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Meet Ahlawat with haby in room cribbing about Meet because she didn’t informed anyone if she got injection or not and didn’t informed anyone till yet.

Barfi give dress to Neelu and says wear this and shut there mouth. Neelu say’s I cannot wear it’s smells like alcohol. Sunaina says we tried this dree infront of your mom. Barfi insist her to wear.

Raj, Babita and Meet Ahlawat waiting for Meet. Meet Ahlawat thinks how careless she is. Raj says why did you send her alone, Meet Ahlawat could have gone. Babita says that’s what I’m trying to explain Meet Ahlawat was going but she started saying I want to go. Raj says but still you send her alone. Kamal listen everything says you shouldn’t have send her alone this place is already far away from main city. Meet Ahlawat says she is Sub Inspector she knows how to take care of herself. Raj says that’s the problem everyone don’t think her as normal girl. Meet Ahlawat calls her but she didn’t pick. Meet Ahlawat says thinks I have to do something he give baby to Babita and leave to look for her. Kamal get’s happy says now nobody can stop is.

Meet Ahlawat in car says I’m so angry on Meet but still I’m worried about her, he calls her but she didn’t answer.

Neelu with dress walking she stumble into table and fall down. A candle fall on dress and lit it on fire. Barfi helps Neelu to get up. Masum looks at dress says if I get caught I would also have done something like this, she looks innocent but is she really is.

Meet Ahlawat looking for Meet, see her car on fire get worried and start looking for her, he saw her lying behind a tree unconscious. Meet Ahlawat walks to her says I won’t let anything happen to you, he pick her up and run towards car.

Everyone in Neelu’s room. Sunaina says to her let doctor do checkup it’s not a good sign you fall down suddenly. Neelu says I’m fine now, I was tiered didn’t had good sleep last night and the smell of alcohol was non bearable for me. Barfi says I understand you. Sunaina ask Isha to stay with Neelu for night. Barfi says no need you can sleep in your room, she can sleep with me like usual. Masum thinks last night Neelu was not in her room when I came either Barfi is lying or neelu is hiding something.

Raj worried about Meet. Babita says they are not herein should have call them and ask. Raj says no need he must be driving. Pooja walks to them says don’t be worried everything will be fine. They see baby is alone. Kamal says we have to act fast tonight only then we can have our own boy, think something. Pooja see Raj and Babita are busy, she pinch baby and he wakes up. Babita hold baby. Pooja says give it to me I’ll handle baby. Babita give her baby. Meet Ahlawat walks in with Meet in her hand. Everyone gets worried. Meet Ahlawat says her car was on fire in last moment she jumped out of car. Doctor walks in she check her says she will gain her consciousness in sometime. Kamal and Pooja get’s anxious. Pooja try to walk away with baby, she leaves the room. Kamal also start walking out of room. Doctor says I’ll write few medicine get it for her. Meet wakes up. Meet Ahlawat ask her how are you. Meet says I’m fine but where is baby. Babita says baby is here it’s with Pooja. Meet run out to see baby.

Pooja and Kamal in corridor, Meet and Meet Ahlawat walk to them. Meet picks baby and asks Pooja where were you taking her. Pooja says she was crying so I got her here. Meet says thankyou I will take care and scolds Meet Ahlawat, everyone leave. Kamal and Pooja get angry.

Meet sings song for baby, Meet sees Meet Ahlawat and asks do you want to pick her, Meet Ahlawat says no, I wanted to tell you that you can take care of baby and after car accident I feel someone is behind this baby so you should go back to Chandigarh. Meet says I never run from situations and what will you do alone here. Meet Ahlawat says I will wait for police answer. Meet says to him we decided to take care of baby together and we should catch him red handed. Meet Ahlawat asks how. Meet says look we don’t know who the culprit is but we know culprit is behind us so lets trap him and meanwhile we can do Yatra. Meet Ahlawat says God will take care of baby.
Meet thinks even I will find the reason and unite Papaji and Meet.

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