance as I need money. A servant comes there and says a guest has sent clothes to be washed by evening only. Aparajita says I will do it. The manager thanks her and says I will talk about the advance and let you know. Aparajita leaves. Mohini comes to the manager and asks about her clothes. The manager says you will get it by the evening. Mohini smirks.

Aparajita and Disah come to the shop. Aparajita says we have to work fast and deliver these clothes by evening.

Mohini comes to meet her friends. Her friend taunts her that Akshay hasn’t come to meet you? Mohini glares at her. Mohini says I have waited 5 years for Akshay for him to leave Aparajita. I just want Aparajita out of that house. She leaves from there.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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