Main Hoon Aparajita 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update : Mohini makes arrangements to go home

Main Hoon Aparajita 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aparajita remembers how Akshay behaved. Aasha calls her and says Ma someone is calling you. Aparajita is told by repair that her laundry machine needs extra repair and she will have to pay more. Aparajita gets angry and says its in waranty I am coming there and checking.
Aasha hugs Aparajita and says why does Papa behave this way with you, it makes me very angry. Aparajita asks girls to clean up and go home and she will be back from service centre soon.

Akshay on call says I couldn’t talk about Mohini to Amma, God know where she is and then Aparajita is all around me and then Mohini keeps forcing to come home.

The boys Disha hit, decide to go kidnap Disha and trap her in farm house for somedays.
Disha says to Chhavi how can he behave this way to Maa. Chhavi says but he is our father. Disha says that doesn’t mean he can misbehave with Maa. Aasha says stop fighting and you all know Maa is already worried about laundry machine and that will hurt Maa more. Disha says this man is upto something. Chhavi says what will you do hit Papa. Disha says yes like I hit that roadside romeo.

Aasha gets call from Amma to come home soon. Aasha says Dadi wants me I will go check and leaves.
Mohini gets ready, her friend asks why so decked up where are you going, date night with Akshay.
Aasha reaches home and asks Dadi what she wants and everyone is looking for her everywhere and tells how Akshay behaved.
Dadi says forget him and says I won 10 lakhs lottery. Dadi gets call again. Aasha picks call, its Mohini’s friend tricking Amma.

Mohini’s friend asks her what is she upto. Mohini says just wait and watch. Aasha tells Dadi that this is scam but Dadi insists on going and forces Aasha to come with her and asks Gugu to take care of house.

Disha and Chhavi having food, Papi Aunty says Akshay shouldn’t behave like this and when is he going back to Dubai. Disha gets angry and leaves. Papi says to Chhavi your sister shouldn’t be so angry. Chhavi sees a woman with injured hand trying to eat. Chhavi heps her and feeds her.
Chhavi sees Veer and one boy follows Disha to kidnap her, he turns around and says where is Veer.

Chhavi gets scared seeing Veer, Veer walks to her, Chhavi leaves.Veer smiles. Disha turns around and sees the boy and says come lets take selfie, you tried to misbehave with me and let everyone know what a man you are. Disha starts hitting him, he throws dust in Disha’s eyes and runs away. .Chhavi sees Veer is following her. Chhavi distributing Prasad.
Veer’s friend walks to him and tells about Disha. Veer says leave this family because I am in love. Both leave. Disha walks to Chhavi and asks whats wrong why is she scared. Chhavi says nothing.

Manager tells Akshay that Mohini didn’t come to event and she left. Akshay gets tensed and remembers Mohini wanting to come home.

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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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