Meet 22nd October 2022 Written Episode Update: Amma slaps Meet Ahlawat infront of everyone

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Meet in her room crying remembers whatever happened yesterday. Raj walks to her says you hide your tears in darkness but I can hear you crying and that crying is my punishment, I kind of ditched you. Meet says you did nothing it’s all about condition. Raj says you are connected to this house but all the happiness I gave to Neelu.

Barfi in her room. Neelu walks to her. Barfi start scolding her for ruining her happiness for someone else, if you try to do something I’ll break your legs, don’t try to leave this house and if you leave who will accept you. Neelu says Meet Ahlawat do so much for us and I don’t want to ruin there relation. Barfi push her. Neelu falls down on floor and her Laila awakes. Laila stand-up.

Raj says to Meet I’m your culprit and I’ll regret about this my whole life, remember one thing you will always be my Daughter in law/son. Meet remembers how Barfi was begging Meet Ahlawat and she wipes Raj tear.

Laila standing infront of mirror talking to Neelu says don’t try to act smart Neelu this is not a movie and start slapping herself. Barfi says Laila is again dominating, she walks to her stop her says don’t do this. Laila says to Barfi can’t you see I’m in a important meeting and if you come again in between then I’ll kill you, she push Barfi away. Barfi fall down. Laila says to Neelu you don’t want Meet Ahlawat but I want him, she take the glass in her hand and breaks it,vher hand start bleeding, she make and heart shape on mirror with her blood and write Meet and her name in that heart.

Everyone in hall getting ready for Karva chauth pooja. Meet says to Ragini every year Dad give sargi for Karwachauth. Raj give thali to, Ragini, Sunaina and stops while giving thali to Meet. Babita take thali from him and give to Neelu says this is for you daughter in law, you might feel hungry too much because you are pregnant so uf you want you can keep the fast next year too. Barfi says no worries she can handle. Ragini says let’s eat because after this we can eat only after seeing moon. Masum says to Meet you don’t need to keep fast so for who are you. Raj stare at her and she stops talking. Meet says you all start eating.

Meet Ahlawat give bracelet to Meet says I want you to wear this. Meet says no. Meet Ahlawat says why are you saying no I brought this gift for you for Karwachauth, did you kept fast for me or not. Meet says this time Neelu is your wife and I don’t want to take gift and create mess. Meet Ahlawat make her sit says I never try to understand what you want, I always did whatever I felt like but this time I want to know what you want, till now our relation was for society but now it’s between us but the difference is this time it will be hidden from everyone, I want to know do you still want to carry forward oyr relation and stand beside me. Masum outside there room hear them talking thinks I’ll burn your secret relation.

Amma walks inside Ahlawats mansion calling Meet. Raj, Babita and Sunaina welcome her. Amma says enough no need to show anything, you are being so bad to my Meet and I’ll take her away. Meet walks to her. Dadi says come with me. Meet Ahlawat try to talk to her. Amma stops him. Masum thinks today I’ll be seeing all the drama because earlier you were the reason I went out of house, Masum remembers calling Amma and telling everything about Neelu and her pregnancy and how everything accepted her as daughter in law. Barfi thinks without any effort she is here to take Meet but I have to find out who is behind the situation and she looks at Masum. Amma says to Meet Ahlawat what do you want to say more, this girl fought for death because of you but you decided to kill her every day. Meet Ahlawat says to Amma please don’t take her. Amma push and slaps him. Everyone in shock. Babita get’s angry says how dare you slap my son. Amma says you should have showed strength when your son was dancing after hearing news of becoming father.


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