Meet 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update : Meet gets Meet Ahlawat’s note

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Kamal sees Meet Ahlawat in a room and recognise him and sees basket as well. Kamal says basket looks intact which means they haven’t opened it and I will exchange it and if they don’t agree and removes his knife.
Police arrives in hotel for routine check.

Raj and Neet arrive in storeroom, manager says if you want your relative can stay here. Meet keeps sneezing and says its difficult to stay here and Meet Ahlawat has allergy too.

Kamal with Ahlawat’s in line for bag check. Meet and Raj arrive and ask what is happening. Inspector says general routine check. Kamal has his eyes on Meet’s basket. Inspector asks to check Meet’s basket, Kamal gets scared. Manager arrives there and says Rajvardhan is very respectful person checking his luggage will be very wrong. Raj says its fine its their duty. Inspector leaves with Manager.

Kamal picks Meet’s basket but Meet arrives there. Raj says this is our basket. Kamal says I am staying in room next to yours with my wife and I lost my receipt so looking for it. Meet says helpdesk will give you duplicate receipt. Kamal says Thankyou. Raj asks Meet to make him his special tea. Meet says I have already made arrangements. Raj says you are the best. Meet says what have you decided about room. Raj says lets go. Kamal says I have to get this basket come what may.

Raj tells Babita that room is arranged. Kamal sees manager has left and stove is on table.

Meet says to Babita we found the room but Meet Ahlawat has to adjust because he is tall and its store room and ita so dusty I was sneezing all the time. Babita says Raj you found such place for your son. Meet Ahlawat says if Dad finds it okay, I have no issues.
Kamal messes with the stove so that it blasts and he can take the basket, he leaves stove on table and leaves.

Babita says to Raj, Meet Ahlawat has dust allergy how can he stay there. Raj says he can stay and says lets go offer chunari.
Meet Ahlawat very happy.

Kamal says to Puja, we have stolen that baby with great difficulty and now God is testing us that how far we can go to get our baby and so I will leave no stones unturned. Puja asks what will you do. Kamal says you don’t worry about it I have managed.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat making tea. Meet says I will make sure you and Papa unite this trip. Meet tries to light the stove.
Puja and Kamal hiding and watching, Puja says how can you do this. Kamal says I have to and you are reason behind all this.

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat stove isn’t working, Meet Ahlawat says let me try. Meet says you will. Meet Ahlawat says yes I can and starts trying. Baby starts making noise. Meet goes to check in the basket. Meet about to open, Meet Ahlawat hurts his hand. Meet rushes to help him. Meet Ahlawat gets Neelam’s call, he receives it, its Barfi. Barfi says you didn’t reply to my message, I have warned you what is happening are you coming back. Meet Ahlawat says I will stay here. Barfi says for Meet. Meet Ahlawat says for my friend Deep and tells Barfi about the pooja and he will return once done.
Neelam asks Barfi what pooja. Barfi thinks Neelam shouldn’t find out Deep is no more.

Kamal waiting for the blast. Meet in tears trying to light stove, she again hears baby noise.
Neelam asks Barfi what is it. Neelam says to Meet Ahlawat why isn’t he coming back, you promised you won’t leave me and if you don’t come back I will kill myself I don’t care. Barfi takes phone you do your work and scolds Neelam.
Barfi says to Neelam pray that Meet Ahlawat’s work is done properly.

Meet goes vhrck basket but stove blasts. Kamal rushes in with Puja, he sees Meet fallen on basket. Meet Ahlawat rushes to Meet and asks Meet is she fine and scolds her and says what would I do without you. Meet Ahlawat in tears. Meet says she is fine. Meet Ahlawat asks who are these people. Meet says our neighbours. Kamal says we heard loud noise so we came. Meet Ahlawat says sorry to disturb you.
Raj calls Meet and asks them to join him. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat you go ahead I will clean this up and join and don’t tell them. Meet Ahlawat says be careful.

Ahlawat’s near Mannat tree.
Meet says here is prasad for Akhand Diya. Meet asks Raj why they are here. Raj says if you have something to tell someone but you can’t, write it here and tie to the tree and God will help you only if you believe in it. Meet says like any problem, Raj says yes and if he has faith while writing God will definitely help you. Meet says its nice.

Meet writes on her paper and thinks Meet Ahlawat eveb you write what is the issue because of which you had to marry Neelam. Meet ties her paper to tree. Meet Ahlawat thinks may be by writing my issues I will feel a little better.
Meet Ahlawat thinks about Deep’s death and his deal.with Barfi and how the events ruined his life. Meet prays to God to patch up things between Raj and Meet Ahlawat.

Kamal and Puja trying to get in Ahlawat’s room.
Raj says lets go for aarti. Meet says you all go ahead I will.go get basket and thinks also I will check Meet Ahlawat’s note.

Kamal and Puja get in and find that the basket is missing. Kamal gets angry. Puja says calm down, basket must be with them lets go find it.
Meet Ahlawat tells everyone that he has basket with him. Meet takes basket from Meet Ahlawat and they leave.

Ahlawat’s in temple for aarti. Baby pees and Meet says fr where did water come from basket. Babita says Meet Ahlawat must have kept it on something wet don’t worry, forget it. Meet says everyone is busy in darshan till then I will.go check Meet Ahlawat’s note.

Meet keeps basket on the floor takes another paper to write and walks towards the tree. Babita prays to God, I want Raj and Meet Ahlawat to patch up. Meet Ahlawat thinks, I will never get rid of this problem but thank you for letting me take darshan with Dad and help me find the strength to deal with this problem.
Meet takes note and says sorry God to do this but I have find the truth. Meet opens letter but it flows because of air and falls in water and half letter gets wipped out and Meet doesn’t find the reason.

Raj asks Meet where is she, and asks Meet to get the basket to cooking section. Meet walks with the basket.

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