Mera pyaar… Part 21 (Mesmerized and upset..)

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At night kartik calls naira..


Kartik: missing me?

Naira smiles and..

Naira: ofcourse..i miss your tar tar..

Kartik makes a face..

Kartik: only my tar tar?

Naira:yes..then what else will i miss from you?

Kartik in mind: she is not understanding my feelings..i don’t know whether she is pretending as if she doesn’t miss me orelse she really doesn’t miss me..

Kartik:fine..leave that. Will you keep fast tomorrow?

Naira:yes..i will fast for my husband’s long life. Don’t take me wrong..even i used to fast for you from the time when i know about this rituals as i want my friend to live long but nobody knows it but now i can openly fast as you became my husband…

Kartik smiles but gets shocked too..

Kartik:so you fast for me from before?


Kartik:idiot.. can’t you tell me also..i would have also kept fast for you..

Naira: men’s won’t fast..

Kartik: why? When girls can do anything for men’s then why they are prohibited to so something for them? I dont care.. tomorrow i will also fast for you. When a wife can fast for husband’s long life..then husband also can as i believe that both have equal responsibilities.


Kartik:stop your buts. No one can stop me from it..even god can’t stop me. too fast. And Tomorrow iam coming..


Naira:huh? Did you forget that iam goenka’s bahu? Shall i stay in my maayka atself?

Kartik:yes..i forgot..iam sorry. And you shouldn’t stay there at all because you should come here for me..i can’t stay away from you.

Naira smiles..

Naira:i guess..he too loves me..

Naira:why you can’t stay away from me?

Kartik in mind:control kartik…control..i will express my love in unique way..till that i should control my tongue and heart the most difficult job ever..

Kartik: because..i..i miss making fun of you..that’s why.

Naira gets irritated…


Kartik:hey..i just..

Naira cuts the call in irritation..

Naira in mind:i thought you can’t stay away from me as your heart needs me but you just need me for fun..idiot. i don’t know when will you realise my feelings..

Kartik in mind: iam sorry for lying and making you irritated..but i need to do this to express my feelings in unique way..

They both sleep..

The next day..

Naira gets ready beautifully after keeping fast and she gets blessings from her family and goes to Goenka house and she enters the house while dadi stops her..

Dadi: wait till i protect you from evil eye..thu thu thu..

Naira smiles and enters the house and her eyes search for kartik..

Naira in mind:where is my mendak?

Mansi comes and hugs naira..

Mansi:yeyy.. finally you are back bhabhi..i missed you so much..

Naira smiles but even though her eyes search for kartik while Mansi notices it..

Mansi:i know what you are patience for 5 minutes bhabhi. Bhai is getting ready..he will come soon..

Mansi leaves smiling while naira blushes..

Soon after kartik comes down wearing a beautiful sherwani and sees naira and gets mesmerized while naira too sees him and gets mesmerized..

Kartik in she is looking..

Suddenly Manish comes there and sees kartik lost in naira and smiles.. can continue your work later but now come and help me in my work..

Kartik gets embarassed..

Kartik:ji papa..

Kartik goes with Manish while swarna takes naira with her breaking their eyelock..

Later at evening the singhania’s and maheshwari’s come there and goenka’s welcome them…

Swarna: everyone come in..

They all enter and they see naira dressed beautiful in a lehenga and they smile..

Devyani:my granddaughter is equal to fairy today..i hope no evil eyes cast on her..

Dadi:that’s why i warded off bad sight when she entered this house atself..

Naitik:where is my son?

Manish:i sent him for a work..he will return in some minutes before the rituals begin..

They all talk while bani and Mishti slowly moves out from there..

Mishti:this elders are too boring..if i sat there till now then i would have slept for sure..

Bani:you are right..

Naira comes back of them and pulls their ears..

Naira:how dare you complain about elders? was so boring that’s why..

Naira laughs and leaves their ears.. what you both are going to do?

Bani:i have to meet veer..he became senseless iam going to him to thrash him.

Mishti:i want to meet abir.. from yesterday he is talking like saddist.


Bani:and my sister is waiting for her husband..hena?

Naira blushes..

Mishti shouts:wow..naira didi is blushing..

Naira shuts Mishti’s mouth..

Naira:shut up Mishti..orelse i won’t spare you today..

Mishti:acha..sorry..sorry..we will go and you wait for your husband like majnu and enjoy.

They both run giggling while naira smiles…


Veer searches for something in his room in tensed..

Veer in mind: where did my tablets go? I have to eat it now orelse i can’t balance myself and everyone may get to know about my truth..i can’t let today’s happy day go vein by everyone knowing my disease.

He searches every corner and throws bedsheet in anger..

Veer:what the hell? Whenever iam urgent.. everything flops. Where can it go as i kept here only? If someone sees it then it will be a huge trouble..

Bani: what’s it mr.veer Goenka that you are hiding from everyone?

Veer gets shocked hearing her voice and turns and sees bani standing on door.. here?

Bani:yes..dadiji invited everyone for teej celebration. And by the way tell me the truth..what you are hiding from everyone?

Veer gets shocked and scared..

Veer in mind: ohh what will i do? I can’t let anyone know my truth as it’s special occasion.. now i should somehow convince bani.

Veer:no.. nothing bani..

Bani: don’t lie. I found that you are hiding something that day atself as your behaviours looks weird and now you was searching for something…so tell me the truth.

Veer:why do you care for’s my secret. Do you tell your secrets to anyone.. like that it’s my secret.

Bani:ohh wow!! Lame excuse.. keeping secret is not wrong veer but changing yourself for that secret creates doubt and worried for everyone and that’s why iam asking..

Veer: i will tell when the right time comes.. now you go without disturbing me. tell your secret whenever you feel but why do you want to chase me out? I wont go..

Bani sits on the bed while veer gets irritated..

Veer:i told to get out..this is my room.

Bani:if you have rights on your room then even i have rights on my friend. Till you behave normally i won’t leave you..

Veer: chudail..


Veer:chudail ka bachi..

Bani chases veer while veer forgets his disease and he runs laughing…

Bani:if you stop will be safe orelse..

Veer:tell that you can’t run..why are excusing yourself in the name of threatening me?

Bani:you..what did you say..i can’t run huh? See how i catch you now..

Bani chases veer and suddenly veer feels dizzy and falls down half unconscious making bani shocked..

Bani runs to veer..

Bani:veer..veer..what happened? Are you fine?

Veer in mind:ohh..god..when this bani is here..iam getting distracted. I really forgot about my i should somehow manage this situation.

Veer:act.. actually leg got spinned..that’s why.

Bani shows her arms for helping and veer gets up holding her hand but he feels his head spinning and falls on bani again and both loses balance and falls on the bed and they meet with an eyelock..

Veer in mind:ohh godd..she is so cute that i can’t control my heart..i may blurt that i love please save me ohh krishnaji..

Suddenly bani pushes him and gets up..

Bani: your leg is so weak..thank god you just fall on me. If you fell on some other girl anywhere..what will she think?

Veer:she thinks that i love her..

Bani gets angry..

Bani:what nonsense? No one has rights to love you understood?

Veer:why? It’s my life..i also need to get married anyone can love me and i can also fall for anyone..why are you getting angry for that?

Bani realises her sense..

Bani in mind:yes..he is right..he has right to love anyone and any other girl also can love him..why am i bothered? And why did i get angry? Iam so stupid..

Bani:i told simply as no girl has right to love donkeys..


He tries to get up but he falls on the bed again feeling heavy on head but bani thinks he is disturbed due to leg and twists his leg..

Veer shouts:aaahhhhh..whaaattt areee you doiinngg??

Bani:iam helping you recover from leg spinning. So don’t shout like a ghost..

She leaves his leg and..

Bani:now iam going downstairs to help too come down. And one more thing..i will find your secret out if you don’t tell yourself.

Bani goes while veer holds his leg and makes face..

Veer:you idiot lied to hide the secret but she made the lie true now. My leg is paining a lot..i don’t she is a human or some spinning wheel. She spinned in such a way that it’s paining a lot now..ohh god!.


Kartik drives the car in tension..

Kartik in mind:ohh godd.. only 1 hour is left for moon to come out..i have to reach home somehow so that i can break my and naira’s fast.

Suddenly he notices some goons troubling a veiled girl and he immediately stops the car and runs there and gets shocked seeing the girl close..

Kartik in mind:why does her eyes look exactly like naira’s?

Then he sees goons and stops thinking and goes to them..

Kartik:hey you blo*dy fools..what are you all doing? Just leave her..

Goon 1: it’s none of your leave from here..

Kartik:not until you leave that girl..

Goon 2: then you too join with her category..we will kill you both.

The goons tries to catch kartik but he fights with them..

Kartik throws phone near the girl and signs her to call police and the girl does same and later kartik beats everyone nicely and police arrives there..


Kartik:sir..these idiots were misbehaving with a girl..

Inspector:ohh..such a cheap work. They were already under suspicion for theft work and now you made my work easier by catching them..thank you so much mr.goenka.

Kartik:it’s my duty sir..

Girl:sir..i want to confess.. actually these guys tried to steal my chain and bracelet and i was adamant to not give them and that’s why they become violent and tried to..

Inspector:i understand. Thanks for i wont leave them.

The police arrests those goons while kartik and the girl gets relieved..

Girl:thank you so much sir for saving me..

Kartik: it’s my duty to save people and help people.. and by the must not roam alone like this wearing costly jewels so be careful next time.

Girl:sure sir..thank you.

Girl goes and kartik walks towards his car..

Kartik in mind: this girl  is looking like naira..her eyes are same like Anyways i should not concentrate on that now  as time is less..i should go fast..

Suddenly kartik feels tired and dizzy and falls unconscious near his car..



Abir gets frustrated and throws his books..

Abir:how much ever i try to forget..iam just getting those thoughts more. Wherever I go..some bad incidents happen and make me feel bad. I left ahmedabad to get rid of neha but now iam facing same problem in udaipur..i couldn’t forget her death or the incidents happened…it’s just making me feel more guilty..

Mishti comes with two cold ice creams and gives to abir..

Mishti:have this… When you talked to me yesterday in phone..i noticed that you are not Abir but a saddist. So thought of bringing your fav ice cream to make you smile.

Abir: no..i don’t want it.

Mishti: don’t be stupid. I heared whatever you told now..the bad incident happened i accept but it passed away..then why to feel and worry thinking which already happened?

Abir:sometimes the place where the incident happens will remind those things and makes us upset..

Mishti:so will you run away from each and every place if some bad things happens there?


Mishti:Abir..common.. everything got fine…so cheer up. Whatever happens is always for our good only because lord won’t do any injustice for good peoples. Moreover neha was it’s not your fault for her death ok?

Abir:but still i feel bad as she told that she will die because of me only…those words are ringing in my ears continuously. I feel guilty as i should have done something during college days atself so that this wouldn’t happened…her life wouldn’t have gone if i took some action that day..

Mishti:then I’ll do one thing..i will do suicide by writing letter it’s because of you…then what will you do? Will you be like this only huh saying that because of me..Mishti died??

Abir playfully slaps Mishti..

Abir:shut up.. don’t talk useless and pointless. If you dare talk about death..I’ll kill you.

Mishti:then you too shut up and don’t talk useless and pointless. And if you dare talk about those and feel guilty of past..then I’ll also kill you. are not understanding..

Mishti:even you too..

Abir gets irritated and stands up..

Abir:you are troubling me..i will better go down..

Abir goes away while Mishti gets upset..

Mishti in mind: you are still sticking to your useless past. Everything got fine but you are not fine..iam trying to cheer you up but i couldn’t.. please become normal mr.irrritating Goenka..i miss you so much.

Mishti too goes..


PRECAP:- Kartik and naira’s unique teej. Veer gets drunk and proposes bani. Abir takes a shocking decision..


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