Meet 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update: Isha ask Meet Ahlawat about accident

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Meet Ahlawat says to Neely stop thinking that I’ll leave for my love, nobody can change my decision because I accepted it. Meet Ahlawat hand start bleeding because of wood piece coming out of window. Neelu says you will do because we got married. Meet Ahlawat says no because it’s my compulsion and remembers giving promise to Barfi, he says I’ll go to any extent to save my relation, I cannot tell you reason why am I doing this, but tell me what should I do so that you start believing. Neelu says I want to go away from everything for few days please you also come with me. Meet outside room listening everything. Neelu says we can go our village and can meet my relatives, you know our marriage was haed and fast and we were unable to call anyone. Meet Ahlawat says okay but promise me you won’t repeat this again and remove all the insecurities. Neelu says I promise but you sill come with me to my village. Meet Ahlawat says okay and leave. Meet thinks I have to find out what is the reason.

Meet Ahlawat downstairs. Isha walks to Meet Ahlawat says I want to say something, can I meet that Manish who I hit with my car. Meet Ahlawat remembers everything and says no need to meet him. Isha says please I want to apologise to him. Meet Ahlawat scolds him says he is fine and forget everything. Isha cry and leave. Meet see them talking, she walks Isha. Isha in tears. Meet says sometime brother in love do take harsh step. Isha says he could have told me calmly but he scolded me, he changed. Meet says don’t worry he must be in bad mood and don’t worry his love has not changed just tell me who is Manish. Isha says the day I was returning back after dropping Deep to airport so by mistake I hit him by my car and this bother me a lot. Meet ask do you know hospital. She says city hospital the same day when Raj was admitted. Meet remembers her talk with nurse about a pen. Isha ask what happen. Meet says I remember seeing a pen which I have to give to a lady because she lost her son and it slipped out of my mind. Isha says I remember giving a pen to Deep it was if silver colour with and letter I. Meet says let’s go to City hospital we both will take address of Manish and that lady. Isha says okay I’ll be back in 2 minutes.

Meet in room looking for pen, she finds it and remember Isha’s discription for pen says what am I thinking this is not same pen what Isha gave to Deep this must be something else.

Meet outside Isha’s room with pen. Barfi standing behind Meet. Isha get’s numb after seeing Barfi. Barfi looks at pen says it’s of Deep where did she get from. Meet see Barfi standing behind her. Barfi walks to Isha says what are your intentions are you on Meet Ahlawat’s side or somewhere else and says I won’t tolerate meeting people of other side and ask her to go inside. Meet says what happen to her now both mother and daughter are mad.

Barfi ask Isha to bring water. Barfi calls Meet Ahlawat and says Meet have Deep’s pen I must have dropped in hospital and she is out of Isha’s room with pen, do something.

Ram on call with investors. Ragini walks to her. Ram says investors are impressed on Meet I wish everything will bw fine. Ragini ask after that. Ram says after that we will get our home. Ragini ask after that. Ram get’s emotional says after that Raj will throw Meet Ahlawat out of house and they both will get seprated and we will also have to leave because of support. Ragini says Raj is angry on Meet Ahlawat when he accepted to steal money and he won’t forgive her and everyone will be seprated and I cannot think about leaving family. Ram says don’t worry nothing will happen. Babita outside hear them talking.

Meet on call with city hospital asking for the address. Meet Ahlawat listen her thinks if she get to know about name and address then she will know Deep is dead and Isha won’t be able to bear this pain and my reason behind marrying Neelum will also be out. Meet waiting for the response from receptionist. Meet Ahlawat walks to her and pust her from behind. Meet drops pen and phone. Meet Ahlawat hug her from behind and distract her. Meet says what are you doing. Meet Ahlawat says I thought it’s Neelum. Meet get down to pick phone. Meet Ahlawat pick up pen. Meet says don’t you know difference between we both are you mad in love with her. Meet Ahlawat says it was just a confusion because of curtains and he walk away. Meet looking for pen and she calls back city hospital but couldn’t connect with them. Meet Ahlawat calls City hospital says hi I’m calling from Deep’s family and I don’t want anyone to share is personal identity with any third person do you understand and if you do then we will take legal actions against you, if you want to pass any important information then take my number and contact me. Receptionist says sure. Meet Ahlawat disconnects and says I hope she don’t get any information.
Meet on call with receptionist says sorry but we cannot share any information due to our hospital policy so please try to understand.

Meet says tomorrow I’ll leave for pilgrimage with mom dad and Meet Ahlawat will go with Neelu to her hometown.
Babita says to Meet is it possible Meet Ahlawat come with us, make sure he is available there.
Meet Ahlawat sit in car. Meet disguised as driver handcuffs him in car

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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