Main Hoon Aparajita 5th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Niya finds out about her step-sisters

Main Hoon Aparajita 5th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Akshay and Mohini are shouting at each other when their daughter Niya enters the house. She says why are you both fighting again? Mohini hugs her and says I missed you. Akshay says you were coming tomorrow? Niya says I wanted to surprise you both. She asks why were you both fighting? Mohini says we were missing you. Niya says at least a solid reason to fight. Akshay hugs her and says you should have told me before coming here, it’s not safe here. Niya says that aunty said the same thing. Mohini asks which aunty?

Aparajita is treating Disha’s wounds and gets angry. She leaves from there.

Niya tells Mohini that I bought some earrings for you. Mohini sees a snake charmer calling her and leaves from there. He says I want more money, she says I will pay it later on. Aparajita comes to her and grabs her. She drags her to the laundry and says I don’t like drama. Mohini says your daughters came to fight with me. Aparajita says enough, what do you think of yourself? You made your workers fight with my daughters? Mohini sees the snake in her feet and tries to leave but Aparajita says I am telling you to not fight with my daughters again. The snake bites Mohini. She screams so Aparajita grabs her and tries to save her. Aparajita ties her leg and asks her to remain awake. Mohini says don’t let me sleep. Aparajita slaps her to keep her awake. Akshay comes there and stops Aparajita thinking she is beating Mohini. He shouts how dare you touch her? Aparajita says a snake bit her, I am trying to keep her alive. Niya cries and says I am here mom. Akshay rushes to Mohini and says you will be fine. Aparajita brings a coal and tries to treat her. Akshay says stay away from her. Mohini says let her do it, this is the treatment. I won’t die with that snake. Akshay says how do you know that? Mohini says I ordered that snake to bite Aparajita. All are shocked. Akshay hugs Mohini and says you are okay. Niya says mama keep your eyes open. Aparajita realizes she is her daughter. Aparajita puts coal on her leg to save her. All neighbors say that Aparajita is saving the woman who tried to kill her. The ambulance arrives there so Akshay takes Mohini. Niya hugs Aparajita and says thank you for saving my mom. She leaves with Akshay.

Akshay brings Mohini back home after the treatment. Niya goes to bring milk. Akshay says why did you send a snake there? My daughters could have been hurt. Niya comes there so Akshay leaves. Niya asks Mohini why did you hire a snake for those women? that woman even helped me and she saved your life too. I should apologize to her. Mohini says you won’t meet that Aparajita and her daughters, we have no relationship with them. Akshay says we have a relationship. He says that aunty is my ex-wife and those girls are your sisters. Niya is shocked.

Chhavi tells Disha that Karma hit Mohini. Asha says I think Niya is older than me, how can that be? Chhavi says don’t think that much. Disha asks her to go to sleep. Disha tells Chhavi that Asha is right, she shouldn’t find out that Akshay had an affair with Mohini when he was married to Aparajita.

Niya tells Akshay that I had a family and you never told me? Mohini says they are not our family. Niya says she saved your and my life, they are my family members. Dadi comes there and says I didn’t know your daughter would be so intelligent. Niya hugs her and says you are my grandmom right? She says I want to meet my step-sisters. Akshay asks her to go. Mohini says what is wrong with you? Akshay looks on.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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