Main Hoon Aparajita 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Veer helps out Aparajita’s family secretly

Main Hoon Aparajita 6th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Disha and Chhavi are sitting sadly. Aparajita calls Asha and gives her a milkshake. She says things happen in life but everything will be fine soon. She says Niya is a good girl so be nice to her. Chhavi says she reminds us of what we lost. Aparajita says it was not your or Niya’s fault, we shouldn’t punish the person who was not at fault. Maybe you can become friends with her. Let’s be happy. Aparajita shares a milkshake with her daughters. Niya comes there and sees that. Chhavi gets a message and leaves from there. Asha says I am missing my cycle. Aparajita says I will buy a cycle for you soon.

Chhavi comes outside the house and finds a cycle there. She says this is Asha’s cycle. She sees Veer coming there with a box. Chhavi says what are you doing here? If Maa saw you then it will be a big problem. Veer says I am crazy about you, you know I see you in my dreams and I know your family doesn’t like me but one day we will all be together. I just want you. He comes close to her. He is about to kiss her when Aparajita comes there. Veer leaves before she could see him. Aparajita sees the boxes there and asks what is all this? Chhavi says I don’t know, I just saw these boxes here.

Dadi tells Akshay that Mohini tried to hurt your daughters but you are still worried about her? Akshay says I scolded Mohini but you people keep questioning my love for my kids. I know they are not happy with me but I will reunite with them soon. Dadi says it won’t happen till you are with Mohini. Mohini’s brother Anish arrives there with his luggage. Anish says I am here to stay for some days as renovation is going on in my house. Akshay says you can stay here as long as you want. Dadi says yes, everyone can stay here other than the people who really deserve it.

Niya comes to the house library and finds Disha, Asha and Chhavi’s photo there. She smiles and says maybe they are on social media. She searches for them but Disha’s account is private. She finds Asha’s profile and thinks if she should follow her or not.

Akshay sits with Anish and says I am angry that Mohini sent a snake there, it could have hurt my daughters. I am sure Mohini was behind the party issue also. He asks if he knew about the party arrangements? He says I didn’t know that. He says I will fix a meeting for tomorrow. Akshay says I can bear anything but I don’t like my daughters thinking bad about me, especially Chhavi.

Anish comes to Mohini and says Akshay has a soft corner for his daughters. Mohini says I am scared that Aparajita might use that to her advantage. Anish says that’s why I am here to support you. Mohini says thank you, she says we shouldn’t take Aparajita lightly. I thought she is a weak woman but I didn’t know that she is a woman who is still mentally strong even after her husband left her and her daughters 15 years ago. I don’t know how to deal with her. Anish says you have to deal with her with patience, her weakness is her daughters. Mohini says you are right, I will use her daughters to severe her and Akshay’s relationship to a point that she couldn’t take Akshay’s advantage. I will spearate Akshay and his daughters completely. He says I will support you, we will handle Aparajita and her daughters together. Just don’t do a mistake again. Mohini says never again.

Aparajita is about to open the boxes but Chhavi thinks Veer might have left something which Aparajita shouldn’t see. She says we shouldn’t open these, Mohini might be trying to attack us again. Disha says we should see what it is. Aparajita says she is right. They open all the boxes to find their old stuff which Mohini had sold to a trash seller. Asha says why would that garbage seller bring it all back here? Disha says he even repaired my cycle before bringing it here. Chhavi smiles and says some people are not as bad as Mohini, maybe someone is our well-wisher. Aparajita finds her saving box. Aparajita says I just used to save some coins in it. Asha opens it and finds a lot of money inside. Aparajita says I never added this much money in it. Disha says this is 40K. Asha says what? Disha says I think we have a well-wisher, we should be thankful. Chhavi thinks Veer shouldn’t do all this. Aparajita says whoever has done this must know us and our family for a long time. I don’t think that person had wrong intentions but we shouldn’t trust anyone blindly, we should find out who that person is, right Chhavi? Chhavi looks away and says yes. Aparajita thinks why do I think Chhavi knows who our well-wisher is, I have to find out what that person’s intentions are.

Chhavi comes to the kitchen and calls Veer. He says don’t thank me. Chhavi says what you did today.. I really liked that but you shouldn’t have sent money. Veer says if you felt bad then I feel bad too. He says I have never done this for another girl. You are just different to me. I want to come to your house and apologize to your mom. Chhavi says no, if you come here then mom will find out that you did all that, she would be angry then. Aparajita comes outside the kitchen and hears her talking. Chhavi tells Veer to come to their house. Aparajita tries to hear her but can’t. She is suspicious.

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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