Meet 23rd September 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet and Meet Ahlawat reach there destination

Meet 23rd September 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meet and Meet Ahlawat in car. Meet says if you are hungry food is backside. Meet Ahlawat says I won’t be able to eat, if you see restaurant or petrol pump please stop. Meet stops car says why are you waiting for them to come go out and relax. Meet Ahlawat ask her to open handcuffs. Meet says I’m not that fool go out and do your business.

Meet tie him to a ripe and ask him to do his business. Meet Ahlawat walks back to her. Meet says now don’t disturb me I have planned to drive this car whole night we nned to reach by tomorrow morning.

Babita standing in balcony. Raj walks to her says I’m feeling happy after reaching here, this place is full of positivity and offer her tea. Babita lost somewhere. Raj ask where are you lost. Babita says I’m worried about Meet. Raj says then something is different because you are thinking about Meet. Raj guve her tea and they start drinking. Babita thinks I’m worried will she be able to bring Meet Ahlawat here.

Meet Ahlawat wakes up. Meet says good morning and will give you tea in sometime. Meet Ahlawat see people chanting for god and says to Meet will you open my handcuffs or not. Meet says why not or else everyone will think you as thief.

A man a lady walking suspiciously. Someone announces to buy coupon to worship god, handle your stuff with care along with your baby. Lady see police. Man hold her and ask her to leave.

Meet open his handcuffs.

Man says don’t be worried or else they will doubt us and don’t look at basket or else everyone will know. Baby start crying. Man ask did you give this baby medicine or not and ask her to help. Man take out medicine from his pocket and give it to baby. Women try to cover the scene. He ask her to leave.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat come out car. Man ask Pooja to bring out coupon for darshan. Meet and Meet Ahlawat standing beside them. Pooja guve him coupon. Meet Ahlawat says now you can’t stop me I’m leaving. While leaving they exchange the basket unconsciously.

Meet stop him says you can’t leave. Meet carrying basket with baby. Meet Ahlawat says go out of my way, now we both are not related. Meet says stop for Dad. Meet Ahlawat stop walking. Meet says atleast stop to build your relation with father, 7 days you will be with hime and on pilgrimage everyone’s wish come true, you want to be with your dad on pilgrimage. Meet Ahlawat agree and he recieve voice message from Neelu. He hear message of Barfi reminding him of his promise given to her infront of Deep. Meet Ahlawat get’s angry says I’m leaving. Meet stops him ask what happen, when did Neelum become more important than father. Meet Ahlawat says leave my hand and don’t stop me, he walks away.

Meet Ahlawat hear pandit talking about pooja for dead people who met with accident. Meet Ahlawat remember Deep thinks he also died in accident god knows if they called us here for something like this.

Neelu walking in corridor. Isha reading some quotes on her situation. Neelu get’s angry says did you see what Meet did she kidnapped my husband. Isha says so sad. Neelu says your bhabhi ruined my plan. Isha says stop blaming her because you came in between, you try to steal him, you know how much they love eachother and I told you earlier you can’t seprate them and let me tell this time they will be together when they come back.

Meet with basket in her hand walking. Meet Ahlawat walks to her. Meet says you are staying, I know you will choose dad. Meet thinks I wish to find out the reason behind marriage don’t know if Raj also forgive him after knowing the reason. A duppata from an god idol falls on them. They remove duppata feom them and gets awkward. Meet Ahlawat walks away.

Meet says if someone is hiding something and is unable to tell so he can write it in letter and tie it to a tree so that godess will fulfill his wish. Meet thinks I have to find out what he wrote in letter there are chances I get to know the reason behind marriage

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