Mera pyaar… Part 18 (Jailed?)

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recap:- kaira attend party with niya. Neha jumps off the cliff after giving threatening to abir. Veer gets to know his disease and later decides to tell family after he hallucinates bani..


Kartik and naira were immersed in themselves..they never looked away even for a second as they got lost in their world..

Niya gets angry seeing this..

Niya in mind:now see what I’ll do naira..

She takes a wine from the counter top and goes near naira and spills on her dress and walks away before she sees her while naira gets shocked..

Naira:ohh noo..

Kartik:what happened?

Naira:someone poured wine on my dress..

Kartik:it’s okay..come..we will go and washroom and clean it..

Naira:it’s okay..i will go enjoy. I will come in some minutes..

Kartik:are you sure?


Naira goes to washroom and cleans her dress..’s smell is so bad..i cleaned my dress but still smell is will i go?

Niya watches this from outside and smiles and she locks the door and goes..

Niya:now you will have the real fun naira..

Naira in mind:it’s okay..i will go like this atself..i will try to manage.

Naira tries to go out but to her shock the door is locked..

Naira in mind:how did the door get locked? Ohh noo..

She taps on the door but nobody can hear her..

Naira shouts:hey.. someone open the door..

Niya goes to kartik who is standing alone..

Niya:kartik..where is naira?

Kartik: actually someone spilt wine on her she went for cleaning and still she haven’t came..

Niya:it will take time for girls to clean up kartik..why don’t you join me till she comes..iam boring here as i dont have any partner..

Kartik:no.. actually..

Niya:common na..

Niya pulls him for dance while kartik dances with her uninterestingly and also his mind searches for naira..

Je tenu dhoop lagya ve
Taan main chhaon ban jaavan
Teri khushiyon ke khaatir
Main saare jag se ladd jaavan

Hai meri yehi aarzoo
Ki tera hi main saath doon
Tera ban ke rahun
Sada main parchhavan

Tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Karta hoon main tujhse yeh vaada
Tere bagair na koyi dooja sohniye

Tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Chahun tujhe main khud se bhi zyada
Main ik pyasa tu neer bann ja sohniye

Ho ho ho ho…

Shaam sawere mere
Khwaab bhi tere tere
Neendon ki kar le choriyan

Li angdai toone
Dil pe lagai toone
Chahat ki yeh doriyan

Haathon mein hai haath tere
Hai jeena humein saath tere
Naam pe tere
Yeh zindagi kar jaavan

Tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Karta hoon main tujhse yeh vaada
Tere bagair na koyi dooja sohniye

Tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Chahun tujhe main khud se bhi zyada
Main ik pyasa tu neer bann ja sohniye

Aankhon ko sukoon nahi
Saamne jo tu nahi
Chain phir aata hi nahi

Tu jo mere paas hai
Har lamha mera khaas hai
Khushiyon se phir mai bhar jaavan

Tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Karta hoon main tujhse yeh vaada
Tere bagair na koyi dooja sohniye

Sohniye tu meri heer main tera ranjha
Chahun tujhe main khud se bhi zyada
Main ik pyasa tu neer bann ja sohniye

Kartik in mind:naira..come soon na..iam restless without you..

After an hour naira feels breatheless as there is no ventilation and she starts to feel dizzy and taps the door in a weak state..

Naira:so..some.. someone.. the door..

Naira faints down..

Kartik gets choking feeling and he immediately moves away from niya shocking her..

Niya: what happened kartik?

Kartik:i felt..i felt my naira is in trouble..i will go and check her..

Kartik leaves niya and goes while niya fumes..

Niya in mind: kartik..i thought while dancing you will get reminded of our times but your heart is only thinking of naira. And i only made her into problem but your heart found it.. what kind of love is this? You haven’t been like this to me..but i won’t lose..i will win my kartik back.

Kartik goes to washroom and sees the door locked outside and gets shocked..

Kartik in mind:who is that idiot who locked the washroom door outside?

Kartik opens the door and gets shocked seeing unconscious naira and he immediately picks her up and goes out of the venue and makes her lie on his lap and tries to wake her up..

Kartik:naira..naira..see iam here.. please get up..

Naira doesn’t wake up so kartik sprinkles water on her..

Kartik: please get up naira..see you are absolutely fine.. please get up..

Niya watches them angrily while kartik notices naira breatheless and gets shocked and he cries.. can’t can’t leave me and go.. please wake up. I can’t live without you naira.. please get up. You should wake up atleast for me..

He sees her in same position and he hugs her and cries..

Kartik: if something happens to you..I’ll die too you should wake up for me.. please..

Niya gets shocked..

Niya in mind:how did he fall for her this much? He..he never been like this with me for two years but they just married for 1 month but he is loving her as if they love from previous births..

Suddenly naira coughs and starts breathing and she opens eyes while kartik feels as if his lost soul returned to his body..

Kartik:naira..naira..are you fine?

Naira slowly:iam..iam fine kartik..

He hugs her tightly that even air can’t pass through them and cries..

Kartik:you know how scared was i when you were unconscious? I thought i will lose you..thank god krishnaji saved you.

Naira looks kartik’s eyes deeply and smiles..

Naira: krishnaji will make me fine atleast for you kartik. And he won’t do anything with me as he knows that we can’t live without each other as we lo..i mean we are together since i born..

Kartik:ok..then promise me.. wherever you should take me also..

Naira:to washroom also?

Kartik: especially to washroom only after today’s incident. I will wait outside and you can get ready and come out..

Naira:acha..i promise.

Kartik:ok..come lets go home.. you need rest.

Kartik takes naira home while niya goes irritated..

Niya in mind:this time i failed but not next time..i will see..

After sometime naira falls asleep while kartik sits near her and caresses her head and smiles..

Kartik:i feel something special made my heart special. Nowadays you turned into my heartbeat..each and every beat is reminding of you..why? Is it love? Ohh..krishnaji.. please solve this confusion of why iam getting like this..



Abir is in total shock while neha’s father kamal comes there with police..

Kamal: inspector sir.. arrest him..he is the one who killed my daughter by pushing off the cliff.

Abir gets shocked..

Abir:sir..i dint push..she..she committed suicide by jumping herself..

Kamal:i have evidence inspector sir..

Kamal shows the audio of neha and the photo of Abir and neha’s intimate scene and shows it to the inspector..

Kamal:see sir..this man have used her and cheated her and now he has pushed her off when my daughter confronted him…

Abir gets shocked..

Abir:lie..are you a father? Still you haven’t thrown that photo huh? It’s your daughter who gave me alcohol and made me unconscious and took fake intimate photos..and you know it already..and you also know that’s why i let my studies in between..


The day after college day Abir enters his college..

Abir: today i have to submit my project somehow..

As he enters he gets shocked seeing everyone glaring him and he goes to his friends..

Abir:arrey..Kunal what’s happening here? Why are everyone looking me like this?

Kunal:see..what neha did..i already told you not to keep friendship with see..

He shows the phone and abir gets shocked seeing his and neha’s intimate photo.. can..can..this photo..

Kunal:that idiot spiked your drink yesterday and she took you somewhere and we tried to stop you but she somehow she took you away..and i guess she did this work after she took you away.

Abir gets angry and goes and slaps neha..


Abir:you blo*dy fool..what did you tell me..tell me the truth orelse i won’t hesitate to slap you again..

Neha:Abir.. actually..j..

Abir: don’t try to lie..just twll me the truth..

Neha:Abir..i love you Abir. I proposed you many times but you rejected me telling that we are just friends. I can’t live without i spiked your drink and took you to a room and clicked our photos as if we are getting intimate so that everyone will think that you got united with me and…

Before she completes the sentence Abir slaps her hard..

Abir:how dare you do this.. don’t you have any shame neha? If you loved me truly then you would have respected my feelings but you..chi..

Neha:Abir.. please.. accept me..

Abir:shut up you nonsense. Already i don’t have any feelings and now i..i regret why i kept friendship with friends already told not to keep friendship with you but i dint listen them..and now i got the results for ignoring my friends.


Abir:from now.. don’t dare to come in front of me orelse i will lose my patience..

Abir goes away angrily while neha cries..

After somedays Kunal calls Abir when he is at home..

Abir:hey..Kunal..what’s up?

Kunal: this neha have created a huge havoc. You should have complained to Dean that day she did a very big blunder..


Kunal:she told everyone that you used her and thrown away using that everyone started to believe her as that photo is..

Abir gets angry and on next day of college Abir meets neha..

Neha:hey abir..

Abir: don’t act..i know what you did..are you an insane?how dare you..

Soon the crowd surrounds them and they start badmouthing Abir..

Girl 1: how cheap he is..he have used her and thrown away Just like a trash..a shameless guy. Poor Neha is suffering..

Boy 1:yes..i really feel pity for this innocent girl. Now he is scolding as if he did a good thing..

Abir hears it and feels bad while neha acts..

Neha cries:Abir..after getting United then why are you ditching me..think about my life once..

Abir:shut lier..

The crowd start to beat Abir..

Students:hey what’s your problem? After doing a sin by ditching her now why are hurting her more..she is pleading but you..chi..

Kunal and his two other friends somehow saves Abir from the crowd and brings him out..

Kunal:i would have bashed them if it was not a college.. especially that idiot neha.

Abir:i have decided..iam leaving college right now. I will go to udaipur back..

Kunal and two friends gets shocked..

Ram:but this was your dream and ambition..why are you wasting your ambition for that ..

Abir:to become an engineer was my ambition and music was my passion. And if iam here..i can’t become or achieve my ambition as my surroundings isn’t it’s better i go away to a peaceful place. I will focus on my passion..

Abir leaves from Ahmedabad even though his friends tried to stop him and one day neha came to Kunal..

Neha:Kunal..where is Abir? Why dint he come to college these many days?

Kunal:shut up and go away before i lose my cool..

Neha:he is my love..i did that so that he will marry me without any option or rejecting me..

Kunal:it’s not a’s a psychoness.. get lost you psycho..

Neha: please tell me..i can’t live without him..

Kunal:then go and die as he left this place. He went to his own place to concentrate on his passion..he left his own dreams and ambition because of just gt lost now.

Neha gets shocked..


Abir:it’s your daughter who framed me and i never did anything..

Kamal: inspector sir..if you want more proof..then ask his college then you will know it.

Inspector sees the photo and hears her audio and arrests Abir..

Inspector:mr.abur Goenka..this proof is enough for your doing..i do not need to find more evidence. If you are innocent then you should only provide evidence that this pic was lie and her suicide is true…can you provide it?

Abir: friends Kunal and ram know the truth..

Kamal: obviously your friends will support you even if you are a you have the proof?

Abir stands silent while inspector arrests him and goes..


Veer comes down to tell the family..

Veer:maa..papa..i need to tell something..

Sumitra:tell it beta..

Suddenly Akhilesh’s phone rings and he attends it..

Akhilesh:hello..who is this..

Few seconds later Akhilesh gets shocked..

Akhilesh:how is this possible? How can you conclude that my son killed her? You know how my son respects every girl..

Hearing this goenka’s gets shocked..

Akhilesh: never..i wont accept it. Now iam coming to station..

He cuts the call while everyone stares him..

Surekha:akhil..what’s it about Abir?

Akhilesh: Abir is arrested..

Everyone gets shocked and veer stumbles but controls..

Veer:uncle..for what charges they arrested him? We accept atleast we do some mistakes but Abir.. no chance..

Akhilesh:they are telling that he cheated a girl and pushed her off the cliff when she confronted him..

Manish:what nonsense? Abir would have informed if he had been in love and also why would he cheat a girl..he is from decent family and he is mannered guy. Come lets go to station immediately..

The men’s ask women’s to be in home and they all go to police station and sees Abir in jail..

Manish: can you arrest him? He never did any mistake..then how can you accuse like that..

Inspector shows the pic of bir and neha’s intimate photo..

Inspector:see this..he have used her and cheated and then when she confronted on hills side..he have pushed her off.

Goenka’s men’s gets shocked..

Akhilesh:do you have any proof that he pushed her off?

Inspector: before he pushed her..she have sent audio to her dad that Abir is trying to kill her..that’s the proof.


Manish Akhilesh Andy and veer goes to abir and sees him crying..

Veer:Abir..i know you are innocent.. don’t worry we will bail out somehow.

Andy:yes beta. I know that photo would have been edited and also you wouldn’t pushed her off..

Manish:we will somehow find out about the girl and the person trying to frame please be strong.

Abir cries:papa.uncle..veer..i know that girl..iam sorry that i hid this matter but now i will tell some truth.

They gets shocked..

Abir:woh..i returned from Ahmedabad without completing degree because of this girl only. I lied to you that i lost interest in engineer but that’s not true.. truth is that i left my ambition and dreams because of this girl neha..

Manish Akhilesh Andy and veer gets shocked..


Abir tells everything what neha did and they gets shocked..

Veer:such a cheap women..chi..

Manish:but why dint you tell us Abir..we would have proved you in front of whole college and would have punished the girl that time atself.

Abir:i know she did wrong but i thought i should not punish her and shatter her studies for this matter..and i also thought if i go away then she will become fine by forgetting me and also i can be peaceful here but..

Abir cries while they console him..

Abir:and naksh knows this matter..


Abir:the day when i was boarding the flight..naksh have arrived to Ahmedabad for some work and he saw me crying in airport and questioned me and i couldn’t i told the truth to him.

Veer:then why dint he tell us?

Abir:i asked him not to tell anyone…

Akhilesh:then we will get help from naksh..we should somehow prove abir’s innocence.

Abir:papa..naksh knows Kunal as he visited my college earlier days ask him to get help from Kunal.

Veer:that’s good idea..and kartik knows many we will arrange a best lawyer too with kartik’s help.

Manish:that’s right.


PRECAP:- Naira realises her love. Plan to rescue..


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