Mera pyaar… Part 15 (Confrontation and anger..)

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Neha is seen sitting in a park..

Neha in mind:Abir..i came to udaipur for you only. I know i did wrong that time to get you in which you started hating me.. but this time i wont do any such mistake to get you but i will get you at any cost. If i dint get you..then i will die.

Neha goes to abir’s house and rings the bell and swarna opens the door..

Swarna:who are you?

Neha:namaste aunty..iam abir’s college friend. Can i meet him?

Swarna:ohh..come in beta. I will call Abir from his room..

Swarna makes neha sit in sofa and she calls Abir and abir gets shocked seeing neha and he drags her out of the house angrily..

Abir:how dare you come to my house..

Neha:Abir.. please forget the past. I know i did wrong that time to get you but i just got hatred and now i realised my mistake.. please forgive me.

Abir:if i want to forgive and forget then please leave me..never come infront of me hereafter.

Neha:Abir..i love you..i can’t live without you Abir. Now iam not doing any wrong things to get please accept me.

Abir:iam sorry neha..i don’t love you and i cant love you.. please don’t force me..

Neha:if you don’t love me now it’s okay..but why can’t you love me in future?

Abir:the stain which you made on my heart can’t be removed neha. If you want i can forgive you but can’t love you.. please understand it.

Neha: i can’t live without you Abir..i will die if i dint get you.. just marry me and live with me that’s enough. Maybe after getting into that relationship you may fall in love..

Abir gets angry and shouts..

Abir: don’t try to force or blackmail me neha..i told i can’t love you and i won’t marry you also understood? Your blackmail will not work on me neha.. please leave from here before i drag you.

Neha:no Abir..iam telling truth..i will die if i dint get you.. please..

Abir slaps neha..

Abir: what do you think yourself neha? At first you did such work in trying to get me and now you are trying by blackmailing huh? Listen.. whatever you do it’s waste of your time as i wont look at you at any cost. So please move on and don’t come in front of me again..

Neha gets her Father’s call and gets tensed..

Neha:fine..iam going now but iam not blackmailing. I will really die if i dint get you that’s it..

Neha goes while Abir goes to cak to the room angrily and throws his pillows in anger..

Mishti reaches college and sees rohit and goes to him..

Mishti:hey rohit..


Mishti: actually i came to tell you that Abir that is my friend please forgive him. He is not bad as i know him since i born and he did it please forgive him. Iam upset on him for his sudden mistake but he is really good.

Rohit:it’s okay Mishti..i already forgiven him.

Mishti smiles..

Mishti:that’s so nice of you.

Mishti then goes to class and sits with kuhu while Rohit gets angry and crushes his own palms..

Rohit in mind: i did acting to save you but you aren’t praising me but you are understanding that guy who you think he did mistake.. nonsense. But i won’t leave my hardwork..i will get you anyhow.

Kuhu:hey Mishti..i know Abir did wrong by doubting but he apologized right then why are you still upset on him?

Mishti:to teach him a good lesson so that he won’t do this mistake again..

Kuhu:so..but you are not upset from heart?

Mishti:no..he is my childhood friend and my fun and fightpartner too then how can i be upset with him? Iam just pretending to teach him a lesson.

Kuhu:then when will you talk to him?

Mishti:today evening..I’ll call him to park and talk.

Kuhu:that’s good.


Kartik drops naira in dance academy and he was driving towards his office and suddenly he puts a break seeing a girl in front of him but it hits her light..

Kartik:ohh no..i will go and check her whether she is fine.

Kartik goes and sees the girl bowing her head down holding her knee..

Kartik: excuse me..

The girl get up and looks him and kartik gets shocked seeing niya and niya too gets shocked and suprised seeing kartik..



They both recall their first meet..


Kartik was driving his car and suddenly he hits a girl and he runs to her..

Kartik:excuse me..iam really sorry..are you fine?

The girl who was burying her head lifts and looks up at him..

Niya:yeah..iam fine.

Kartik gets mesmerized seeing her..


Suddenly kartik gets angry recalling her cheat..

Kartik:you are fine right?


Kartik turns to go but niya comes and hugs him emotionally..

Niya:kartik..i missed you so much. Why dint you come to Mumbai till now.. dint you miss me huh? And why are you going without even talking to me?

Kartik pushes away niya and..

Kartik: don’t act smart niya. You told that you missed me right..what did you miss? Did you missed me that i couldn’t watch you and your true love rehaan announcing love to the world huh?

Niya gets shocked..

Niya in mind:so he saw the news as i thought.. now i will execute my plan..

Niya:kartik actually..

Kartik: actually you ditched me that’s it. Now iam just continue enjoying your life with your true love..

Kartik was about to go but niya shouts crying..

Niya cries:kartik..i don’t love rehaan. I just love you.. please don’t leave me.

Kartik gets angry and he turns and holds her..

Kartik:why are you lying? I saw the news and watched it from you tube also..then why are you trying to lie? Don’t try to fool me..

Niya: iam sorry kartik to hide something’s. I swear on myself that i don’t love rehaan now..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:what do you meant by now?

Niya:i mean..i loved rehaan in past and not now. I loved him head over heels but one day he cheated me with other i broke up with him and started to focus on my career and that’s when i met you one day like today and..

Kartik: don’t create stories. If this is true..then why did you bring rehaan and announced love?

Niya:that..that was due to his blackmail kartik. After i broke up with him..his girlfriend too broke up with him as she got to know about me and rehaan. And rehaan pointed me as the reason for his girlfriend’s break up..

Kartik:i can’t understand..

Niya: so he thought to take revenge on me and he got to know about our love and on my birthday..when i found you haven’t came to Mumbai..i thought to announce myself that i and you love each other but before that rehaan came and blackmailed me to tell that i and he love each other and that’s why i lied to the world…

Niya cries while kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:how can i believe you niya?

Niya gets shocked..

Niya:what? Don’t you believe your love kartik? I thought you trust me..

Kartik in mind: nowadays..i don’t get any feelings for niya like before. Iam just always filled with naira’s thoughts and even with trust..i only able to trust naira and my family. Now also my heart is not trusting niya..i don’t know why.

Kartik:i trust but..

Niya:it’s okay if you don’t believe me..but i will show the evidence.

Niya brings rehaan’s mother laila..

Laila:kartik beta..i and niya share a great bond. Today i came with her for outing and luckily we saw you. After my son stupid son ditched her..she became depressed and i only made her comfortable and i broke all relations with my son rehaan. Then i prayed for her life and luckily she got you..and she told a lot about you..

Kartik looks on..

Laila: and i guess you both were planning to announce your love publicly but as you were not son took advantage and use that chance for revenge.. please forgive me for that beta. But don’t be angry on niya then i can’t forgive myself for what my son did. I don’t have relation with rehaan but i share a relation with niya as a daughter as she is..

Niya cries:iam an know it..

Kartik gets convinced due to laila..

Kartik: iam sorry niya for misunderstanding you..and please don’t cry.. now you have laila aunty right?

Niya happily hugs kartik but this time kartik feels uncomfortable and he moves her away..

Kartik: niya.. evening come to my house..i should tell you something important. Now i need to go college soon as it’s already late..bye.

Kartik goes in car thinking..

Kartik in mind: now i really felt uncomfortable on Niya’s hug..iam just feeling nice with naira. Maybe as the days love has vanished but it’s good as i can’t leave naira for niya. Now i can live happily with naira without guilty..and i should tell naira about niya.We can be friends with niya..and iam sorry lord for misunderstanding niya.

Niya feels Happy..

Niya in mind:kartik wants to talk with me something important..maybe he is going to suprise me or do some romantic so excited.

Laila: niya..i want to send you jail for doing wrong. Anyways now tell me where is my son?

Niya smirks and recalls her plan..


Niya was walking to park and suddenly she sees kartik driving cycle (when naira was far behind and so niya couldn’t notice her) and gets shocked and suprised..

Niya in mind:when did kartik come? He never called’s ok maybe he would have lot of work pressure in college. But i will suprise him..but wait..if he had seen the news..maybe that’s why he is avoiding me. I should do something..

Niya thinks something and goes to rehaan’s house and his mother opens the door..

Laila:niya? Why did you come here after leaving my i dont know where my son is also because of you. For past 2 years i couldn’t control him and now i don’t know where he disappeared..just leave from here.

Niya:i know where he is..

Laila gets shocked..

Laila:then tell me..

Niya:i can’t tell you unless you help me..

Laila gets angry..

Laila: you are a dare you blackmail me? Just tell me where my son is..

Niya: if you can’t help me then search for your son yourself..why do i help you?

Niya was about to leave but laila Stops her..

Laila: fine..i will help you. Tell me what to do?

Niya smirks and tells her plan and laila agrees to it..

Niya in mind:i know you will go college tomorrow..i will execute the plan on your way by making a scene like our first meet that you will get suprised..



Laila: now tell me where is my son?

Niya:iam sorry to tell this.. your son is coma in xyz hospital. He met with accident some days before..

Laila gets shocked and she has many doubts of how it happened and how does she know but she never asks any as her love for son overpowers her thoughts and so runs crying to hospital…

Niya: now my route is kartik will suprise me and soon we will get married.



Bani feels bored and misses veer and calls him but he doesn’t pick..

Bani:what is this..after yesterday he is really not talking to me. I just told that so that he will stay with me more apologising but it happened ulta.. i guess he is thinking that he is not disturbing me but he is really disturbing more now by not talking to me. I will go to his house now..

Bani goes to veer’s house and rings the bell and sumitra opens the door..

Sumitra:bani beta..come in..

Bani:aunty..where is veer? I couldn’t meet him since morning..

Sumitra: don’t know what happened to he dint go to office also..he is sleeping from yesterday.

Bani:i will wake him up..

Bani goes to room and sees veer sleeping and smiles..

Bani:you are too much are sleeping peacefully after disturbing my see what I’ll do.

Bani goes near veer and shouts on his ear..


Veer wakes up in jerk in fear while bani laughs..

Bani:wow..a guy who was sleeping like sleeping beauty got awakenened hearing cockroach..haha..

Veer feels heavy headache and holds his head..

Veer in mind:what’s happening with me? I slept most of the hours from yesterday night but still i am feeling unwell..shall i consult doctor..

Bani: veeeeerrrrrr..

Veer realises that bani is there and looks her..

Veer:iam sorry bani..woh..

Bani: what happened to you suddenly veer? Why are you behaving weird.. yesterday i pretended to unaccept your apology to make you stay there long but you immediately went and now i came here for you..but..

Veer:Iam sorry bani.. actually i feel headache that’s why.

Bani:ohh..iam sorry for disturbing you..take rest. We will meet later on when you are okay..

Bani goes while veer feels upset..

Veer in mind:why god has created villains in a love story? Now my illness has become a villain..i thought to spend amazing time with bani whenever i get time but now i couldn’t spend even when she comes..ohh lord.

He stands up and walks towards washroom but he falls down half unconscious as he gets dizzy..

Veer in mind:i couldn’t even walk too..there is something serious..i should consult doctor.


Later Kartik comes home along with naira after picking her from dance academy..

Naira:uff..iam..iam so tired..why dint anyone create automatic food maker yet?it’s a difficult job to cook after dancing so long..

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:why do you worry when iam there? I will cook for us..

Naira:what?’s okay..i will cook.

Kartik: don’t think that it’s a burden..i can do anything for you.

Naira: actually..i dint think that it’s a burden for you..i was just scared for kitchen’s condition after you cook..

Kartik gets shocked while naira giggles seeing his reaction..

Kartik:i don’t know why god dint give you a don’t have pityness or humanity at all..

Kartik turns away from her while naira giggles and holds ears as an apology..

Naira:kartik..iam sorry..i was just joking…come lets cook together.

Kartik accepts and they both cook together..

Kartik:naira..i want to tell you something.

Naira:haan..tell kartik..

Kartik: actually..i..i misunderstood niya..she..she dint cheat me..

Naira gets shocked..


Kartik tells her about meeting niya and how laila made him understand while naira gets shocked and worried too..

Naira in mind:will kartik leave me? Ohh..gosh..first of all why am i thinking like this? It’s his he should decide..

In thinking that she hits her head-on up cabinet..


Kartik: what happened?

Kartik sees her head slightly bleeding and he immediately tends to it with wet cloth..

Kartik: can’t you be careful huh?

Naira:iam sorry..

Kartik: it’s ok..but be careful next time orelse i will scold you.

Naira:ok i will be careful. then tell me one thing..then can live with..niya right as your misunderstanding got cleared?

Kartik gets angry hearing it and he holds her shoulders and shakes her angrily..

Kartik:are you nuts naira? Why should i live with her when iam married to you..first of all i don’t have any feelings for her now as i moved on..i guess you don’t want me that’s why you are indirectly telling to leave you.

Naira:no..kartik..i..i don’t want anyone in my life except you because i can only trust you and lo..i mean i can also be free with you like my family..but i thought you will be happy with her..

Kartik holds her closer and..

Kartik:naira..look into my eyes..i just cleared the misunderstanding with niya that’s it. I already told you that my happiness lies on you and my family..and moreover i don’t know how to say and what to heart tells me to live with you and not i want to live with you.

Naira looks his eyes deeply and..

Naira: but why is your heart telling to live with me?

Kartik: don’t know..maybe as we very best friends and since we are together from your birth..

Naira smiles emotionally..

Naira:even my heart tells the same thing..even i want to live with you. I just thought you will be happy with your love..that’s why i told like that and iam sorry for hurting you two times..iam really sorry.

Kartik smiles..

Kartik:it’s okay..but don’t forget one told that she is my you are i dont have any feelings for don’t address her as my love next time.


Kartik:and..i asked her to come at evening to our house. So we will tell the truth of our that she will prepare to move on..

Naira worries..

Naira:she loves it will be very difficult when we..

Kartik:i know it will be hard for her to accept the fact but what to’s her fate. I called her here to tell as i know you will somehow pacify her if she is broken..

Naira:acha..we will deal it.


PRECAP:- Kartik and naira reveals their marriage..will niya accept and move on?. Veer gets shocked. Abir and Mishti reconciles..

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