Meet 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Meet ask Meet Ahlawat about the owner of pen

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Barfi receive call from Meet Ahlawat but she lost because of Neelu’s reply so didn’t pick call. He calls her again, Barfi pick call. Meet Ahlawat says I know it’s Meet who is trying to find everything about us you were right but don’t worry I didn’t tell her anything, do you know who sent gift to Isha, I’ll be back soon after the pooja and will find out about the person. Barfi says no don’t be in hurry do pooja properly. Meet Ahlawat says okay and hungs up.
Barfi thinks how will I tell you it’s Neelu who send the gift for Isha.

Meet Ahlawat sitting for pooja with Deep’s photo doing ritual. Pandit ask do you have any belonging of your friend. Meet Ahlawat take out silver pen which he took from Meet.

Babita says to Meet he made a strong bond with baby the he cannot leave him alone for so much time, it’s strange Meet Ahlawat didn’t come till yet to pamper baby and ask Meet to take care of baby as she going for pooja. Meet thinks he is out where he could be.

Meet Ahlawat put silver pen in a bowl and give to pandit. Pandit ask him to keep that bowl at temples threshold. Meet Ahlawat in tears start walking.

Meet in market call rickshaw. Kamal disguised ask Rickshaw man thinks it’s god’s grace she is alone with baby, today he won’t be able to escape from me, she will sit in rickshaw and I’ll run away with baby.

Panipat ask Meet Ahlawat to keep the bowl and ask to pray for your friend.

Meet in market with baby walking towards rickshaw. Meet Ahlawat leave. The bowl with the pen fall down infront of Meet, she walks to check and see the pen, she remembers about the pen. A pandit walks to her says today a pooja is been done in temple for peace of sole, so it must be related to same pooja and due to wind it must have have fallen from upstairs, Pandit walks away. Meet thinks about the pen.

Neelu walks in room with pooja thali. Barfi remembers Neelu hitting her on head. Neelu ask her how are you. Barfi ask her where were you. Neelu says I was in jagrata I took permission from you. Barfi says tell me truth. Neelu try to put her hand on Barfi’s head. Barfi push her hand and thali away, she says I never thought my daughter will stand infront of me in hideous look with short clothes and smelling alcohol. Neelu says what are you saying to me. Barfi says you threaten me to break my hand, hit me on head. Neelu says do you think I can do this, you are lying. Barfi says tell me everything or I’ll kill you. Neelu says I didn’t do anything. Barfi says tell me truth or I’ll kill. Neelu sobbing.

Meet ask rickshaw to look for someone else. Kamal get down bring out knife thinks if I have to hurt you to get baby I’ll do. Meet walk away he follows him.

Pandit ask Meet Ahlawat to write Deep’s name on blank paper.

Meet looking for the person who kept the pen. Kamal following her.
Meet Ahlawat writes Deep name on paper. Meet standing behind Meet Ahlawat saw him doing pooja, she ask him about pooja. Meet Ahlawat get’s alert after listening her voice, he hide the paper and photo. Meet walks to him ask what are you doing. He throws paper in havan, she take the paper out and ask him for who’s sole you were doing this pooja tell me, she show him pen and says I understood Isha is connected to the owner of this pen, Isha told me about accident and she wanted to meet that person but you didn’t allow her, tell me who is that person and how is she connected. Meet Ahlawat get’s numb and thinks Meet know Isha did an accident and that person is dead soon she will know it was Deep. Meet Ahlawat shouts I was doing pooja for our baby but you cane in between and ruined everything. Meet says you are lying and if you didn’t tell me truth I’ll die. Meet Ahlawat says I don’t care, I told you everything now I have nothing to tell. Meet says okay I didn’t want to do but you left me no choice. Meet calls Raj and says I want to talk something important to you, she try to tell about Meet Ahlawat but he snatches his phone. Raj hear Meet shouting from other side of the phone. Meet push a man he stumble and his plate hit Kamals leg and he start bleeding. Meet try to take her phone. Kamal walk away. Raj says disconnects says I don’t understand them, are they acting or fighting in real to catch the culprit. Meet says to him I’ll go to Raj and tell everything when he will question then you will spill out everything.
Meet Ahlawat says go and tell Raj but before going listen to me, if I was in condition to tell you, I would have done it never try to hide it from you, if you ever loved me so please don’t tell, now everything is upto you. Meet Ahlawat walks away.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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