Meet 22nd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet kidnaps Meet Ahlawat

Meet 22nd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neelu packing her bag. Barfi helping her to pack. Neelu atak why are you looking at me. Barfi says I’m seeing your smiling face since the time you came in this house never saw you happy I pray God for your happiness. Neelu says this is first time I asked something from Meet Ahlawat he is very kind and he will forget about Meet once we come back from our home.

Meet in kitchen thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s compromise says I was accusing Meet Ahlawat for marriage but I never thought about his side, now I have to find out only then Raj and Meet Ahlawat will get back but how I’ll leave for pilgrimage tomorrow and Meet Ahlawat with Neelu. Meet drops utensils. Babita walks to her ask what happen. She says it slipped out of mu hand. Babita says we all are lost somewhere, I also think abot Meet Ahlawat and Raj how will they get back together, this house was happy because of family and how I accepted separation only I know I think after sometime Meet Ahlawat will leave house and I will be lost if he leave, she ask Meet to do something do dor family. Meet says I wish for some magic but things are not in our hand, today morning Raj was about to forgive him but you know what happen, things gone out of hand. Babita says is it possible Meet Ahlawat also come with us and they get back together because of our prayers. Meet thinks then I’ll be able to find out reason behind marriage and they will get together.

Meet says to Babita I also want that but Raj won’t agree. Babita says we won’t tell Raj just bring Meet Ahlawat with you and when Raj will see him there I’ll handle him for Meet Ahlawat just bring him anyhow, I know Raj won’t accept but if you brought them together I’ll be in debt. Meet says I’ll try to bring him there.

Raj says to Meet why is she taking time and calls Babita. Babita says coming. Raj and Babita start arguing and ask him about luggage. Raj says it’s already gone car is waiting for us. Babita ask what about Meet. Meet says I have some work in bank I’ll finish it and come with another car. Babita says okay. Sunaina says please pray for my Tej wellbeing too. Isha says please pray dor my Deep so that he come back soon from his work. Meet Ahlawat and Barfi get’s emotional. Meet says sure we will pray for you because you are the new couple. Raj says I’ll pray it too. Ram ask to pray dor house and family. Babita says I’ll pray for whole family. Ragini says take care. Raj look’s at Meet Ahlawat and walk out. Babita also leave with him. Meet thinks I have work on my promise now.

Servant keeping luggage in car of Meet Ahlawat. Barfi come out and says to Neelu come out car is here and tell Meet Ahlawat how happy she is. Isha says to Barfi there is some important call for you. Barfi says I’ll be back to Meet Ahlawat.
Neelu come with luggage. Barfi ask her to sit in car. Meet drops bottle in car. Meet Ahlawat says wait I’ll help you. Meet handcuffs him. Neelu see Meet inside car. Meet start the car and leave. Neeku in shock.

Meet on highway with Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat ask what are you doing. Meet says now you are kidnapped and not put location on your GPS for temple and relax.

Neelu standing out. Barfi walks to her and aks where is Meet Ahlawat. She says Meet took him. Barfi ask why didn’t you do anything I would have thrown her out says to Isha why did you call. Isha says I don’t know anything. Barfi ask Neelu to come inside. Isha get’s happy.

Meet Ahlawat trying to opwn door. Meet says if you go iut you will break your bone we are already going fast. Meet Ahlawat says open me I have to fulfill my promise. Meet says this sounds very bad you also promised me not to leave but still you did it so break tgis promise too. Meet Ahlawat remembers giving her promise says when you don’t know anything about situation so please stop bothering me. Meet says so tell me what is the reason or she blackmailing you tell me why are you quiet. Meet Ahlawat hit his head in car because of speed breaker. Meet apologies to him.

Neelu calls police station says I want to file a complaint someone kidnapped my husband. Barfi take her phone and apologies to Inspector says she is innocent she don’t know much and disconnects phone. Barfi scolds Neelu says stop acting fool don’t forget she is still his wife legally and police will arrest you. Neelu ask what should I do now. Barfi says be calm and say’s wait for sometime he will come back trust me.

Meet wipe Meet Ahlawat’s forehead says do you remember we promised eachother to heal eachother bruses, I’m still ready to help you but atleast tell me about your pain and let me help to heal you. Meet apply bandage. Meet Ahlawat thinks I have to bear everything alone. Meet thinks I’ll find out reality and help you.

A man says I give her medicine now she won’t say anything. A couple carrying a baby with them. Man says let’s take the coupon from here to visit temple.
Meet and Meet Ahlawat in temple.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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