Meet 8th October 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahlawats and Police looking for Meet and baby.

Meet 8th October 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kamal dragging Meet towards lake to drown her. Meet inside sack pray to god for baby. Meet Ahlawat in car being restless and remembers everything Meet said to him.
Pooja ask Kamal to carry baby so she can drag Meet. Meet wake-up inside sack.
Police officer stop Meet Ahlawat and ask him about baby. Meet Ahlawat says baby is with my wufe she is on her way to police station already. Inspector says you wife didn’t show. Meet Ahlawat says that’s not possible I saw her going to police station after temple, no worries I’ll call and ask her. Meet Ahlawat remembers having Meet’s phone. Inspector says from last 1 hour I’m trying to contact your wife, you both were so confident about keeping baby but you don’t even know about baby. Meet Ahlawat says give me some time I’ll come to police station with baby.

Kamal walks to a tap to drink water. Pooja ask him how much far more. Kamal says it’s near and after that we can get our baby.

Babita get’s call from Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat ask her about Meet and baby. Raj and Babita says we have no news. Raj ask Babita to put phone on speaker and ask him about situation. Meet Ahlawat says I’m unable to contact Neet and I have her phone. Raj scolds him for his behaviour and ask him to search for Meet. Babita says I’m getting worried please find her. He says I’ll go and see in temple, I saw her last there.

Kamal and Pooja dragging Meet towards lake.

Meet Ahlawat enter temple looking for Meet, he saw someone with baby he walks toward them and find out she is not Meet. Meet Ahlawat apologies them and start searching her. He saw baby’s toy on ground and start searching for clues to reach Meet. Meet Ahlawat after finding clues says I think they both are in danger. He calls inspector says I think Meet and Baby is kidnapped. Babita and Raj walks to him. Raj start scolding Meet Ahlawat. Meet Ahlawat says I believe they are kidnapped we have to save them.

There is an announcement of missing Meet and Baby. Kamal and Pooja get’s scared. Kamal says to Pooja it’s dangerous to go to lake we have to kill her here, he brings out knife. Pooja stops him says we will get caught if they find dead body. Kamal says let’s take her dharamshala and think about her, they start walking.

Barfi with Neelu in market. Barfi ask Neelu about truth. Neelu says truth is I was at Gupta’s house for jagrata. A man bump into Neelu. Barfi scolds him he leaves and wink at Neelu. Neelu says I’m not feeling good let’s go home. Barfi says we will after knowing truth. Barfi walking turns around and see Neelu us missing.

Kamal and Pooja get Meet back to dharamshala. Meet pray god for strength to save baby. Kamal bring her inside room. Kamal and Pooja lock Meet inside cupboard. They hear police siren.

Raj, Meet Ahlawat and Babita meet inspector. Inspector says we have surrounded this area just pray to god you find them all good. Kamal and Pooja listening them from there window. Raj says I believe they must be nearby put your strength to find them. Inspector says don’t worry our security is tight and our men are looking for them. Kamal close window.

Pooja ask now what we will do Kamal they will caught us know. Kamal says keeo hope our wish will come true. Kamal looks a pot says they won’t be able to find this baby today.

Barfi looking for Neelu in market. A man shouts what happen. Barfi get’s scared and goes check, finds the man who bumped into them injured and ask who hit you, hw points to a direction she follows.

Ahlawats and police trying to find baby. Babita ask Raj to take rest. Raj says I’m fine first we find them I’ll be more fine and start looking for them.

Inspector and Meet Ahlawat looking for them in Dharamshala. Inspector says I’ll search for them don’t worry and they leave.

Pooja ask Kamal how will we succeed. Kamal says we have to do pooja tonight and offer this baby. Pooja says what if someone take the baby. They hear a knock on door. Meet Ahlawat and Inspector enter room. Inspector ask to search the room.



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