Meet 6th November 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet gets into a Trouble.

Meet 6th November 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Barfi is finding Neelu, but she doesn’t find her anywhere. She tries to call her but her phone rings in the her room. Barfi sees a her suitcase on her bed all ready and packed up. Barfi thinks that she has gone after Meet. Babita is approaching Neelam while calling her name. Barfi listens her calling and she hides the suitcase before Babita could enter. Babita comes out closes the door. Babita asks her, why did she close the door when she arrived. Barfi makes an excuse that Neelam has eye infection, so lets leave her alone. Babita asks her if she’s okay? Babita tells her that Neelam is resting, and she tells Babita that she thinks that she cannot come at the ritual. Babita says that it’s okay, she did the fast, that’s enough. Babita tells Barfi to take care of Neelam and leaves. Barfi is getting irritated by Neelam, and she says, what was the need for going after Meet.

Meet and Meet Alhawat are dancing together. Meet hugs Meet Alhawat. Meet Alhawat wishes Meet happy anniversary. Meet wishes him back, and thanks him. Meet Alhawat tells Meet that whenever he thinks about the day when they met, it seems like it was yesterday. Meet Alhawat asks Meet, do you what happened after they met? Meet asks him, what? Meet Alhawat says that his heart whispered that you’re my soulmate, and this happens to the best of us. Meet Alhawat tells Meet that he wants to spend his whole life with her, because she’s his life. Meet gets excited. Meet Alhawat grabs her hand starts dancing again.

Masoom asks Babita, where is Neelam? Babita tells her that she suffering eye infection, so she won’t be able to come for the worshiping, so she will do on her behalf . Masoom asks Babita if she can again tells the procedure to worship. Babita gets angry and says that she teaches her every year again she’s asking for the same. Ragini tells Babita that, she will explain her. Ragini tells Masoom about the history that why are worshiping. Babita says that every mother does a fast on this day for their child’s well being and healthiness. Everyone starts praying.

Meet Alhawat and Meet are dancing together while gazing at each other. Meet sees someone walking behind all the decorations and gets cautious.

Everybody is completing the religious rituals. Babita picks up a plate and tells everyone to pick up kalava for their children. Ragini picks one up and Babita tells Ragini that she will courier these Kalavas to their children. Babita tells everyone that they have successfully completed the worshiping and now they can open their fast after seeing the starts at the night. Babita ties Kalava on everybody’s wrists. Everyone leaves except Ragini. Ragini picks up a Kalava. Babita sees her doing this and wonders that why is she picking up one more kalava.

Meet tells Meet Alhawat that somebody also there except them. Meet tells her that nobody is their and continues to dance. Meet decides that she should check who’s following them. Meet asks Meet Alhawat if he relies on her? Meet replies, yes. Then Meet tells him to close his eyes, because she has a surprise for him. Meet closes his eyes. Meet tells him to don’t open his eyes until she comes back. Meet leaves to check who else is there. Meet searches for the person by listening to the footsteps. Meet shouts that she knows that somebody is here, and says if you have enough guts then come in right in front of her. Meet Alhawat is still waiting for Meet to come back. Meet is standing in the coridor and Neelam shows up from behind and pushes her inside a room and locks her in. Meet starts hitting on the door and shouts to open the door, whoever is behind. Neelam leaves. Meet thinks that she was right, somebody is after her, she could be the same person who placed flowers in her bedroom. Neelam is wearing same dress as Meet but with a mask. Meet is still struggling to open the door. Neelam walks upto Meet Alhawat. He asks her, where was she gone? Neelam places Meet Alhawat’s hand on her waist and starts dancing. Meet climbs up to the window and sees her dancing with Meet Alhawat. Meet wonders that who is she wearing the same dress as her. Neelam is dancing with Meet Alhawat. Neelam grabs Meet Alhawat’s hand. Meet says that she doesn’t look like Neelam and can’t even see her face because of mask. Meet notices that the door isn’t locked, she can open it.
Meet Alhawat asks what is the surprise. Meet falls down and tries to open the door.

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