Meet 1st October 2022 Written Episode Update : Masum frames Neelam

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Masum waljs into Neelam’s room and says she is missing and says I have to find out if Barfi knows about it. Masum wakes up Barfi and says Neelam isn’t here, she wasn’t here last night. Barfi says how do you know and what are you doing in my room. Masum says I can’t sleep I have insomnia and I saw your door is open and Neelam isn’t here so I woke you up and your innocent daughter lies to you. Barfi says she went to Jagrata at Gupta here is address and number and dare you speak a word against my daughter. Masum gets angry and leaves.

Masum says how would I know, Neelam might be lying how can I find, and says let me call Gupta’s and check if Jagrata is happening or night life. Neelam picks the call. Masum introduces herself. Neelam changes her voice and says yes Neelam is here singing bhajan should I call her. Masum says no I just wanted to know if Neelam is fine. Masum says is Neelam really innocent.
Neelam says poor Neelam she has to face so much because of her family, but let me enjoy my life.

Kamal angry, Pooja says all our efforts are going in vein. Kamal says I will definitely fulfill this yatra and donate that baby so that I can have a baby boy.
Kamal and Pooja hear Meet and Meet Ahlawat fight, about superstitious and Meet Ahlawat says Ghanta Baba is going to come and I will take this baby there and he will wrad off all the evil and she will be fine. Meet says how can you trust all this. Im argument Meet hurts her head and starts crying and leaves. Meet Ahlawat thinks God by mistake Meet got really hurt.

Kamal says Pooja, God listened to our prayer and we will get back this baby, I will go disguised as Ghanta Baba and runaway from here and my men will take care of everything.
Meet says to Meet Ahlawat we will find that thief by 1 today.

Ram asks Ragini why is she happy. Ragini says I am happy about how Meet dealt with the situation. Ram says she always tries to fix relations. Ragini says I wish Raj forgives Meet Ahlawat and Meet and Meet Ahlawat also get together. Ram says we will be back together as a family. Ragini says I will pray.

Kamal’s men keeping an eye on Meet Ahlawat. Pooja on call says make sure real Baba doesn’t reach the tree before Kamal. Meet Ahlawat with Baby near the tree. Meet disguised keeping an eye.

Raj and Babita are informed that Meet got hurt because of Meet Ahlawat and she deserves it because she is wrong. Raj gets angry and leaves.

Everyone looking for Isha’s mangalsutra. Isha gets scared says if Ammaji sees me she will kill me. Sunaina says we can’t doubt anyone so its better we check everyone don’t take me wrong, lets just cooperate and start looking don’t think anything else and begin with me. Masum gets scared, she remembers stealing it from Isha’s table. Masum sees Neelam has a potli in her saree and slowly sneaks the Mangalsutra in it.

Ragini checks Masum, Sunaina and then walks to Neelam. She checks Neelam and finds Mangalsutra in potli. Isha says this is mine, Neelam what is this. Neelam says I didn’t steal please trust me. Masum thinks now no one will be suspicious about me.

Everyone waiting for Ghanta Baba, Meet Ahlawat thinks I am sure that the child thief will comr here. Kamal’s men stop a baba. Puja asks him is he Ghanta Baba, he says no and leaves.

Kamal disguised as Baba walns to everyone. Meet says this is definitely child thief because there is no Ghanta Baba.

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