Meet 13th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet Ahlawat tell everyone about Kamal

Meet 13th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet Ahlawat see Kamla’s name scratched on floor realise Kamal is behind everything and gets angry.

Organiser says to Raj it’s getting late for everyone we can’t wait for your son anymore so our Ram will be doing Ravan Dahan. Raj ask Babita did you connect with him. She says no. Raj ask Organiser to proceed.
Meet Ahlawat run towards tha pandal. Meet struggling.
Kamal give bow to Ram.

Barfi ask Doctor is something wrong with Neelu’s brain, she becomes Lailaa sometime and when I ask her about Laila she don’t remember anything now you only tell what happen to her. Doctor says after listening you I came to conclusion or split personality disorder, she must be traumatized of something which split the brain in two personality which make hthat person do anything. Barfi get’s tensed

Ram loads the burning arrow. Meet Ahlawat running towards pandal. Ram release the arrow. Meet Ahlawat reach the location and looks for Kamal. Ravan start burning. Kamal get’s happy. Meet looks at Meet Ahlawat says I know you will reach the truth. Meet Ahlawat looking for Kamal. Babita ask him what happen. Meet Ahlawat says Kamal is the kidnapper. Meet thinks save me quick Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat tell everything to them. Babita says they both were near us. A man I saw them going out of Pandal. Meet thinks I know Meet will find my clue. Raj hold Meet Ahlawats hand says go and bring back Meet and Baby, I know you can do it. Meet Ahlawat get’s emotional says you know I’ll came back with Meet and Baby nothing will happen.

Doctor ask Barfi about Neelu. Barfi remembers Neelu coming back to home wounded. Barfi ask her what happen. Neelu run towards Barfi says he touched me, I try to save myself but couldn’t. Barfi push her away and throw water at her. Barfi I dare to tell you anything about this to anyone, you have to bear this pain alone and if you say anything to anyone I’ll kill myself, you are equally culprit for what happen with you.
Doctor ask Barfi tell me if something disturbing happen with Neelu. Barfi says just tell me solution about her condition. Doctor says it’s not ordinary condition, it take time but first I have to meet Neelu to see her response to the treatment. Barfi says I have to bring Neelu here. Doctor says yes and take care of one thing she never discover about her split personality because we don’t know how will she react after knowing this.

Meet Ahlawat take Raj’s blessing and leave with police. Meet pray to god. Light flashes on Meet Ahlawat and he stops moving. Meet thanks god for stopping him. Meet release her hands. A duppata fly from Goddess idol and cover meet Ahlawats face. Meet remember her mangalsutra, she take it out from her pocket and throw towards Meet Ahlawat. Mangal Sutra land’s on his shoulder. He see it and start looking for her. Meet Ahlawat see her hanging behind Ravan. Everyone in shock after seeing her.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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